Meet the Team – Sidney Dawson III, Sydney Meeker, and Rafael Pacheco

Sidney Dawson III - GC

Sidney Dawson III

Role: PR/Marketing specialist

About: I graduated from Pennsylvania State University in May 2015 with a BA in Communications. I focused primarily on Public Relations because it was something that I was quite interested in, especially when it came to the entertainment industry at large. I haven’t worked on any official game projects in the past, but if anyone is familiar with forum based RPG’s I have been heavily involved in creating Role-Play Forums and running them since 2007. I’ve also been into gaming for as long as I can remember and my love for gaming is what brought me to the doorstep of GalaCollider, as I wanted to put my degree to use in the industry I enjoy the most.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: The 4X genre seamlessly merged with a TCG.

What inspires you?: Anime and film are probably my two biggest sources of inspiration. I am really big into writing so I value good stories and interesting plot twists quite a bit.

What is your current gaming obsession?: I recently picked up Star Wars Battlefront and I just can’t put it down!

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Sydney Meeker

Role: Creative Writer

About: I’ve been doing video game writing for a few years — I started out working on a fan MMO, went from there to a few professional projects, and ended up with Galacollider! I found GC through David Logan — with whom I helped launch Whispering Willows.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: Probably the flexibility of rounds/turns — I can choose how long I can play at any given time.

What inspires you?: Everything! To pick a few: music, weather, comically bad youtube videos.

What is your current gaming obsession?: An old (and poorly balanced) RTS I used to play about a decade ago was recently released on Steam. Impossible Creatures allows for customizable units and group of units, so I spend as much of my time building armies as I do. I’ve also been playing Fallen Earth because I’m waiting for Fallout 4 to go on sale.

Oh, and I’ve also been playing way too much Undertale.

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Rafael Pacheco

Role: Marketing Specialist

About: I’m from Venezuela but I’m currently living in Toronto, Canada. Since university I only worked in advertising companies and this is my first gig in the video game industry.

I’m a huge sports fan and fantasy sports addict. I like reading about history, philosophy and suspense.

I believe Friends is the best show ever, I can make the best Mojitos you’ll ever try, and knew since the beginning that Bruce Willis’ character was dead in The Sixth Sense.

No spoilers on Game of Thrones please!

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: Very interesting mechanics. The first time I played I found myself exicted about the options I had… Attack here, get a new planet or maybe retreat to protect myself. It’s a fun game.

What inspires you?: Mmmmm… the moment?

What is your current gaming obsession?: Assasin’s Creed Black Flag, Bioshock, Soda Dungeons.

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Meet the Team – Connor Bridgeman, Thomas Lowry and Cedric de Leeuw

Connor Bridgeman

Thomas Lowry

Cedric de Leeuw


Connor Bridgeman


Role: Marketing Manager

About: Video game and enthusiast and current university marketing student in Seattle. I grew up in Silicon Valley and have always wanted to work in tech. I fell in love with games and computers at a young age, and they have been a huge part of my life ever since. I also have a passion for sports, especially (American) football, go Niners! When I was given the opportunity to work on GalaCollider, I immediately recognized a success in the making.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: One of the features that impressed me when I first played the game was it’s ability to seamlessly integrate two great genres. The fact that I was thinking of strategies I had once used in Starcraft and others that I learned from Hearthstone at the same time was my “wow” moment with GalaCollider.

What inspires you?: I enjoy sticking my face headfirst into new experiences. I try to take all the opportunities that come my way and leave them better than before. I love working in teams and making my teammates happy keeps me going!

What is your current gaming obsession?: MGSV has been my recent single player go to. It’s one of my favorite franchises of all time. I’m actually struggling to beat it since there is so much to do! Rocket League has been another obsession I currently have. Best pick up and play game I have played in a long time. Plus it’s soccer with flying cars. Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront are also about to absorb my social life.

Learn more about Connor: I am on the twittersphere. Follow me. I want to be popular.


