PowerToMario – My Experience at PAX East 2016

Every year, I typically find some way to travel to the city of Boston, Massachusetts; “The Heart of Liberty”, as many call it. One convenient reason is for the Penny Arcade Expo (affectionately known as PAX East).

It is a massive convention where gamers of varying degrees gather to celebrate (and sell) upcoming and soon-to-release game titles to the public. Though many are devoted strictly to playing games, development teams invest a gratuitous amount of their money and lives for their creations to be discovered. It’s both exciting and terrifying for the developer; your hope is that others will believe your game is as fun as you think, and sometimes that isn’t the case.

Most years, I’ve gone as an attendee with a large group of friends. The first year I attended PAX East was in 2012, where I met many of the friends I made online for the very first time. We all created YouTube “Let’s Plays” together for well over 4 years, and meeting in Boston was an incredible milestone in our lives. We attended panels, met other YouTube and TwitchTV personalities, played games together and adventured through the city, dining on local cuisine and enjoying the novelty of exploring a new place!

This year’s expo was much different; I was invited to assist as a part-time exhibitor with indie studio Frogdice! (showcasing a new MMORPG, Stash: No Loot Left Behind↓)

Being an exhibitor affords you many benefits; the Enforcers (PAX staff) will bend over backwards to assist you and the security lines are much shorter, as exhibitors get their own access to the convention center. Being able to walk past thousands of rabid gamers and get in early was a liberating experience; what privilege!

A growing presence of indie developers seems to be the trend with PAX and other events like it. Dozens of independent game studios were represented in the Expo Hall, and a small selection were invited to the “Indie Megabooth”, which is situated dead center of all the traffic in PAX East. Strangely enough, the games that interested me personally were outside of that sphere (though that’s not to say they were bad). The selection of titles was, in my opinion, the best of any PAX East to date!

Experiences that I never anticipated had captured my interest, such as Computer Lunch’s VR game “Swing Star” where you play as a boy wearing a helmet equipped with a sticky hand. I played the game on a Samsung smartphone with the Gear VR peripheral. Tilting your head while tapping the side of the phone allowed you to grab onto objects and swing at differing angles toward your goal, a golden bell you must ring in order to clear the stage. It was surprisingly immersive and I laughed a few times during the demo!

Being a QA Tester for GalaCollider, scoping out other digital card games was a natural inclination! For the most part, the card games being showcased at booths (digital or otherwise) lacked a certain depth. One game stood apart from the rest; Zimad Games was at PAX East showing off their digital collectable card game “Star Crusade”:

They had a slew of tables with tablets set up to maximize participation from the crowd circulating the show floor. It wasn’t a subtle sci-fi Hearthstone ‘clone’ by any means, but its factions, lore, and use of modules and weapons made it stand out in an genre monopolized by larger studios.

Overall, the freedom of exploring the Expo Hall was amazing; to be quite honest, the panels this year did not interest me. The different panel discussions by industry professionals are sort of a staple for PAX conventions. Each year, it feels as though the games get better and the panels become far less enticing.

Perhaps next year, GalaCollider may join in the indie festivities and provide an experience you won’t soon forget.

Licoricefish has entered the game


My name’s Elijah aka Licoricefish, I’m the Community Manager for GalaCollider.

A bit about me:

I’m a musician. I play mostly the acoustic bass (standard, not stand-up) but I also compose using MuseScore (mostly for school). I’m a huge fan of RPGs, scifi & fantasy, tabletop and video games. I’m Canadian and yes I play a lot of hockey.

