Alpha Launch!

Today is the day! We’ve begun to let players into our Alpha.

If you did not yet get an email from us, fear not! We will be adding more and more people to the game as the days/weeks progress. We are adding people based on how long they have been signed up on our list, so the longer you’ve been with us, the sooner you will get access.

Here is a new video to get you started!

If you have not yet signed up, please sign up on our homepage with your email address to get on our list!

And for those of you who want the future crowdfund upgrade perk, please make sure your email is registered before the 21st of December 2017.

Our online deck builder has also been updated with all the new card art and card names, feel free to jump there to review the current card pool, share and make decks.

Be sure to follow us on Twitch so you can watch us and other community members play. We plan on streaming a lot more games, more regularly, now that the Alpha has launched.

You can find many of us and other players on our Discord channel. Our FAQ has been updated with newness.

More from us again soon!

Fall release confirmation

The moment approaches, Gala Collider’s open alpha is set to begin on December 18th!

We are planning to invite the oldest subscribers first, and we will continue inviting players in batches until we have our desired load of at least forty games running concurrently. Once we hit that load, we will pause to evaluate that nothing is breaking; and then continue to add players until we reach our next goal of 250 concurrent games (and then our next goal of….).

So depending on how long you’ve been subscribed, you will get an invitation on the 18th of December or in the weeks that follow. In addition to testing the strain of simultaneous multiplayer sessions, we’re hoping to get feedback on the tutorials and scenarios.

Winter is coming…

(yes it is also cold out in space)

If you’ve been with us over the last two plus years, you will have hopefully read that we were offering our most faithful followers a tier upgrade on our future crowd fund campaign. We are keeping our word but we will soon no longer be offering this to new subscribers. Anyone who signs up on or after December 21st in 2017 will no longer qualify for future tier upgrades.

However, please be clear that signing up on or after the 21st doesn’t limit or reduce your ability to still get early access to our game and play it! From the 18th of December onwards, we will be in a public alpha state and open to new signups throughout the alpha period. Your email will just be batched and given access like any other, in order of signup.

Art / VFX updates

We continue to work on new artwork and add artists, we nearly have 40 artists on our team now. Below are some samples of fresh produced work:

Sylith – Perception: Enemy plans are laid bare and revealed. Art by Eko Puteh


In progress sketches by Marc Scott:

In terms of visual effects, we now have integrated visual effects for many different weapons all in the game. Here is a full list of all the weapon types coded and ready for you to employ against your foes in the upcoming Alpha:

  • Variable sized energy weapon fire, larger attacks generate larger beam weapons now
  • Torpedo attacks that apply heavy damage to cruisers and larger ships
  • Pulse fire attacks that specialize in damaging smaller ships
  • Nukes that are slow but do collateral damage to massive targets, like dreadnaughts
  • Bombardment weapons to knock out enemy developments on their sectors
  • Retaliation fire is a beam weapon that returns fire at each enemy ship that engaged you
  • Troops deployed at a planet float down in landing pods, where they hope to conquer or help defend against invasions

Either at release or in a subsequent patch we will also release custom effects for even more aspects of the game. Different operation cards will trigger different visual effects, and cards are getting variable size and color edge glows while you drag them over potential targets.

Sign up and tell your friends

These next weeks we will be very busy doing final quality tests on everything to make sure the game is as bug free as possible.

So please, don’t forget to share our game with your friends and get them to sign up! Sign up before December 21st 2017 and you will also be on our list for a free tier upgrade on any crowd fund campaigns we launch in 2018!

Post Alpha Event Round up

Well it sure was an awesome weekend! We had a lot of fun playing everyone. It was great to see so much activity on our stream and new Discord channels as well.

great-treeMy favorite play was rushing a Sylith dreadnaught onto Sid’s core world by turn 5 or so. Something I never did before and it won me the game in record time (sorry Sid!)


Our stats show that around 100 people tried the game out over the weekend. Most of you like to play on Friday and Saturday. We think you make yummy BBQs or go to church on Sundays, since you play less games then.


Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 6.02.17 PMSanosuke Hitori and Power to Mario did a great job streaming games on our channel. Big thank you to them! But also to our entire team for making our weekend smooth and so much fun.


Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 5.55.07 PM

We got some nice press coverage from several sources, but most notably a front-page article on Touch Arcade. We did also get a lot of great feedback, a nice up surge in sign ups for our newsletter and a large number of interested players in Playtesting.


Meanwhile 3 of our team members went to GDC, we talked there with potential publishers and sponsors. As you may know we are actively seeking seed funding and/or a publisher at this time to help us get the last few miles from Alpha to a Beta release. Wish us luck!

What we are working on now

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 5.34.06 PMBeyond preparing presentations and materials are hard at work on Alpha5. We coded this week a turn timer clock and some new maps. We’ve also begun preliminary work on the first expansion of the game [shhh]. However I really must get back to coding our single player tutorial mission and finish it. We’re mid-way through making a level where each aspect of the UI enables itself progressively as you learn more about the game.

It’s an interesting challenge because the game is intuitive once you know how to play, but it still requires some educating to understand the nuances of the minimal UI.

We’re working on two future conventions, but really we’re just dead focused on development and potential investors / publishers.

So if you’ve missed it, check out our new Discord channel. I really like Discord, no login, just jump and and start chatting! You can reach us there anytime.

Subscribe to our Twitch and YouTube pages for live games. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

Hang in there as we pull the curtains closed again to brew your next galactic evolution.

Kickstarter Post #11- “Reddit AMA this Sunday”

Hi everyone,

We’d like to extend a special welcome to all our new backers who discovered us today from Divinity’s Kickstarter Update. We’re now over $20k and have over 240 backers!

Reddit AMA

Mark your calendars because this Sunday, Sept. 20th, two of GalaCollider’s board members will be on the Magic: The Gathering subreddit giving an AMA about their experiences working on games.

George Skaff Elias, former VP and Stephan Brissaud, former event manager / senior buyer both for Wizards of the Coast, will be there from 12pm to 1pm Pacific time to answer all of your questions. Not to miss!

New live game recordings

We’ve been quite active on our twitch channel:

Every Tuesday at 2pm Pacific you can join us to chat about the game, ask us questions and even play us! We also play at other times randomly when we can. Subscribe to our twitch channel to keep informed when we go live next!

You can also tweet us directly @neocruxgaming if you want to challenge Sebastian the game designer or Trevor the game developer. We’d be more than happy to play and show you the game some time.

If you’ve missed some of our recent games and you want to watch them, here are some of our recordings from the last week:


Game 6 – Medium map with some exciting build up, tech purchases and dramatic reversals.

Game 5 – Small map, close level game, a single error can cost you the match.

Game 4 – Small map, the importance of scouting your opponent and thinking through your attacks!

Online Deckbuilder


We’ve been making solid progress on a new webtool. GalaColliderDB will let you browse all the cards currently in the game, make decks, share them, comment and even export them into readable text files. We’ve been working off of a fork from ‘s great opensource deck builder code. You may know him from the work he has done on deck builders like: and

We will keep you up to date on the progress we are having with it. When the time is right you’ll also be able to see future spoiled cards here too! We’re hoping all our players will enjoy it, value it as a strong resource and maybe even help shape its future (it’s open source after all).

Featured Artist

Artist: Sebastien Hue
Location: France
About: Sebastien has created artwork that is being used on GalaCollider’s cards. He takes his inspiration from sci-fi movies and books.

Sebastien Hue in his Studio

He enjoys the futuristic technological side of the genre because he feels it gives him a lot of possibilities to create and use his imagination.

“Mios-1” Development Card Art

He really likes the space and galactic side of things too as he’s very interested in what could exist in other galaxies.

Shot Breakdown

He self taught himself digital painting, initially starting with Photoshop. Early on he created logos for music bands and eventually got into CG graphics.

The art for many sectors in one…

He always feels the need to create and imagine. When he does it puts him in a good place. Sebastien is particularly skilled at imagining spectacular landscapes.

Kickstarters We Like

Do you have what it takes to pull off sweet stunts while delivering tacos in your pimped out car in a post-apocalyptic world? If you think you can pull off a triple habanero backflip, deliver tacos to a 8th story window, and then land on a grind rail, Tacopocalypse is the game for you. Even in an apocalypse people love tacos, even more so when they can’t leave their rooms because meteors are crashing down from the skies.

2015-09-14 23_21_52-Tacopocalypse by Cherry Pie Games — Kickstarter

Kickstarter Post #9- “What We’ve Been Up To”

Hello everyone,

This is Sebastian writing here. Today I’d like to tell you a little more about what some of our wonderful team have been up to.

Play time this weekend

Want to find people to play against this weekend? The team will be on at various times on reddit and IRC to play matches against you.

Here is the Reddit Thread for posting you are looking for a game.

And here is our IRC channel again if you want to find a game. Remember you can type someone’s name in IRC to ping them that you are trying to get their attention! #galacollider (or enter from your IRC application)

New Press and Videos

VentureBeat takes a special interest in or board of directors.

Tiny Grimes made a “Why I think GalaCollider is FUN” video:

Progress from Our Space

Work is continuing on the next major update of Demo 3.XX where we will have features like tool tips for first-time play, info buttons that work and tell you about the icons on cards and an elegant camera replay system which will show you all the opponent’s cards played and shots fired in each system before you start your next turn – so that you will see and know exactly what cards they played on their turn. No more guessing if they played Heat Sink to blast your ship or Support Wing to capture your colony!


But for this next patch we are focusing on bug fixes, balance changes and some quick-win usability enhancements first. The next revision of Demo 2.XX should come out some time next week on our Backer download page.

Outside of the programming, test and playtest teams we’ve got an astonishing 11 people, a consultant and two board members all working on our PR team. It might seem like a lot but we still feel very stretched!

Just in this last week we’ve reached out to a big number of press and several dozen larger youtubers / twitch streamers. Several of us are looking deeper into Twitter strategy and we’ve been looking to hire someone to take on twitter full time.

I did also have a great talk with the PR department of Twitch, they said they would try to connect us with a network of Indie-loving streamers. Outside of their help the team has been reaching out to a long list of streamers and youtubers directly.

I even got a call from some random TV casting company that sounded vaguely interested in putting me on TV! (Although this doesn’t seem likely anymore, apparently we are not amateur enough! Which I guess is a compliment…)

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 2.13.16 PM

We think the project right now needs two things to keep growing and to be successful: We need bigger names/sites to take notice (so bigger press outlets and/or YT/streamers with large followings) and we need excited and motivated players to help spread the word and fall in love with our game – and our vision for how great this will become.

Now we can’t make anyone fall in love with it, but we can try to make it easier. =)

We’ve made the demo version of the game available to you, even though honestly it isn’t quite ready to be a demo – no tutorial, help screens and a lobby that requires you to find players outside of the game is less than ideal! Hopefully though you generally agree that access to play the game is still better than not at all…


In addition to smoothing out and improving the accessibility of the game itself, we are now also hard at work to get all the cards in the demo deck [and eventually the entire core set] up on a website so you can browse through and study all the cards. And then ultimately build and theorycraft decks!

We are currently assessing open source deck building web-applications that are free to clone and modify. We’ve got our heads deep in the hood of the beast, if stars align we should be able to at least load up and let you browse through the cards in the database in the next week or two.

What else can we do to help you, the player of our game? Is there something you would like us to talk about or a way we can support you better?

If you like to stream games on youtube gaming, twitch. Or if you like to write blog articles. We’d love to give you any and all the support you need to make this happen. Talk to us.


Or if you would like to help us shape the game’s development, and see cards before they are released, maybe you would like to join our playtest team?

We need to work harder but also smarter to make this campaign grow, and for that we truly do need your help. If you have friends who you think might be interested, let them know about it. =)

And don’t forget it is play time this weekend! Check the top of this post again for details.

Featured Artists

Artist: Elias Stern
Location: Austria
About: Elias expresses art as an emotion. He paints a picture alongside the feeling he wants to achieve, which can result in either conventional or unexpected pieces. He says when working with a blank canvas, the only limits are your imagination to express what you want to create.

Stern_ImminentDeparture“Heat Sink” Card Art

Artist: Spiros Karkavelas
Location: Singapore

Karkavelas_HumanoidDroneBayCoalition Research Center

Artist: Alexandr Elichev
Location: Ukraine

Elichev_Planet“Strike Invasion” Card Art

Nevermind is not your typical horror adventure game. It uses a biofeedback sensor to detect your fear, and adjusts the game accordingly, creating an even more terrifying and difficult experience the more stressed you are. As you play you delve “into the dark and surreal world within the subconscious minds of psychological trauma victims.” Will you be able to control your anxiety and emotions to survive?