Thomas Lowry


Role: Test Manager, Junior Programmer

About: I’m a fairly recent university graduate from the Cook Islands, studied Computer Science and IT in Hawaii, and moved to Australia for work.  I’ve always wanted to be able to work on the hard problems in game programming, so when I came across the GalaCollider Kickstarter with a remote team, I jumped at the opportunity to help out.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: The thing that first caught my attention about GalaCollider was the potential combination of things it could do, the idea of having strategic map positioning, and card management, and mind games from hidden information… All wrapped up in my favourite genre as well, Space sci-fi 🙂

What inspires you?: I love learning, and I’m pretty good at wrapping my mind around the generals of new ideas, often when I come across unique ideas like those in GalaCollider I get really excited about the potential I can see in where it is and where it’s going. Other areas that really inspire me are algorithm and software design.

What is your current gaming obsession?: Funnily enough my recent obsession has been less any specific game (time is a bit short) and more researching game design and game programming, one thing for sure though is that my Steam wishlist has grown a lot while I’ve been looking for games that present new, interesting ideas.


Cedric de Leeuw


Role: Video Editor

About: I am a very creative person which is the reason I studied audio visual design. I’ve done a lot of things during that period, some examples: video editing, special effects, 3D, web design, html/css coding, creating flash games. However in the end I stuck with video editing and creating special effects because I enjoyed doing that the most.

My biggest passion has always been gaming though, and I’ve never really realized that during my studies. So after I was done studying, I started to look at what gave me the most enjoyment when I was working. Eventually I could answer that question and started my own YouTube channel. I cover many games and love to play new innovative games. Whether it’s a triple A title or an Indie game doesn’t matter. In my let’s plays I can be as wacky as I want to be, however in preview/review videos I’d like to be more professional.

I came into contact with Nina from GalaCollider and after playing the demo I was sold on the game. I previewed it in a video which I made for their Kickstarter, and they were amazed by the quality I delivered. A couple months later, they asked me to join the team as their video editor because they needed more videos for upcoming promotions. So here I am! I’ve never really done anything like this or worked much in my own industry since I went to YouTube fairly early and found that my own happiness was more important.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: Since I am a strategist I’d have to say being able to change up my strategy mid game and not having to forfeit after 4 turns because my early rush didn’t work.

What inspires you?: Although the source of my creativity can literally be anything, I find that listening to music while it guides the visuals in my head inspires me the most. While listening to a song it can take you through a journey into space while the next time that same song could take you underwater and explore the deep oceans. I find it exciting to let the music guide me and not know exactly where I’ll end up. This way I am also free to change course while I work which means I am not locked to one specific outcome and have the flexibility to choose the best one.

What is your current gaming obsession?: I don’t think I have a real obsession at the moment however the thing I look the most forward to is Blade & Soul.

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Meet The Team – Jero Juujärvi

Jery Juujarvi

Name: Jero Juujärvi

Role: Marketing Consultant

About: I’ve been a passionate game developer since childhood but I’ve also been into Consumer Behavior, Marketing, and Interactive Media!

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: Crushing Opponents, Fully.

What inspires you?: I’m inspired by the fact that whenever you practice something your always developing yourself into something more.

What is your current gaming obsession?: Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, and Dirty Bomb.

Meet The Team – Roberto Casas


Name: Roberto Casas

Role: Marketing

About: I’m a mix of two very different cultures (Swedish and Colombian). I have a diverse background (trained as a Veterinarian) and dedicated to Marketing the last 18 years of my life. I am an avid reader (when there is time) and always trying to stay up to date with the latest consumer trends.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: The unique idea of combining card games and 4X, the incredible graphics, and most of all, the creative force of the whole team.

What inspires you?: The thought that our mind has an endless capacity of creating ideas.