Here’s me↓

I was brought onboard about a month ago, and I can honestly say I’m thrilled to be a part of this team! There are passionate and talented people working on this game, and I think people will feel that when they play the final product. For me, GalaCollider brings together many elements that I absolutely love in tabletop and video games. To name a few:

  • Ever-changing maps
  • Resource management
  • A wide range of strategies
  • Customizable deck-building (very excited about this one)

I’ve learnt a lot in this past month. I’ve engaged with many online groups trying to spread the word about GalaCollider. Impulsively I wanted to post to as many places as possible, but I quickly learnt that it’s a fine line between self-promotion and genuine engagement with a community. There are so many thriving scifi and indie game communities online, what I need to do is find what excites me about them so I can not only spread the word about GalaCollider, but also encourage reciprocal engagement across these great communities!

So I’ve been pushing myself to find groups that genuinely excite me. Now, I check kickstarter weekly and become giddy when I see a new game that appeals to me. I’ve been playing games with elements similar to GalaCollider (I’m loving Faeria), to get a feel for what is out there right now. I’ve been watching Unity3D tutorials and reading up on both tabletop and video game design. Already I feel like I’ve become a more engaged member of the online gamer community. Not because I have to be, but because I want to be.

I’m currently working on exploring new avenues to find playtesters for GalaCollider. Reddit has been really responsive to our posts, we got a lot of good feedback there after our Alpha Event. Our forum posts about the game have had many views but little responses. I’ve joined a bunch of gamer and game dev Facebook groups, but have found it a bit trickier to make a mark there. As GC continues to develop I hope we can garner more interest and support from those groups. I’m now looking for further places such as GooglePlus in the hopes of finding more playtesters.

If you’re reading this, then I challenge you to a duel! Give us a shout if you’re interested in becoming a playtester! I’ve been having a blast playing the current build and can’t wait for a complete Alpha5 🙂

This is the first game team I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of. It’s been a learning experience for me and will continue to be. I believe GalaCollider has incredible potential and I’m looking forward to helping develop and strengthen our community over the next many months.

Post Alpha Event Round up

Well it sure was an awesome weekend! We had a lot of fun playing everyone. It was great to see so much activity on our stream and new Discord channels as well.

great-treeMy favorite play was rushing a Sylith dreadnaught onto Sid’s core world by turn 5 or so. Something I never did before and it won me the game in record time (sorry Sid!)


Our stats show that around 100 people tried the game out over the weekend. Most of you like to play on Friday and Saturday. We think you make yummy BBQs or go to church on Sundays, since you play less games then.


Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 6.02.17 PMSanosuke Hitori and Power to Mario did a great job streaming games on our channel. Big thank you to them! But also to our entire team for making our weekend smooth and so much fun.


Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 5.55.07 PM

We got some nice press coverage from several sources, but most notably a front-page article on Touch Arcade. We did also get a lot of great feedback, a nice up surge in sign ups for our newsletter and a large number of interested players in Playtesting.


Meanwhile 3 of our team members went to GDC, we talked there with potential publishers and sponsors. As you may know we are actively seeking seed funding and/or a publisher at this time to help us get the last few miles from Alpha to a Beta release. Wish us luck!

What we are working on now

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 5.34.06 PMBeyond preparing presentations and materials are hard at work on Alpha5. We coded this week a turn timer clock and some new maps. We’ve also begun preliminary work on the first expansion of the game [shhh]. However I really must get back to coding our single player tutorial mission and finish it. We’re mid-way through making a level where each aspect of the UI enables itself progressively as you learn more about the game.

It’s an interesting challenge because the game is intuitive once you know how to play, but it still requires some educating to understand the nuances of the minimal UI.

We’re working on two future conventions, but really we’re just dead focused on development and potential investors / publishers.

So if you’ve missed it, check out our new Discord channel. I really like Discord, no login, just jump and and start chatting! You can reach us there anytime.

Subscribe to our Twitch and YouTube pages for live games. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

Hang in there as we pull the curtains closed again to brew your next galactic evolution.

MagFest 2016 decompression

IMG_7269Hello everyone, we had a great MagFest. It was the first time I went to an event that was a mix of music and gaming and I really had zero expectations of what this meant. We got to show case our game AND dance to live gameboy music… how cool is that?

