Fall release confirmation

The moment approaches, Gala Collider’s open alpha is set to begin on December 18th!

We are planning to invite the oldest subscribers first, and we will continue inviting players in batches until we have our desired load of at least forty games running concurrently. Once we hit that load, we will pause to evaluate that nothing is breaking; and then continue to add players until we reach our next goal of 250 concurrent games (and then our next goal of….).

So depending on how long you’ve been subscribed, you will get an invitation on the 18th of December or in the weeks that follow. In addition to testing the strain of simultaneous multiplayer sessions, we’re hoping to get feedback on the tutorials and scenarios.

Winter is coming…

(yes it is also cold out in space)

If you’ve been with us over the last two plus years, you will have hopefully read that we were offering our most faithful followers a tier upgrade on our future crowd fund campaign. We are keeping our word but we will soon no longer be offering this to new subscribers. Anyone who signs up on or after December 21st in 2017 will no longer qualify for future tier upgrades.

However, please be clear that signing up on or after the 21st doesn’t limit or reduce your ability to still get early access to our game and play it! From the 18th of December onwards, we will be in a public alpha state and open to new signups throughout the alpha period. Your email will just be batched and given access like any other, in order of signup.

Art / VFX updates

We continue to work on new artwork and add artists, we nearly have 40 artists on our team now. Below are some samples of fresh produced work:

Sylith – Perception: Enemy plans are laid bare and revealed. Art by Eko Puteh


In progress sketches by Marc Scott:

In terms of visual effects, we now have integrated visual effects for many different weapons all in the game. Here is a full list of all the weapon types coded and ready for you to employ against your foes in the upcoming Alpha:

  • Variable sized energy weapon fire, larger attacks generate larger beam weapons now
  • Torpedo attacks that apply heavy damage to cruisers and larger ships
  • Pulse fire attacks that specialize in damaging smaller ships
  • Nukes that are slow but do collateral damage to massive targets, like dreadnaughts
  • Bombardment weapons to knock out enemy developments on their sectors
  • Retaliation fire is a beam weapon that returns fire at each enemy ship that engaged you
  • Troops deployed at a planet float down in landing pods, where they hope to conquer or help defend against invasions

Either at release or in a subsequent patch we will also release custom effects for even more aspects of the game. Different operation cards will trigger different visual effects, and cards are getting variable size and color edge glows while you drag them over potential targets.

Sign up and tell your friends

These next weeks we will be very busy doing final quality tests on everything to make sure the game is as bug free as possible.

So please, don’t forget to share our game with your friends and get them to sign up! Sign up before December 21st 2017 and you will also be on our list for a free tier upgrade on any crowd fund campaigns we launch in 2018!

Updates and self reviews

Hi everyone,

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 2.21.47 PMWe are now done with new features on demo3 and doing only bug fixing on it until it is stable. The key features in Demo3 will be:

  • new replay engine shows you the moves and cards played by your opponent
  • tool tips tell you about the game when you play for the first time
  • new graphics for sectors you haven’t revealed yet give you more information about what to expect
  • custom maps including random and reflected layouts. Each sector can now have its own mini deck!
  • lots of balance changes, in particular tech2 and 3 curved down and colony ship costs adjusted


Sebastian wrote a Gamasutra article that reviewed what went well and not so well on our recent Kickstarter.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 11.52.02 AMJayce Stock and Cedric de Leeuw have been added to our team. Jayce is our new voice on twitter and Cedric you will know as someone who made an amazingly cool fan videos for us. Cedric is helping us to make a nice video for competitions and to send to investors.

Investors is our biggest focus right now, and getting the core game completed sufficiently enough that we can present it and submit it to various conventions for prize considerations.

Otherwise we have a podcast recording done! So by next week this should start appearing.


Kickstarter Post #16- “Preludes and Previews”

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our last update, actually no it’s not our last update! We will have another one for you on Sunday with a small treat in it.

With the Kickstarter coming to a close we are taking this time improve our internal systems and expanding our various teams. In particular our Playtest team is undergoing growth right now, if you would like to join our chat space, talk about the game and meet other nice players…? Now’s a pretty good time to jump in and get involved!

Internally we’ve been expanding the team further, shifting people over to areas they want to work in, put into place an HR department, posting many new hires and testing out alternative systems like HubSpot, Slack and Trello.

Within the game, testing of a first-step tutorial “tooltip system” should begin shortly. Our turn replay engine is nearly done and an improved lobby system is just about to start getting coded too.

The online website deck builder we mentioned before is nearly ready to become public. Our current estimate is about two to three more weeks and we will break some champagne for it.