What is your current gaming obsession?: My 15 months-old daughter. Just now she is a fast growing tornado that keeps e (and the rest of the family really busy)

Meet the Team – Sam Watson

Sam Watson

Name: Sam Watson

Role: Composer / Sound Designer

About: I have been a freelance composer, sound designer, and audio engineer for television and film for the last 16 years. I’ve been lucky enough to circle the globe via work and have met some amazing people as a result. My love for sound was obvious from the start when I won the 3rd grade science fair for a project on the property of sound. Some of my favorite experiences were documenting BB King’s life story, working on a film for Habitat for Humanity on five continents, and a kids’ music education TV show called Lomax the Hound of music for which our audio team was Emmy nominated. My last big project was writing the score for the teen adventure creature-feature Big Bad.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: I love that it blends the old familiar card game with the 4x space conquest approach. The randomness in the cards helps keep the game fresh and ensure that no two games are ever the same. Plus it features true head-to-head playability which is always the most fun. (I’ve always enjoyed games like chess, poker, & Risk). Galacollider is very much a thinking & strategy game at the highest level!

What inspires you?: I find inspiration in everything from the piano works of Maurice Ravel, to books on the the mathematical jokes hidden in the Simpsons, to a walk down a city street. The human mind is an amazing filter for creating order and inspiration out of seeming chaos.

What is your current gaming obsession?: Galacollider of course! By the time I am done working, practicing (guitar, piano or cello) and wrangling our three kids it doesn’t leave too much other time! Although I really look forward to Sea of Thieves when it lands.

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Meet The Team – Lorcan O’Shanahan


About: I’m an Irish born, half Spanish hybrid graphic designer and motion graphics artist with thirst for understanding the world around me and the people in it. When Im not listening to audiobooks on physiology or the creative process, You may find me at home rewatching some of Robert Sapolsky’s lectures on Neuroscience & Behavioral Evolution. My background in Interface design comes from having worked on couple of features like Enders Game, Extraterrestrials, and most recently on the TV series Continuum. These afforded me the opportunity to experience two very different pipelines for mass production of screen design and fast paced animation output which ultimately brought about enough confidence to go freelance as of last year.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: Sebastian and the entire crew have really amazed me with the level of focus and energy they bring to the project. At first I was excited to be working on my first real Kickstarted and sci-fi video Game, but after a couple of weeks onboard I really saw fire and passion I hadn’t seen before. Love it.

What inspires you?: I can’t say im not influenced, we all are, by literally everything we come in contact through any of our senses. My eyes are definitely a source, be it scifi movies, tumblr blogs, or other peoples work I like, If I see it and I like it chances are that it will somehow end up appearing in my work that day… Music is also hugely important for my process, Im constantly scouring Soundcloud feeds for the next tune to add to my collection of music.

What is your current gaming obsession?: The last game that I really lost myself in was ‘Journey‘. There was something magical about it, maybe the fact it didn’t have any text, instructions, or voice over to explain the narrative. Just a beautifully crafted journey of self discovery.

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Meet The Team – Drew Hoffman


Role: UI design and initial Art Direction

About: I am an Art Director & Designer from Orange County, CA that specializes in creating visuals for web and screen. My main focus has always been the usability of a product first and the visuals second. I love to snowboard and all things Japanese. In my free time I am usually watching movies, playing games or spend time with my 5 year old daughter, Lucy.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: Two things….first is that it’s sci-fi overload for me. I have been taking in so much sci-fi content over the past few months and I still can’t get enough. It was bad before but now it’s just atrocious. The second is that with a project like this you really get to explore and try a lot of different things. Different inspiration. Different user flows. Different processes. It is really unlike anything I have worked on. Just being able to surround myself and work on the things I love is the best part of GalaCollider.

What inspires you?: Movies. Architecture. People. Japan. Music. It’s hard to say really because inspiration does not come from a list of sources, you really can draw inspiration from just about anything and anywhere. I would have to say that two common threads throughout my life has been music and taking trips to the mountains.