IMG_7247The event takes place in the GayLord resort in Maryland. In other words: A fun time in wonderland.

Our booth ended up looking really nice, we had 4 stations with chairs to play full games and two kiosks that stood at the edge to invite players in to give our game a go. Our three roll up banners added some nice ambiance.

Sid was with me and did a spectacular job of drawing in the crowds and pitching the game. We enjoyed many nights of eating pizza and pasta. I learned about phenomena of local area anonymous chatting: Yik Yak, and got a glimpse of a yet more digital life.

IMG_7257I liked being able to walk through free arcades at any time of the day and night, but most of all I enjoyed sharing GalaCollider with those who were interested enough to come by our booth.

We had times where we were over capacity. It isn’t easy sunning a booth with just two people when you have 6 computers. I wished I had more time to check out the other indies but I did get to play a few great games. I was inspired by the massive battles planned in Camelot Unchained.

IMG_7267Quite a few people came back to play again, one person even came back 6 times! [okay… technically he played 5 times, but still!] – Second place was a 3 time returning guest. It was nice to see a good number of people getting really deep into the game. We collected a good number of signups for our Alpha event and/or as new play testers. This week we are preparing a few things to get ready for their arrival and then I can’t wait to see even more activity in our game.

We are very grateful to MagFest for having selected us to be at the event, thank you to all at the MIVS crew for doing such a great job! We hope you will have us again next time.

Now to get the game ready for our Alpha test event! Only a few weeks left till then.


Gearing up for MagFest

Less than a week and we will be at MagFest!


2016-02-10 18.13.18

We’ve been working around the clock on code, design and booth preparations and were pretty happy with where things are landing. There is still a ton more to do, but the game is fully playable and will look pretty nice on our Kiosk stands we bought to showcase the game. We’ve also got nice black floor tiling, and new roll up banners that should arrive [fingers crossed] today on Friday to liven up our area visually.

We were hoping to have both Android and iPads on display to go with our Mac and Windows laptops but sadly the Androids didn’t get here in time to demo the game.

That said we should have 7 devices with us, 2 for playing tutorial missions, 4 for playing full games and 1 for showing off an image gallery and collecting visitor email addresses.

Turns out we will also be getting some cool chairs sponsored by Yogibo including a mini and an ipad case to go with it.

Game Progress

There’s been a ton of updates over the last couple of week to the game, so many that I struggle to even remember what is new anymore. Just yesterday we added 4 new UI buttons to the game so that you now have more than one way to colonize a world, send troops, attack and reset your attack choices. Here are some shots of these new UI buttons:

colonize button

The buttons for information were also moved to the sides of the cards and enlarged to make them easier to tap on tablet devices. Below the “I” button you can now see buttons like the blue icon for colonize, or the red cross hair for setting a target in battle.

We still want to improve the UI further by adding similar buttons and contextual highlights for a lot of other aspects of the game like movement, but

Set Target

this will have to wait now until after MagFest since we need at least 5 days now of stability testing to make sure there are zero bugs remaining.

Tutorials (Puzzles)

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 9.10.20 AM

We’ve got single player tutorials in the game now! Seven so far, these are set up like puzzles with tips to get you started. Completing all 7 of them should give you a pretty good basic understanding of the game so that you are then ready to play vs. another player. We plan on making at least another dozen puzzles as time goes on that will increase in difficultly while simultaneously showing off the more refined level of thinking you can achieve in the game. Our AI opponent logically fights, invades and brutalizes you on these puzzles but they are all set up to last a maximum of 1 to 2 turns. So they are intentionally short and very focused, think chess puzzles you might find in a news paper.

Interviews, Streams and Pod cast

Since we last spoke we’ve also had an interview on eXplorminate and a live game stream-interview with Space Game Junky. Plus on our own Podcast we also had a quicker recap of last months progress too.

Alpha Test Event

After MaScreen Shot 2016-02-10 at 4.39.15 PMgFest our next big milestone is the big public Alpha test event we want to schedule for mid March. This is going to be your chance to play the game in what hopefully should be an active weekend with a full lobby of players. You’ll be able to play the game as a single-player vs. the computer to learn the basics and then online vs. other players and us on Twitch streaming live if you want to play us or ask us questions. So please sign up to our Alpha event to let us know you are interested and tell your friends! Everyone can join in, we want it to be extra fun.

New Cards

Yes we have new cards we could show you! But I’m out of time for today, so I’ll leave that update till next time. Until then don’t forget to also jump on our twitter and subscribe to our twitch if you want to catch us in the act of playing and jump in for a game.

Space man out, Seb.

Version Alpha-3 released

Hi everyone and happy holidays! Right before Thanksgiving, we got version 3 of GalaCollider approved and out of the gate from our QA team and into the public eye. Version 3, in the end, was a complicated version to get stable as the addition of the replay engine increased the complexity of the simultaneous transaction system.

But the worst is behind us, version 3 is here and version 4 is already well underway! [Cake and tea time!]

Version 3 is a huge improvement for the game since we now have a separate map editor. This means we can easily create new custom maps, new special sectors, and planets for you to discover and experience a dynamically rich universe. Our new map editor will also be what we use to create solo mode puzzles to both teach and challenge you in the next version 4 release.

Playtest with us?

ContestedWe have a small team of alpha playtesters, but we really would like to expand that team further. Version Alpha-3 offers a lot in the ways of replayability, so try and help co-create our new custom maps! We are promoting version 3 as a means to get more alpha testers now over the next 4 to 8 weeks.

If you would like to playtest our game, let us know. Being a playtester means being a part of our chat group, reviewing cards and maps, discussing features in the game and giving input/feedback into new mechanics and ideas before anyone else gets a chance to experience them.

Back porting

As new features from version 4 get done, we also plan on back porting them to version 3 whenever possible. I know for a fact that the loading of custom decks in version 4 is nearly finished and this will open up a whole new level of game play since players can then go to our online deck builder:


Pick the cards they want to use, and then load them into the game.

Deck building status

Speaking of db.galacollider.com, our deck building site is also mid-way to its next update where you will be able to craft decks online and save + share them on your profile. This will be very notable when combined with in-game deck building!

New video

On the media front, Cedric has done a great job refactoring and recording all new material for a new “What is GalaCollider?” video. We are using this video for promoting our game at events, conventions, publishers and potential investors.

New faces

We’ve also got many new people joining, and our website is barely managing to keep up! We still have more people to add on our team page but we just posted yesterday our latest “Meet the Team” with 3 new faces: Connor, Thomas, and Cedric. All three of these gentlemen have been doing great work running our outreach, QA, and video production teams. Warm welcome to them!

Next steps

ColonizedIn the next week QA will begin on deck building of 4.x and an array of new cards. We will also start coding our very first single player puzzle level. When the time comes we’ll do a full blog post on the puzzle levels since they are quite an interesting topic.

Until next time!






You can find the full patch note list here.

Podcast the GalaCast

Hi Folks,


The big news this week is that we started a podcast that will go behind the scenes of GalaCollider. We start off with Trevor and Sebastian the game developer and game designer behind GalaCollider, but you can expect in future episodes more from other members of our team, like lore and programming:

Once we have a few more episodes we will get things up on itunes as a real “podcast”.

Balance changes for November 1st

Our cards have also just undergone another bigger balance change round and we’re moving some of the current cards in the demo/starter deck out from the demo deck and to the core set while putting some cards planned for the core set into the starter deck. Some cards are even switching sides! (a topic for another time)

Deck building and game length

We’ve also been having fun with deck building lately, just with plain text files that we load up into the game. This did uncover some issues with game length where stalemates can happen between high level players on maps with abnormally low star counts. To address this we are experimenting with stars being generated rather than claimed and also a smarter map system where the star values of each map are now calculated based on the map generated rather than a fixed number based on the number of sectors.