We also started the process of designing the first expansion of the game this week; beyond it just being something in our heads. It is important to understand where the story will start and what the theme of it will be in order to ensure that the current game slots in properly with where things are going. One of the net results of this process was a redesign of an existing Sylith card, the Workshop:


The current Workshop as designed made Sylith Frigates be more durable, the new workshop costs a bit more but now makes them more aggressive. It’s a subtle change but combined with the increased card draw they get from their core world:


It reinforces the idea that Sylith ships are fast, aggressive and numerous. If we gave them both hull bonuses AND quantity bonuses we would be essentially saying they are designed to be both high quality [increased hull] and numerous [card draw]; leaving little design space to contrast them.

Long term this also leaves the design space open for other factions to be king of control-type strategies. Ships with higher hull values are harder to destroy, which increases a faction’s ability to win by contesting all sectors (one of the three ways to win a game).

The Sylith are already masters of invasion and I can’t tell you how many times my core world has been captured by now…

The workshop change, as well as many other small balance changes are currently being laboriously tested and developed – by the playtest team you should join!

Featured Artist

Artist: Lorcan O’Shanahan
Location: Canada
Portfolio: http://lorcanoshanahan.com
About: Lorcan is an accomplished UI Designer and Motion Graphics artist whose credits include Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, Ender’s Game, and Continuum. His experience on such projects gave him the confidence to go freelance as of last year. Music is vital to his creative process, and he’s always searching Soundcloud for new music to add to his collection.

Lorcan was of our original designers on the game and was instrumental in creating our space UI, the minimal look you see throughout the game’s interface and our intro video of our Kickstarter:

Here are some of his concept images of our initial UI:

initial UI

Which lead to some initial 3D comps of how the game might be experienced, note the ships are rectangles and lock into a square grid that would also function as a way of visually telling you how big a ship was (bigger ships would fill more squares):


From here other iterations were done and we decided to move the planet below the battle and to indicate ship size by changing the size of the shape below it. You can also see on this image we were experimenting with putting ship-data on the “table” surface:


The battle UI eventually become more table-top miniature in feel, streamlined and simple, but we did still experiment with various ways of displaying the card data:


As for the “feel” of the UX. Some examples of the multi-stage zoom UI transitions, here is a render of the game switching from galactic to sector view. As you will see in this video we are translating from motion around a disk (galaxy) to rolling the stars along the surface of a “magic eight ball”:

And putting it all together, here is the concept transition between all stages:

Note: Sadly we didn’t hit our funding goal this Kickstarter, so we will have to wait to implement this in the game a bit longer, but we are planning on making some immediate enhancements to the game’s UI to bring it more in line with our desired end goal. We will get there!

Artist: Ali Ries
Location: United States
Portfolio: http://casperium.deviantart.com
Ali we met at the start of our campaign and paints beautiful Nebulas. She was kind enough to let us use some of her artwork for this Kickstarter. Some of her work might even fool you into thinking it’s from hubble. 😉


Kickstarter Post #15- “Future Plans”

Hello everyone,

We’re almost to the end of our Kickstarter campaign and would like to thank all of you for being such dedicated fans and backers. Today, we’d like to talk to you about our plans after the Kickstarter ends. 

New Artwork


Ground Strike got new artwork today by Jan Jasinski as part of our goal to replace art on our cards with appropriate art over time. The new artwork features two Sylith commandos leaving the scene of a successful strike operation. Flavor text (for lore and story building) and art credit are things we will be adding to cards when enlarged or viewed on our upcoming online deck builder.

See more from Jan here: https://www.behance.net/johnjasinski

Future Plans

Development will not end for our project when this Kickstarter does, it’s just a new beginning. As we mentioned in a previous update, the feedback we’ve gotten on the game itself is very positive, so our conviction is only stronger now that it was when we started.

We’re going to review what went well and what could have gone better and focus the next coming months on perfecting the product further. Our main goals with the code at this point is to get a more robust build in place. We want to offer in game help, tutorials, single player mode, a better lobby so you can find players, game saving and loading and some basic UI enhancements,

We are also working on an online deck builder that will let you build custom decks, comment and share them. Ultimately this tool will also let you save decks as text files and then load them directly into the game.

Once we have these features in place, we will then look to see how strong our community of players has become and how interested the press is. Once we get to the point where all of these things are true, and our chance of success seems very certain, we will launch a new Kickstarter.

Naturally if in the meantime we manage to secure some or all of the funding we need, this could change the nature or need for a second crowdfunding campaign. As we write this, we are busy exploring all avenues.

Friday we will have a closure post and then Sunday, the last day of our campaign, we will have a small gift in store for all the backers! So make sure you don’t miss it.

As usual if you want to talk to us you can do so in the comments, or on the r/GalaCollider reddit or twitter pages. We are also on twitch several times a week playing games and chatting, sometimes with backers! So don’t forget to join us there if you are interested in getting a game.