What is your current gaming obsession?: It’s difficult to make time for games these days so lately I have been playing short games that don’t suck that much time out of my week. I love playing hearthstone and lately I have been addicted to Tsum Tusm. It’s completely different than my usual style of game and I think that’s why I can’t get enough. I also just started playing Shadows of Mordor and Alien: Isolation but it will be a while before I play those out.

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Meet The Team – Joseph Rintoul


Role: Designer

About: Game Artist with over 8 years of experience producing art and assets for indie developers, including concept art, visual development, user interfaces and animations. I also have a strong interest in the art of game design and user experience. A recent title I’ve worked on is Puubas “The Weaponographist”, in which I was in charge of menus, characters, FX animation, and UI.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: I love the combination of two of my favorite genres. I grew up on the Microprose 4x games of old (Master of Orion 1-2, Master of Magic, etc) and I’m very excited to have deck-building thrown into that mix. I think the near limitless amount of strategy you can have with card and deck builders will keep the gameplay fresh and engaging for a long time.

What inspires you?: For me, it’s the idea that with the right tools and a lot of work, a dedicated group of individuals can make the game that they want to make, and have millions of people experience it with the click of a button. I draw a lot of inspiration from the work done by the fledgeling studios of the 80’s and 90’s, who with a small group of people, created the foundation of gaming as we know it.

What is your current gaming obsession?: Right now, it’s city builders (Banished, Skylines) and the Souls series. I also love any kind of game with co-op, and I can’t help but fall back into Master of Orion II once every 5-6 months.

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Meet The Team – Omari Straker


Role: QA Test Manager & Programmer

About: Software tester by trade but game developer by passion. I’ve gained testing experience in the healthcare software field, but now I look to apply my bug finding mastery to GalaCollider. I’ve mostly done small pet projects in GameMaker and Unity, through SJSU’s game dev club and the global game jam. My ultimate goal is to keep on designing and developing games until I can’t think of another game to bring to life!

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: My favorite thing about GalaCollider is the overall flavor of the game. It really captures the sci-fi element of a space battle, with the utilization of resources to build, sending ships out to colonize planets and battle enemy ships, and achieving victory by overpowering your opponent. To me it combines the deck management present in deck building and trading card games, the resource management of popular RTS games like Starcraft, and the strategic placement of units I’ve seen in games like Advance Wars, which is one of my favorite video game series.

What inspires you?: I’m inspired mostly by characters. Whether real or fictional, characters have a way of breathing life into any story and really making it feel unique. They are the backbone to any universe, as no great story has ever been told without great characters. The best thing about them is how they affect the real people that invest in these characters. A character can become immortalized just by being interesting and popular, even years after their creator is long gone. Characters inspire me both as a designer and a consumer. I want to create characters that people will get excited to talk about, all while being introduced to new characters that I can fall in love with forever.

What is your current gaming obsession?: My current gaming obsession is Dungeon Fighter Online. It’s a Korean MMO that combines the classic arcade beat-em-up style with skill tree builds containing as much depth as your average RPG! I love this game because it took a genre that really lost its popularity after the 90s and modernized it with a style more fitting to this generation of games.

But to be honest I love almost every game I’ve ever played! My motto has always been: If it’s a game, I’ll play it.

You can play some of Omari’s games here.

Meet The Team – Nina Park


Name: Nina Park

Role: Marketing Manager

About: Nina Park is a project manager who specializes in Kickstarters. She’s successfully Kickstarted 2 games so far: Grow: The Organic Building Game and Fujian Trader. While she graduated with a degree in the development and art side of games, she eventually found herself working with small, indie startups in a marketing and production role.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: I’m really excited that player actions can influence the storyline of the game. In that sense, it reminds me a bit of Eve Online. I never had the spare time to properly get into Eve, but with GalaCollider, there’s less of a time commitment and less of a learning curve which makes it perfect for my lifestyle and gaming tastes.