We want most games to last around 30 to 60 minutes, unless you opt for a really large map (and therefore know what you are getting yourself into!) – these changes should be a step in the right direction to ensure that game length does indeed remain within these constraints.

You can watch a recent game where I ran a custom deck with lots of frigates and the map had too few stars on it to trigger a star victory. The result was a really fun game, but it lasted too long for what we want the game to do.

Granted this is with zero turn timer in place, which will really help to speed up the game, but even so a game like this needs to reach conclusion in fewer turns:

Other news

Over the last week we worked out the last of the critical bugs on 3.x and now we are just knocking off all the final major and minor bugs before we begin work in earnest on 4.x.

Work on the deck building part of db.galacollider.com has begun.

Sebastian has been busy getting the graphics ready for the giant design overhaul in 4.x.

Finally we also submitted our game to IndieCade, Magfest and IGF recently. Wish us luck!

Looking for

We are currently looking for:

  • More Alpha Playtesters
  • QA Testers
  • Marketing analysts / social media / strategists
  • Unity3D VFX animators

Thanks for tuning in!

Updates and self reviews

Hi everyone,

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 2.21.47 PMWe are now done with new features on demo3 and doing only bug fixing on it until it is stable. The key features in Demo3 will be:

  • new replay engine shows you the moves and cards played by your opponent
  • tool tips tell you about the game when you play for the first time
  • new graphics for sectors you haven’t revealed yet give you more information about what to expect
  • custom maps including random and reflected layouts. Each sector can now have its own mini deck!
  • lots of balance changes, in particular tech2 and 3 curved down and colony ship costs adjusted


Sebastian wrote a Gamasutra article that reviewed what went well and not so well on our recent Kickstarter.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 11.52.02 AMJayce Stock and Cedric de Leeuw have been added to our team. Jayce is our new voice on twitter and Cedric you will know as someone who made an amazingly cool fan videos for us. Cedric is helping us to make a nice video for competitions and to send to investors.

Investors is our biggest focus right now, and getting the core game completed sufficiently enough that we can present it and submit it to various conventions for prize considerations.

Otherwise we have a podcast recording done! So by next week this should start appearing.


Phoenix project

Hi everyone, so our Kickstarter has closed, but we are still here! Working as hard as ever on getting the game done.

Yes, it is sad that we didn’t raise the funds. Does this make our life harder? It sure does… but we aren’t giving up hope. We’ve been working on securing some smaller sources of funding to help ensure things can continue. Some changes in the team and our tools have taken place in our natural progression of the game’s evolution.

We’ve been a bit silent the last couple of weeks but this will soon change again as we resume blogging at least once a week with updates again.

Your voice

We got a lot of great results on our survey, but we could do with some more answers. Our sample set is still a bit light. If you have 5 minutes to fill out this survey about our previous Kickstarter it would be really appreciated! We want to know you and what you think.

What has GalaCollider been up to?

Today we are happy to report that the Demo3 build is making huge progress. We have the following features coded and being tested:

  • New lobby system shows you running games and online players
  • Brand new user registration system
  • Tool tips show up if it is your first time playing that guide you how to play
  • You now see a replay of your opponents moves and cards played
  • Several new ship modules required for new cards we will be adding

In addition we are happy to announce that we have:

  • The first version of our online deck builder website done
  • A new map editor that will allow us to make advanced unique maps
  • A new design for the game UI underway


Deck Builder

The first release of our deckbuilder is up! For now you can look at all the cards in our demo decks. Later on we will be adding more cards from the core set here, and eventually also the ability to save and load decks. As well as comment on them and so forth.

Big thanks to our DB.GC team for helping to get this up!

New map editor

We stream games and developer sessions on our twitch channel. Which we then publish on our Youtube channel.

New UI work

Now that we know we don’t have the funds to make a 3-level zoom UI we still need to improve the current UI of the game to look good! We plan on improving it in steps, and the first step is getting rid of the developer graphics (no offense Chris) and instead putting in place something that might look a little better. This is by no means finished, but here is the first rough draft of the new design for the planets and their connections – what do you think?

(The gray rectangles near the center lava planet are where the 3d models of ships will go)

Space UI


Are you sad our game wasn’t funded? Do you believe in us and want to help us get our game out? It’s not easy working on an indie game, especially one where we have a lot of artwork we need to secure.

Well I launched a Patreon page a few days ago. It is asking if you want to support me as a designer, working on this game (and some other board games). I don’t have a lot of expectations, but I am offering pretty good rewards. Free digital content if you are my patreon, even physical copies of games I work on if you help me at $25/month – but even $1 a month is super appreciated and helpful. Would you be my patreon?

Developer Podcast?

Would you be interested in a podcast I run once or twice a month that goes into game design? It would be a show where either I, or others from the team would jump in and we would talk about important choices and creative moments we had since the last update.

Things like: why were colony ship costs changed in Demo3? What is the Game Arc of GalaCollider and why are certain values set the way they are because of it? What design challenges have we had since the move to simultaneous turns? Why was workshop changed to buff attack instead of hull on Sylith ships? What are our plans for designing arcs and blocks of sets in GC?

Does this sound interesting to you? It does take time to make one… so let us know!


Since the KS we’ve had 3 new people join our Playtest team, we created a new HR team, promoted two team members to coordinate their areas, a new team member to help create an active voice of ours as a whole on Twitter and added a new junior programmer to the Unity3D C# team. It hasn’t been all growth though, in some teams some people have left us or we’ve moved them around to other areas. We are basically refining and remolding ourselves.

Here is our current list of open positions:

Creative positions: Sebastian has been doing all of these things for some time, it would be good to expand the team so Seb can focus on game design and direction!

  • Art Director
  • Designer
  • Animator

In our outreach team we are looking for:

  • Market Analyst
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, reddit)
  • Copywriter

The development team is looking for:

  • QA Testers
  • Alpha Playtesters
  • Programmers (Unity3D C# OOP)

Our production team is seeking a new:

  • Art Producer

And finally our website could do with someone dedicated to do:

  • Webmaster (supervise and take care of our website)

Do you fit one of these titles? Let us know!

Kickstarter Post #16- “Preludes and Previews”

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our last update, actually no it’s not our last update! We will have another one for you on Sunday with a small treat in it.

With the Kickstarter coming to a close we are taking this time improve our internal systems and expanding our various teams. In particular our Playtest team is undergoing growth right now, if you would like to join our chat space, talk about the game and meet other nice players…? Now’s a pretty good time to jump in and get involved!

Internally we’ve been expanding the team further, shifting people over to areas they want to work in, put into place an HR department, posting many new hires and testing out alternative systems like HubSpot, Slack and Trello.

Within the game, testing of a first-step tutorial “tooltip system” should begin shortly. Our turn replay engine is nearly done and an improved lobby system is just about to start getting coded too.

The online website deck builder we mentioned before is nearly ready to become public. Our current estimate is about two to three more weeks and we will break some champagne for it.

We also started the process of designing the first expansion of the game this week; beyond it just being something in our heads. It is important to understand where the story will start and what the theme of it will be in order to ensure that the current game slots in properly with where things are going. One of the net results of this process was a redesign of an existing Sylith card, the Workshop:


The current Workshop as designed made Sylith Frigates be more durable, the new workshop costs a bit more but now makes them more aggressive. It’s a subtle change but combined with the increased card draw they get from their core world:


It reinforces the idea that Sylith ships are fast, aggressive and numerous. If we gave them both hull bonuses AND quantity bonuses we would be essentially saying they are designed to be both high quality [increased hull] and numerous [card draw]; leaving little design space to contrast them.

Long term this also leaves the design space open for other factions to be king of control-type strategies. Ships with higher hull values are harder to destroy, which increases a faction’s ability to win by contesting all sectors (one of the three ways to win a game).

The Sylith are already masters of invasion and I can’t tell you how many times my core world has been captured by now…

The workshop change, as well as many other small balance changes are currently being laboriously tested and developed – by the playtest team you should join!

Featured Artist

Artist: Lorcan O’Shanahan
Location: Canada
Portfolio: http://lorcanoshanahan.com
About: Lorcan is an accomplished UI Designer and Motion Graphics artist whose credits include Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, Ender’s Game, and Continuum. His experience on such projects gave him the confidence to go freelance as of last year. Music is vital to his creative process, and he’s always searching Soundcloud for new music to add to his collection.

Lorcan was of our original designers on the game and was instrumental in creating our space UI, the minimal look you see throughout the game’s interface and our intro video of our Kickstarter:

Here are some of his concept images of our initial UI:

initial UI

Which lead to some initial 3D comps of how the game might be experienced, note the ships are rectangles and lock into a square grid that would also function as a way of visually telling you how big a ship was (bigger ships would fill more squares):


From here other iterations were done and we decided to move the planet below the battle and to indicate ship size by changing the size of the shape below it. You can also see on this image we were experimenting with putting ship-data on the “table” surface:


The battle UI eventually become more table-top miniature in feel, streamlined and simple, but we did still experiment with various ways of displaying the card data:


As for the “feel” of the UX. Some examples of the multi-stage zoom UI transitions, here is a render of the game switching from galactic to sector view. As you will see in this video we are translating from motion around a disk (galaxy) to rolling the stars along the surface of a “magic eight ball”:

And putting it all together, here is the concept transition between all stages:

Note: Sadly we didn’t hit our funding goal this Kickstarter, so we will have to wait to implement this in the game a bit longer, but we are planning on making some immediate enhancements to the game’s UI to bring it more in line with our desired end goal. We will get there!

Artist: Ali Ries
Location: United States
Portfolio: http://casperium.deviantart.com
Ali we met at the start of our campaign and paints beautiful Nebulas. She was kind enough to let us use some of her artwork for this Kickstarter. Some of her work might even fool you into thinking it’s from hubble. 😉


Kickstarter Post #15- “Future Plans”

Hello everyone,

We’re almost to the end of our Kickstarter campaign and would like to thank all of you for being such dedicated fans and backers. Today, we’d like to talk to you about our plans after the Kickstarter ends. 

New Artwork


Ground Strike got new artwork today by Jan Jasinski as part of our goal to replace art on our cards with appropriate art over time. The new artwork features two Sylith commandos leaving the scene of a successful strike operation. Flavor text (for lore and story building) and art credit are things we will be adding to cards when enlarged or viewed on our upcoming online deck builder.

See more from Jan here: https://www.behance.net/johnjasinski

Future Plans

Development will not end for our project when this Kickstarter does, it’s just a new beginning. As we mentioned in a previous update, the feedback we’ve gotten on the game itself is very positive, so our conviction is only stronger now that it was when we started.

We’re going to review what went well and what could have gone better and focus the next coming months on perfecting the product further. Our main goals with the code at this point is to get a more robust build in place. We want to offer in game help, tutorials, single player mode, a better lobby so you can find players, game saving and loading and some basic UI enhancements,

We are also working on an online deck builder that will let you build custom decks, comment and share them. Ultimately this tool will also let you save decks as text files and then load them directly into the game.

Once we have these features in place, we will then look to see how strong our community of players has become and how interested the press is. Once we get to the point where all of these things are true, and our chance of success seems very certain, we will launch a new Kickstarter.

Naturally if in the meantime we manage to secure some or all of the funding we need, this could change the nature or need for a second crowdfunding campaign. As we write this, we are busy exploring all avenues.

Friday we will have a closure post and then Sunday, the last day of our campaign, we will have a small gift in store for all the backers! So make sure you don’t miss it.

As usual if you want to talk to us you can do so in the comments, or on the r/GalaCollider reddit or twitter pages. We are also on twitch several times a week playing games and chatting, sometimes with backers! So don’t forget to join us there if you are interested in getting a game.

Featured Artist

Artist: Stuart Ballinger
Location: Australia
Portfolio: http://stuballinger-art.deviantart.com
About: Stuart was inspired by the amazing work he saw from other artists online and so he started watching tutorials and practicing to build his skills. He works in abstract mediums because it allows his work’s story and meaning to be interpreted by the viewer. This allows different viewers to have different experiences when they view the artwork. He’s glad to be apart of GalaCollider as the art direction allows many styles. Ballinger_SpiritWalk“True Sight” Sylith Operation Card Art

Artist: Maciej Wojtala
Location: Poland
Portfolio: www.wojtala.com
About: Maciej has worked with game companies such as Flying Wild Hog, Epic Games, CD Projeckt RED, and People Can Fly. He is often inspired not only by beautiful things right in front of him, but also the beauty in discovering new places, art, photography, or even watching a good movie. He says there are many crazy and wonderful things in the world, you just have to find them and let them inspire you.

Wild_Hunt_Naglfar_Wojtala_big“The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” Concept Art

Kickstarters We Like

Huge shout out to Divinity: Original Sin 2! We are incredibly excited for the release of this game, and so are 32 thousand other fans (so far). This is a sequel to the epic original RPG and features turn-based combat and both cooperative and competitive multiplayer. It promises to have a “strong focus on systematic gameplay” and if it’s anything like the original will feature an incredible storyline and top notch visuals.


Kickstarter Post #14- “1 Week Left”

Hello everyone,

We had a great recent AMA on MagicTCG, with plenty of interesting questions.

We’ve also got another preview up on Geek Dad:

“I was genuinely impressed by the strategic depth afforded in a game that was completed in just half an hour.“

State of the Kickstarter

Today we’d like to talk about our plans for the Kickstarter and moving forward. With 1 week left, it’s unlikely we will be funded in time. However, this certainly doesn’t mean we’re giving up! We here at NeoCrux would like to see this through and would love to have you with us. 🙂

We’ve had only positive press reviews and nearly everyone we’ve shown the game to has loved it. Our confidence in the product itself couldn’t be higher right now, but we realize certain elements were missing or not communicated well enough on our Kickstarter. We’d love to learn from you what you think we could have done better, so we are preparing a survey for you to complete over the next week.

Funded or not, as a backer you will receive   exclusive, backer-only updates on the game well after the Kickstarter has ended. You’ll get first-dibs on news and exclusive offers as we move forward. Tell your friends to jump in too so they don’t miss out!

On our next update we’ll talk about our future plans. Thank you for your support!

Featured Artists

Artist: Leif Dahl
Location: United States
Portfolio: http://leifdahl.com
About: Leif is inspired by physical 3D puzzles and the art style of video games such as Guild Wars. This led him to pursue a career of 3D modeling. Leif welcomed the challenge to capture the beauty and essence of the ship concept art to create his final 3D models and textures for GalaCollider.

“Coalition Dreadnaught” being Created

Artist: Drew Hoffman
Location: United States
Portfolio: http://drew-hoffman.com
About: Drew was our initial art director and helped to design and define our minimal visual style seen through our materials.

Early UI Concept

Kickstarters We Like

Legacy of the Elder Star is a fast paced, frantic, arcade style shooter that integrates a ton of new mechanics and strategy to the genre. In this sci-fi destruction game you control the game only with the mouse. Motions you make are swift and deadly, destroying enemies you collide with. You have to check out this game in motion, it’s awesome!

2015-09-17 12_57_59-Legacy of the Elder Star by Kickbomb Entertainment — Kickstarter