Featured Artist

Artist: Stuart Ballinger
Location: Australia
Portfolio: http://stuballinger-art.deviantart.com
About: Stuart was inspired by the amazing work he saw from other artists online and so he started watching tutorials and practicing to build his skills. He works in abstract mediums because it allows his work’s story and meaning to be interpreted by the viewer. This allows different viewers to have different experiences when they view the artwork. He’s glad to be apart of GalaCollider as the art direction allows many styles. Ballinger_SpiritWalk“True Sight” Sylith Operation Card Art

Artist: Maciej Wojtala
Location: Poland
Portfolio: www.wojtala.com
About: Maciej has worked with game companies such as Flying Wild Hog, Epic Games, CD Projeckt RED, and People Can Fly. He is often inspired not only by beautiful things right in front of him, but also the beauty in discovering new places, art, photography, or even watching a good movie. He says there are many crazy and wonderful things in the world, you just have to find them and let them inspire you.

Wild_Hunt_Naglfar_Wojtala_big“The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” Concept Art

Kickstarters We Like

Huge shout out to Divinity: Original Sin 2! We are incredibly excited for the release of this game, and so are 32 thousand other fans (so far). This is a sequel to the epic original RPG and features turn-based combat and both cooperative and competitive multiplayer. It promises to have a “strong focus on systematic gameplay” and if it’s anything like the original will feature an incredible storyline and top notch visuals.


Kickstarter Post #14- “1 Week Left”

Hello everyone,

We had a great recent AMA on MagicTCG, with plenty of interesting questions.

We’ve also got another preview up on Geek Dad:

“I was genuinely impressed by the strategic depth afforded in a game that was completed in just half an hour.“

State of the Kickstarter

Today we’d like to talk about our plans for the Kickstarter and moving forward. With 1 week left, it’s unlikely we will be funded in time. However, this certainly doesn’t mean we’re giving up! We here at NeoCrux would like to see this through and would love to have you with us. 🙂

We’ve had only positive press reviews and nearly everyone we’ve shown the game to has loved it. Our confidence in the product itself couldn’t be higher right now, but we realize certain elements were missing or not communicated well enough on our Kickstarter. We’d love to learn from you what you think we could have done better, so we are preparing a survey for you to complete over the next week.

Funded or not, as a backer you will receive   exclusive, backer-only updates on the game well after the Kickstarter has ended. You’ll get first-dibs on news and exclusive offers as we move forward. Tell your friends to jump in too so they don’t miss out!

On our next update we’ll talk about our future plans. Thank you for your support!

Featured Artists

Artist: Leif Dahl
Location: United States
Portfolio: http://leifdahl.com
About: Leif is inspired by physical 3D puzzles and the art style of video games such as Guild Wars. This led him to pursue a career of 3D modeling. Leif welcomed the challenge to capture the beauty and essence of the ship concept art to create his final 3D models and textures for GalaCollider.

“Coalition Dreadnaught” being Created

Artist: Drew Hoffman
Location: United States
Portfolio: http://drew-hoffman.com
About: Drew was our initial art director and helped to design and define our minimal visual style seen through our materials.

Early UI Concept

Kickstarters We Like

Legacy of the Elder Star is a fast paced, frantic, arcade style shooter that integrates a ton of new mechanics and strategy to the genre. In this sci-fi destruction game you control the game only with the mouse. Motions you make are swift and deadly, destroying enemies you collide with. You have to check out this game in motion, it’s awesome!

2015-09-17 12_57_59-Legacy of the Elder Star by Kickbomb Entertainment — Kickstarter

Kickstarter Post #12- “Single Player Mode Plans”

Hi everyone,

We’re nearly to 250 backers! As always, thank you for your continued support, it means a lot to everyone here working on GalaCollider.

Reddit Reminder

Don’t forget that this Sunday from 12pm – 1pm Pacific, GalaCollider board members George Skaff Elias and Stephan Brissaud will talk about their experience working in games on the MTG subreddit. We’ll create the thread about an hour in advance so you can ask questions and upvote the ones you want most to be answered.


This weekend we’ll be running tournaments with a couple of players of Tyrant Unleashed and the guild Raging Primates. If you’d like to run a tournament as well, reach out to us! We’d be happy to provide tournament support as well as prizes! (because what fun would be a tournament without prizes!)

Improving Our Campaign

We’d like to reach out to you, our fans, and ask if you have any ideas on how to improve our Kickstarter. Whether that’s discussing a certain mechanic more, reworking some of our Kickstarter description, or suggesting people we can reach out to cover us, we’d love to hear your ideas!

We’ve had some questions about single player mode, we respect that a good number of you see this as an important aspect of a (4X) Strategy game. So I thought today we could go a bit deeper into the plans.

Copy of Parker_SpaceColony

One of our near term goals is to ensure that the game has a solid tutorial mode. This will guide you through the various abilities and core mechanics of the game.

With no dice involved, it makes puzzles a viable option. We would like to pick a few of your brain cells apart with a series of interesting puzzles aimed at teaching you key mechanics of the game.

In parallel, we will build an AI to control neutral enemies like pirates, monsters and independant micronations.

Once the baseline AI is done, the next step is to add raids and survival missions. These can be solo missions, or ones that you undertake with your friends cooperatively. We will release these as part of our commitment to offer ongoing events, but we may also release them as solo-content packs for you to enjoy and explore.

Copy of Connett_Sunrise

Beyond the single player experience, our game’s multiplayer experience will be both competitive as well as story-driven. New events will require you to adapt to new maps and to accomplish missions both on your own as well as together teams of other players. Your results will then directly drive the story as well as future content released in the game.

Our goal is to ensure that whether you chose to play GalaCollider on your own, competitively or with your friends, you will find it a rich and rewarding experience to enjoy.

Featured Artist

Artist: Alex Drummond
Location: Australia
Portfolio: http://alexdrummo.com/
About: Alex has created concept art for some of GalaCollider’s 3D ships, in addition to artwork that is shown on the actual cards. Alex has worked with game companies such as Microsoft and Marvel, and was a senior concept artist at THQ. He enjoys sci-fi, from gritty cyberpunk to high space opera. Even though he is working with the latest technology, his art technique and style is still very traditional.

“Sylith Dreadnaught” Concept Art

In his home studio he works for clients all over the world on books, film, TV ads, and pitch materials. As long as he is painting for good clients and working on interesting jobs, that’s all he needs to be happy. He looks forward to each day if he is drawing and realizing an idea.

Alex Drummond in his Studio

“Ground Support” Card Art

Kickstarters We Like

Lux is a gorgeous superhero horror comic book, featuring a young girl named Leora. Leora’s had a difficult life, but luckily she’s comforted by a soothing voice that only she can hear (a little bit creepy)! “Leora learns about her true potential and the ancient evil that threatens all life on the planet.” We met the team at PAX this year and were incredibly impressed by their project. We hope you are too!


Kickstarter Post #11- “Reddit AMA this Sunday”

Hi everyone,

We’d like to extend a special welcome to all our new backers who discovered us today from Divinity’s Kickstarter Update. We’re now over $20k and have over 240 backers!

Reddit AMA

Mark your calendars because this Sunday, Sept. 20th, two of GalaCollider’s board members will be on the Magic: The Gathering subreddit giving an AMA about their experiences working on games.

George Skaff Elias, former VP and Stephan Brissaud, former event manager / senior buyer both for Wizards of the Coast, will be there from 12pm to 1pm Pacific time to answer all of your questions. Not to miss!

New live game recordings

We’ve been quite active on our twitch channel:


Every Tuesday at 2pm Pacific you can join us to chat about the game, ask us questions and even play us! We also play at other times randomly when we can. Subscribe to our twitch channel to keep informed when we go live next!

You can also tweet us directly @neocruxgaming if you want to challenge Sebastian the game designer or Trevor the game developer. We’d be more than happy to play and show you the game some time.

If you’ve missed some of our recent games and you want to watch them, here are some of our recordings from the last week:


Game 6 – Medium map with some exciting build up, tech purchases and dramatic reversals.

Game 5 – Small map, close level game, a single error can cost you the match.

Game 4 – Small map, the importance of scouting your opponent and thinking through your attacks!

Online Deckbuilder


We’ve been making solid progress on a new webtool. GalaColliderDB will let you browse all the cards currently in the game, make decks, share them, comment and even export them into readable text files. We’ve been working off of a fork from https://github.com/Alsciende ‘s great opensource deck builder code. You may know him from the work he has done on deck builders like: http://netrunnerdb.com and http://thronesdb.com.

We will keep you up to date on the progress we are having with it. When the time is right you’ll also be able to see future spoiled cards here too! We’re hoping all our players will enjoy it, value it as a strong resource and maybe even help shape its future (it’s open source after all).

Featured Artist

Artist: Sebastien Hue
Location: France
Portfolio: www.shue-digital.com
About: Sebastien has created artwork that is being used on GalaCollider’s cards. He takes his inspiration from sci-fi movies and books.

Sebastien Hue in his Studio

He enjoys the futuristic technological side of the genre because he feels it gives him a lot of possibilities to create and use his imagination.

“Mios-1” Development Card Art

He really likes the space and galactic side of things too as he’s very interested in what could exist in other galaxies.

Shot Breakdown

He self taught himself digital painting, initially starting with Photoshop. Early on he created logos for music bands and eventually got into CG graphics.

The art for many sectors in one…

He always feels the need to create and imagine. When he does it puts him in a good place. Sebastien is particularly skilled at imagining spectacular landscapes.

Kickstarters We Like

Do you have what it takes to pull off sweet stunts while delivering tacos in your pimped out car in a post-apocalyptic world? If you think you can pull off a triple habanero backflip, deliver tacos to a 8th story window, and then land on a grind rail, Tacopocalypse is the game for you. Even in an apocalypse people love tacos, even more so when they can’t leave their rooms because meteors are crashing down from the skies.

2015-09-14 23_21_52-Tacopocalypse by Cherry Pie Games — Kickstarter

Kickstarter Post #10- “The Leviathans”

Hello everyone,

We’re almost to $20k! Thank you all for your continued support, it means so much to us! We’ve got two weeks to spread the word and get as much press and public awareness brewing as possible. Let’s break the $20,000 barrier and continue to build support up for the project! We might still be far from $70,000 but anything is still possible.

Today we have Trevor again here to talk about some of his favorite cards in demo deck. Come and see these cards in action by downloading the demo and playing a game.

Card Spotlight

Hiya, Trevor here again and I’m here to talk about some GalaCollider cards today. In particular, I will be focusing on some of the powerful Dreadnaughts used by the Coalition faction. So let’s take a look, shall we?

kesteron(Clone)The coalition coreworld, Kesteron, makes Dreadnaughts quite scary.

Dreadnaughts are the most expensive ships in GalaCollider and, as a result, they tend to have the highest attack and hull of the ships in the game. They take up a lot of command which limits how many of these ships you can have in a given sector and cost a lot of energy to move each turn.  As such, it’s important you pick and choose when to play these powerful ships carefully.

card_human_oracle(Clone)Kujata is common among the various sapien fleets

The Kujata is an early game tech 1 dreadnaught that the Coalition will lean on in the early game to control key areas of conflict. They can be used well both on defense to hold an area with their massive 5 attack and ability to retaliate for 1 on any ships that attack it. Conversely, the bombard ability will allow them to harass enemy planets. You will typically want these ships as close to the front lines as possible!

human_techdeck_hell(Clone)Guaranteed to rain hell on your opposition!

The tech 2 Hellfire Dreadnaught must be purchased from your techpool before you can play it. It’s definitely worth the cost, however, as it is an even more powerful Dreadnaught than the Kujata. It has 1 less attack, but in return it gets more bombs, more retaliation, and the ability to invade. Invading sectors is how you take sectors away from your opponent so you can use these behemoths to win the game directly. The Coalition have less invasion options than the Sylith and this makes this card even more attractive. Dreadnaughts like to carry you to victory.

human_techdeck_coa_ship_cetus(Clone)The Cetus is one big Ship. Beware.

The tech 3 Dreadnaught, Cetus, is the strongest Dreadnaught currently available to the Coalition. It costs 8 research to buy but it is worth the price! It has an absurd hull clocking in at 15, the ability to fire at multiple ships a turn for 3 damage each, and prevents opposing ships in a sector from fleeing with the pin! Use this ship when your opponent is fielding multiple smaller ships at a time, or in combination with damage augmenting effects to increase the strength of your ship’s attack. The Cetus is a Dreadnaught that will both force fights AND win them for you.

That wraps it up for our Coalition Dreadnaught card spotlight. I hope you liked what you see! Even more powerful ships await if you back the game today! Your support is greatly appreciated. This is Trevor signing out.

Featured Artists

Artist: Leonardo Peñaranda
Location: Germany
Portfolio: https://www.behance.net/llpdesign
About: Even though Leonardo has been creating art since an early age, he never saw it as a profession until he finished his degree in Industrial Design. It was his dream to work in the video game industry. He enjoys working on GalaCollider since it has so many sci-fi elements to it while still retaining realism, like it could exist in this world, being more than just fantasy.

Sylith Cruiser 3D Model

Artist: Amanda Kiefer
Location: United States
Portfolio: http://amandakiefer.com

SylithElder_SebEditSylith Elder Concept Art

Artist: Neil MacCormack
Location: Switzerland
Portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/artist/bearfoot


Kickstarters We Like

The 13th Doll is a horror adventure game which was successfully funded earlier this month, and is still available to preorder via PayPal on Attic Door Production’s website. It’s inspired by the classic game “The 7th Guest” and features the original voice actor Robert Hirschboeck who plays Henry Stauf in the game. Explore the mysterious old house and watch out for mystifying spirits, dolls, and toys. We’re excited to see this project come to life and can’t wait to immerse ourselves with the story and challenging puzzles.


Kickstarter Post #9- “What We’ve Been Up To”

Hello everyone,

This is Sebastian writing here. Today I’d like to tell you a little more about what some of our wonderful team have been up to.

Play time this weekend

Want to find people to play against this weekend? The team will be on at various times on reddit and IRC to play matches against you.

Here is the Reddit Thread for posting you are looking for a game.

And here is our IRC channel again if you want to find a game. Remember you can type someone’s name in IRC to ping them that you are trying to get their attention!

http://webchat.freenode.net #galacollider (or enter irc.freenode.net from your IRC application)

New Press and Videos

VentureBeat takes a special interest in or board of directors.

Tiny Grimes made a “Why I think GalaCollider is FUN” video:

Progress from Our Space

Work is continuing on the next major update of Demo 3.XX where we will have features like tool tips for first-time play, info buttons that work and tell you about the icons on cards and an elegant camera replay system which will show you all the opponent’s cards played and shots fired in each system before you start your next turn – so that you will see and know exactly what cards they played on their turn. No more guessing if they played Heat Sink to blast your ship or Support Wing to capture your colony!


But for this next patch we are focusing on bug fixes, balance changes and some quick-win usability enhancements first. The next revision of Demo 2.XX should come out some time next week on our Backer download page.

Outside of the programming, test and playtest teams we’ve got an astonishing 11 people, a consultant and two board members all working on our PR team. It might seem like a lot but we still feel very stretched!

Just in this last week we’ve reached out to a big number of press and several dozen larger youtubers / twitch streamers. Several of us are looking deeper into Twitter strategy and we’ve been looking to hire someone to take on twitter full time.

I did also have a great talk with the PR department of Twitch, they said they would try to connect us with a network of Indie-loving streamers. Outside of their help the team has been reaching out to a long list of streamers and youtubers directly.

I even got a call from some random TV casting company that sounded vaguely interested in putting me on TV! (Although this doesn’t seem likely anymore, apparently we are not amateur enough! Which I guess is a compliment…)

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 2.13.16 PM

We think the project right now needs two things to keep growing and to be successful: We need bigger names/sites to take notice (so bigger press outlets and/or YT/streamers with large followings) and we need excited and motivated players to help spread the word and fall in love with our game – and our vision for how great this will become.

Now we can’t make anyone fall in love with it, but we can try to make it easier. =)

We’ve made the demo version of the game available to you, even though honestly it isn’t quite ready to be a demo – no tutorial, help screens and a lobby that requires you to find players outside of the game is less than ideal! Hopefully though you generally agree that access to play the game is still better than not at all…


In addition to smoothing out and improving the accessibility of the game itself, we are now also hard at work to get all the cards in the demo deck [and eventually the entire core set] up on a website so you can browse through and study all the cards. And then ultimately build and theorycraft decks!

We are currently assessing open source deck building web-applications that are free to clone and modify. We’ve got our heads deep in the hood of the beast, if stars align we should be able to at least load up and let you browse through the cards in the database in the next week or two.

What else can we do to help you, the player of our game? Is there something you would like us to talk about or a way we can support you better?

If you like to stream games on youtube gaming, twitch. Or if you like to write blog articles. We’d love to give you any and all the support you need to make this happen. Talk to us.


Or if you would like to help us shape the game’s development, and see cards before they are released, maybe you would like to join our playtest team?

We need to work harder but also smarter to make this campaign grow, and for that we truly do need your help. If you have friends who you think might be interested, let them know about it. =)

And don’t forget it is play time this weekend! Check the top of this post again for details.

Featured Artists

Artist: Elias Stern
Location: Austria
Portfolio: lorddoomhammer.deviantart.com
About: Elias expresses art as an emotion. He paints a picture alongside the feeling he wants to achieve, which can result in either conventional or unexpected pieces. He says when working with a blank canvas, the only limits are your imagination to express what you want to create.

Stern_ImminentDeparture“Heat Sink” Card Art

Artist: Spiros Karkavelas
Location: Singapore
Portfolio: http://aisxos.deviantart.com

Karkavelas_HumanoidDroneBayCoalition Research Center

Artist: Alexandr Elichev
Location: Ukraine
Portfolio: http://kotnonekot.deviantart.com

Elichev_Planet“Strike Invasion” Card Art

Nevermind is not your typical horror adventure game. It uses a biofeedback sensor to detect your fear, and adjusts the game accordingly, creating an even more terrifying and difficult experience the more stressed you are. As you play you delve “into the dark and surreal world within the subconscious minds of psychological trauma victims.” Will you be able to control your anxiety and emotions to survive?


Kickstarter Post #8- “Techup: A Closer Look at Techpools and Music Design”

Hello everyone,

In the past couple of days, we’ve received a bunch of new backers and would like to extend our welcome to them! Right now, we’re sitting at nearly 200 backers and are less than $100 shy of $19k. So share that link and let’s keep the momentum going! http://kck.st/1MQLPHR

Remember, that as a backer, you have access to our public demo. The link can be found on our 6th update here. Let us know if you run into problems finding the link or running the game, and we’d be happy to help you out! This weekend much of the team will be online so come and join us for a game. We’ll give you more details in Friday’s update.  

For this update, you’ll get an in depth look at the development of GalaCollider in the Mechanics Spotlight, Musician Spotlight, and Artist Spotlight.

Mechanics Spotlight

Heya, Trevor (GalaCollider’s Game Developer) here today to talk to you about a rather exciting feature in our game: the techpool! The techpool is used to alter your starting 30 card deck by adding in even more powerful cards into the mix. I’ll go over some of the cards you can expect to see in your techpool so let’s get started.

TechpoolDecisions, decisions. Another ship is always a good thing to have!

So, at the start of the game, your deck will be full of tech level 1 cards. Your techpool will have a certain amount of slots (15, for example) that you can fill it with tech level 1, 2 or 3 cards. Only 3 of the 15 slots will be available for purchase each turn with 1 slot being rotated out for a new card each turn. Tech 1 cards cost 2 research to buy, tech 2 cards cost 4 research, and tech 3 cards cost 8 research. As you would expect, the higher the tech level, the more powerful the card. When you buy a card from the techpool, it will be sent to your discard pile. This is because you shuffle your discard pile to make a new deck once you run out of cards to draw from your deck.

The Nuwa is a powerful tech 3 Frigate that is exceptionally good against Dreadnaughts

Using the Nuwa as an example, we have a Sylith tech 3 ship that has 2 different damage bonuses that will be applied against dreadnaughts (Nukes and Torps) as well as the ability to Raid opposing sectors such that they provide no resource generation at the start of the turn (giving the opponent less resources to build ships/developments with).

Don’t let the lack of ability text deceive you! Stars win games

The Metropolis is a Coalition tech 2 development whose only purpose is to provide you more stars. This particular card will give you 6 stars towards winning the game for 4 materials. For reference, a small sized map requires 50 stars to win, so a Metropolis is giving you a good chunk of stars for a single building. Sometimes the cards will be used to help answer your opponent’s deck, other times they will be used to help you win the game. Metropolis would be an example of the latter.

A very valuable insight, indeed

Insights is a Sylith tech 2 operation that allows you to draw more cards. Sometimes you just want more cards and insights is the perfect tech option to give you just that. It gives you 3 cards at the low, low price of 2 energy! Insights’ true value is the fact that it will get you through your deck quicker so you can keep buying and playing more powerful tech 2 and 3 cards.

The techpool is sort of like having a sideboard you would see in other card games that can be used as a part of actual gameplay rather than in between games during a best of 3 match. It gives you the ability to answer opposing strategies, mask your own plans, and gives you additional ways to win. It’s a very versatile mechanic and we love the impact it has been having on the game so far. Backing our kickstarter will bring this really cool concept to life and it’s only going to get better as time goes on so don’t hesitate to get your friends to join as well!

Featured Musician

Musician: Erik “Viking Guitar” Peabody
Location: Santa Cruz, CA
Portfolio: http://www.vikingguitar.com
About: Ever since he got a cassette of a live Black Sabbath performance when he was 14, Erik has loved making music. While he’s mostly known for his hard rock, metal style, for GalaCollider, Erik composed more synth and ambient tracks, trying to capture the empty silence of space while still creating a sense of urgency and action.
Listen: Nebula for GalaCollider:

Behind the scenes, watch how Erik made Nebula

Featured Artists

Artist: László Magyar
Location: Hungary
Portfolio: http://lacza.deviantart.com
About: Magyar tries to push the boundaries with his space art, creating brilliant new themes and twists on what’s generally seen. Each of his pieces has a special feeling to it, but still retains his signature style.

Magyar_TheUniverse“Ti Surge” Development Card Art

Artist: Mark Connett
Location: United States
Portfolio: http://xxkonanandpain.deviantart.com

Connett_ClashingNebulas“Combustible Cloud” Sector Card Art

Artist: Martin Parker
Location: United Kingdom
Portfolio: http://mjparker.blogspot.co.uk


Kickstarters We Like

Infinium Strike is an “Arcade-Style Spaceship Survival Game” by our friends at Codex Worlds. It combines classic tower defense lanes with arcade style action. You can build a variety of towers, send out ships, and use special abilities to decimate your enemies. The game includes multiple levels of difficulty, a full story campaign, and endless arcade modes with tons of replayability.

Ace_01.jpgInfinium Strike


Kickstarter Post #7- “Progress and Press Mentions”

Hello everyone,

Today we released our public demo to all of our backers! If you’d also like to play GalaCollider, back our project and we will send you access to the demo!

Progress Updates

As of this writing, we’re now over $18k and have over 180 backers. We hope we’ll see all of you in the demo playing games against us and each other!

Press Mentions


Zac Phoenix from TradingCardGames.com wrote an in depth preview of GalaCollider. Here are some quotes:

“GalaCollider is such an impressive title, even in its early state. Everything feels so intuitive to use and the interface is clean and simple — elegant, even. “

“Its innovative design and gameplay make it an absolute privilege to play and one of the most innovative card games to hit the scene in a long time.”

“I believe GalaCollider could be a contender for a game of the year award. Nothing else has been this innovative in a long time.”

Read the full review here: http://tradingcardgames.com/galacollider-early-preview

Featured Artists

Artist: Adam Sondel
Location: Poland
Portfolio: http://www.adamsondel.com
About: Adam is passionate about creating digital art. He loves creating as it allows him to fully use his imagination and imbue his passion into projects. In his free time he plays the drums, djembes, and enjoys photography.

His work is varied and you can often find elements of realism mixed in with surrealism. His style ranges from the dark and mysterious to the light and joyful.  Check out his impressive gallery of illustrations.

Sondel_TheVisit“Battle Support” Card Art

Artist: Zak Foreman
Location: United States
Portfolio: http://zakforeman.deviantart.com
Zak has been kind enough to let us use some of the art he has created in his spare time. His work is beautiful and you can find it represented on a lot of our cards, adverts and website. With a diverse collection of sketches, scenes, and worlds, Zak brings us Sci-Fi at its best. Grab a nice cup of tea and enjoy his great portfolio.

Foreman_Enviro3“TI Conduit” Card Art (Sylith Energy Vats)

Kickstarters We Like

Eco is a survival game where the player must collaborate and share resources to build a civilization. The team at Eco describes the world of Eco as the “home to a population of thousands of simulated plants and animals, each living out their lives on a server running 24 hours a day.” Every action you make affects the world. Will you create a balanced ecosystem, or destroy the planet?


Kickstarter Post #5- “The Road Ahead”

The project has been doing really well so far: we’ve had an excellent response at PAX Prime and gained nearly 80 backers this week. We’re currently floating at around 25% funded and there are a lot of exciting updates, reveals and surprises we have planned for the days and weeks that follow.

Today, we eagerly announce news about when you will be able to play the game (soon!), as well as Twitch weekly party dates, our planning for the future, and an artist spotlight.

Backer Demo Access

On Labor Day, September 7th we will release to all backers of our Kickstarter a downloadable link to grab and play the demo of the game! We do want to warn you that the demo doesn’t have in-game help, tutorials and what not, so the zip file will contain some documents you can print and read to help you get started.

We encourage you to find other players, tell us your thoughts, ask questions and so forth on our new reddit page:


Furthermore please contact us if you or someone you know is interested in streaming or casting a game. It is our goal to get the game in as many interested hands as possible.

Stay tuned to the next update for further details!

Twitch Weekly Party Dates

Starting this Tuesday the 8th of September and every Tuesday following, we will be hosting a Twitch Party at 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern on our new channel:


Join us as we play a game live and ask us questions!

Beyond the Kickstarter

Today we would like to share with you a bit about our plans for the future. We’ve included a diagram here that gives you a bird’s eye view of our timeline. Shortly after we are funded we will finish the in-game help, tooltips and information screens that will make the game much easier for new players to learn. This will become the Public Demo. This milestone will take about a couple of months to finish and will include a suite of usability enhancements to make things even more intuitive.


Once the Public Demo is released we will then continue our work on the deck builder, lobby system, save games and game timers. We will also finish off all the remaining cards for the initial Core Sets and launch the Closed Beta. The Closed Beta is where you will then be able make your own decks from the Core Set, find players and explore all the existing depth of possibilities already provided by the basic game. Our current planning is for the Closed Beta to follow about 3 to 4 months after the Public Demo is released.

We then enter an Invite Beta phase. Players with access to the Closed Beta will be able to invite friends to join them in the Beta. This will let us scale our systems up to accommodate more players. The Invite Beta phase should last about a month or two before we move into…

The Open Beta is when anyone will be able to log in and play. Before or as we move into Open Beta we will launch our in-game store, a ladder ranking system, special events (like custom maps or formats) and some achievements.

From this point we will then begin working on our first expansion cycle. We want to make sure all the cards in our expansions are extremely well tested, balanced and bug-free. Work is already taking place on the first expansion but we need a healthy buffer of time before we can have all the content ready. We are counting about 3 to 4 months before the first expansion is fully ready, but we will very likely pre-release some portion of it in these first months to not keep everyone waiting.

The player-driven story will begin in earnest once we are at the Public Release. This is when we will have the first expansion cycle ready to reveal. Once we have expansion sets rolling we will always be working on new art, new cards and new lore for the game in advance of when it is released, meaning that we will be sticking to a fairly predictable release schedule. If and when there are pauses they will be planned to occur just before and/or after Deluxe sets are released.

In addition, throughout the Open and Public Beta we will also be adding new maps, event types and other enhancements as we go.

Featured Artist

Artist: Rafael Morais
Location: Brazil
Portfolio: http://www.rahmorais.com
About: Rafael has created the majority of the 3D ships in GalaCollider and is an important member of our creative team.

Rafael has been known as a 3D Artist, 3D Modeler, the “3D Guy,” and more, but he likes to introduce himself as a Game Artist since he is able to do modeling, texturing, animation, and visual effects – all required skills in video games. He is a gamer himself, and feels nothing is more satisfying than playing the game that has assets he created.


screen_1980x1200_2015-09-02_18-01-35Battle Between the Sylith and the Coalition

Kickstarters We Like

Earth 667C is a strategic 2-6 player sci-fi board game where you attempt to save humanity from the sun going supernova. You must first construct a ship, and then stay alive as you travel to your new home. Will you survive the sun exploding and destroying the entire solar system?

48c3b1af1bc6bb6c854ad9875652319a_originalEarth 667C

‘Til next week

This next week is sure to be fun with a playable demo and a twitch party lined up. Stay tuned for more news about GalaCollider!