What inspires you?: Pretty cheesy, but my life experiences. I’m very much a fan of Neil Gaiman’s “Make good art” motto where whatever happens to you, take that and make it into art. I find it interesting and challenging to gather up what I’ve experienced and translate that into a game.

What is your current gaming obsession?: I tend to follow and play a lot of indie games, and right now I’m really into rogue-likes. My Steam account has so many hours logged into Eldritch, Risk of Rain, and Nuclear Throne

Learn more about Nina:

Meet The Team – Danielle Merrithew


Name: Danielle (Dani) Merrithew

Role: Quality Assurance Tester

About: I am a Game Designer, 2D artist and a Quality Assurance Tester. I live, breathe and sleep video games! I have loved games ever since I was a child. For me, games filled a void in my life and helped me get through a lot of tough times in my life. I have always been interested in art, and while I was in school, I would always sketch random things I thought would be cool as games!

I currently work for a small company as a 2D artist/ User Interface designer and work on mobile games and apps. I also work as a volunteer Game Designer for a non-profit organization to create educational games for children.
In my spare time I like to draw, design and sew Cosplay, watch anime and play games with friends.

For GalaCollider, I am focusing on Quality Assurance and ensuring the overall gameplay experience is awesome! ☺

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: My favorite thing about GalaCollider would probably be how interactive the world is. It doesn’t just feel like a card game- you actually interact with the environment and move your units like an RTS. I love how well the two genres blended together!

What inspires you?: Meeting people such as the people on this team. People who have a vision and can properly execute it and those who are confident and believe in themselves!

Creative people, whether it be an artist, Cosplayer, designer- their creativity inspires me and drives me to continuously keep working on projects.

Games are also a huge impact and inspiration on my life. They have saved me in many different ways. Japanese Culture is another huge inspiration and most of my games and art have been heavily influenced by different Japanese art styles.

What is your current gaming obsession?: Heroes of the storm, I have been really into MOBAS in the past few years, but ever since I played the Alpha of Heroes I was hooked! I also play a lot of RPG’s – Ori and the blind forest is one of the more recent ones I absolutely loved. Hearthstone, especially now that it’s on android phones.

The game that started my passion for gaming was Devil May Cry 3. I played it with my dad when I was 12 and my father and I bonded over it. To this day it’s my absolute favorite game and I’ve replayed it about 5 times since then.

Check out my website to see other projects I’ve worked on:

Meet The Team – Rafael Morais


Name: Rafael Morais

Role: 3D Artist/VFX Artist

About: Back in 2006 I joined a few Modders to do some props for a Half-Life 2 MOD, this was my very first contact with the game industry, I was so mesmerized by how a few tweaks in a box could transform that primitive shape into a creature, vehicle, character or anything else you can imagine. I got my first job in the game industry when I was 20 as a Junior Artist, little did I know how hard it is to make a game, and how much effort it is required. I have participated as a game artist in several project as a 3D artist and VFX artist, I’ve done Space MMO, platform games, third person shooters and adventure games. In the last few years I helped on the development of 2 brazilian indie titles that i’m super proud, Aritana and Harpy’s Feather and Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly. I hope to keep doing game art for as long as I can.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?:
GalaCollider will bring a very unique new genre, mixing some of card game and deck build with turn based real time strategy. I can see myself spending some nice amount of hours only planning my decks and strategies. Also, the Sci-Fi theme totally grabs my attention, no matter if it is a game, movie, book or music.

What inspires you?:
Good Art. Music, Books, paintings, games. Good art inspires me.

What is your current gaming obsession?
Have you heard about Exanima? What about Chroma Squad? Technobabylon? Well I’m totally addicted to those new games. Exanima is an unique physics based game with an amazing combat system. Chroma Squad is a turn based strategy game where you are the manager of a Sentai Studio. Technobabylon is the newest adventure game by Wadjet Eye games, I’m a huge fan of their work.

You can find out more about Rafael here: