Unity 3D C# Developer

Set billions of years in the future when Earth is a distant memory and the Milky Way is in the midst of a multi-million year collision with Andromeda, GalaCollider is a card game played on an ever-changing star map. Watch your cards transform into 3D models, move your armada, and partake in tactical battles.

GalaCollider is a cross-platform game that innovates by combining the collectible card genre, real-time and turn based strategic elements together into an exciting space-exploration game with rich story and intuitive game play.

2016-02-10 18.13.18

Greetings, we are seeking a Unity3D C# programmer to help work on our game. Candidate should have mid-level or better seniority and experience working on at least one game. Ideal candidate will be very familiar with object oriented design patterns and able to navigate complex code and refactor it as necessary.

  • Examples of typical jobs include:
  • Database connectivity
  • Import/export of files, save/load game
  • AI logic
  • UI interactivity
  • Asset optimization
  • Debugging complex problems
  • Coding replay engines, spectator mode, in-game store

GalaCollider is currently in pre-seed phase and will either go live self-funded or from a seed round. As such this is currently a rev-share position that could grow to become into a shareholding partner of NeoCrux. We are looking for someone who has a stable income who can afford to put in 10h+ a week ongoing until our game is out.

If this sounds fun and your cupa, shoot us an email at: outreach@neocrux.com