Update, July 22nd 2015

Kickstarter update

Our Kickstarter (KS) video is well on target and we just went over the first draft of it this week. It’s looking really nice! We can’t wait to show it to you. As of today we are exactly 4 weeks from our currently planned KS launch date: August 19th.

(note that we might move this date back a week or two if we need to!)

This is both really exciting and daunting at the same time! We’ve been working really hard on this game for what seems like forever and the moment of truth is now rapidly approaching.

If you haven’t already, please sign up for our newsletter on our home page. We will send you a note when our KS is live and if you sign up before August 19th we will also put you on our bonus list. Everyone on our bonus list will get $5 in-game credit plus a bonus Core World card for signing up before the KS! So stop reading, sign up and then keep going. 😉

Product shots

In anticipation of the KS we’ve been finalizing things like our card-packs, deck boxes and so forth, here are some draft versions for them:

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 9.23.49 AM

Card Spoilers?

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 1.05.05 PMWe are going to share card spoilers during our Kickstarter campaign on other websites that are interested in sharing content.

Do you run a blog or a website about games? Are you interested in us giving you a card spoiler to post on your website to get traffic and more fans? Contact us.

More artists

Adam Sondel joined our family this past week. Here is an example of his work:

Adam Sondel

Coding, testing, press and tournaments

Otherwise, a lot is going on all over the place: Chris and Omari coding away the final features for Beta 2, a busy test team cracking bugs, and a team-tournament planned to run next week where we all get to play Beta2 competitively before the press does. Press releases have begun, games with the press are being scheduled and we should know in the next week or so if our August 19th KS date is solid or if we might need to move it back a week or two.

Press kits

Are you from the press? Would you like a press kit? Would you like to schedule a demo of the game? Let us know!

Pricing model

There really aren’t many digital card games out there that are of the non-Collectible kind. Currently if you want the depth of a collectible card game, but you don’t want to hunt random cards, you mainly have to go for physical card games; like Android: Netrunner, Star Wars: the Card game, and Game of Thrones.

Instead, we are bringing the cost-predictable game to you, delivered to your desktop or portable device.

What is unique though, is that we are also accommodating the Free-to-Play (F2P) players. It is important to us that the game permit everyone to participate, irregardless of their funds.

Most F2P games survive because of the small 2-10% of the player base that drops money into its game. By making them collectible games, they need the collectors – who want all the cards – to spend large amount of money, thereby supporting the F2P player base. This is why most digital card games are collectible (random rewards) and not expandable (predetermined).

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 1.41.49 PMOur solution to this, ultimately, is to cut up our releases into multi-mini-packs that can be acquired separately. We will offer you several packs for each faction, each release. These mini packs we are calling X-Packs (X for eXpansion). Each X-Pack contain 15 cards ready for deck building: 3 copies of 5 unique cards. You will always be able to look at all the cards in an X-Pack before you buy it. So there is no guessing or random draws.

F2P players will be able to grab packs through the credit they earn by playing, but not all of them. This means that F2P players will need to select packs that they think are either fun, or from deck lists that they want to combine to create tier-1 (tournament winning) decks.

The end result is that buying content in our game shouldn’t net you more than it would to keep up with your favorite paper-expandable game (similar to the above aforementioned LCG™s fom FFGÂŽ), while still enabling F2P players with a means to play competitively (by picking their earned-packs wisely).

Closing thoughts

It is now definitely “crunch time”. We have a pretty tight schedule to hit the 19th and everyone on this big project is doing a really great job to make this happen. This project has become very substantial in such a short amount of time, we’ve all been pouring our souls into it for such a long time, all for one big Kickstarter splash. We all really hope you will love what we have put together and will support us to supply you with what we envision to be an extremely captivating, engaging, evolving, deep strategy game.

Thanks again for reading this, your continued interest inspires us.

Update, July 15th 2015

GenCon 2015

We’ll be at GenCon soon! We’re promoting GalaCollider during the Con, 7/30-8/2. If you want to meet us there, make sure you reach out to us on twitter: https://twitter.com/neocruxgaming.

Yesterday we sent off for biz cards and postcards, here is what they look like:



New smaller cards are coming to the game. There will be two sizes for cards now. When you are not seeing the larger card size you will instead see it in the “Micro Format”. Which is 50% of the large card size. We’ve redesigned the cards to look sharp and crisp at this scale. Below are some design templates, the card text on these templates should be ignored. They are just meant to illustrate the new look of the cards when small:

mico_core mico_dev mico_ops  mico_ship

New Artists

This last week we added several new artists to our family, here are some of them:













Pre-release tournaments

Our team is scheduling pre-release tournaments right now with various press and avid gamers from other circles. If you have a group of people from a league or community of some kind, and you would also like to play our game in its pre-release state, let us know and we might be able to hook you up.

Logo Intro 99% done

Our intro logo animation is basically done and looking mega sweet as it gets a final few touch-ups. Here is a frame from our video:


Thanks again for continuing to follow our weekly updates! KickStarter is getting closer and closer and we can’t wait to unveil it all to you.

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Header image by http://aisxos.deviantart.com/

Update July 8th, 2015

BETA2 Progress

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 8.58.54 AM

This week we got our testers migrated from Beta1 to Beta2. Code has also been written to allow players to select the preset map they want to duel on, and which deck they want to play. We’ve also enhanced the HUD text sizes for many items and begun a great big UI enhancement on the entire cards-in-hand UI and card targeting system. Things are currently on track to have Beta2 ready for bug-testing by July 20th.

3D modeling progress

Here is a little video showing the modular parts from last week, but all laid out in a row with player-colors:

Our Sylith Cruiser is now also done and the Coalition Dreadnaught is getting very close to complete. We are just working now on the texturing of its modular parts. Work is now beginning on new 3D models for the game of which the humble Colony ship is next.

ingame_2 update_4

New homepage

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 8.51.33 AMOur new homepage is up! This is the direction the entire site will go in, and keep improving over time. This isn’t our final look but I hope you will agree it is already much better. Our newsletter is more prominent on the front page, since email signups are a really important way for us to ensure that we have a successful Kickstarter (KS). If you don’t sign up, how will you know when our campaign begins? Will you forget about us? We hope not. To sweeten the deal, those people who sign up before the KS will also get bonus content and more in-game money for doing so. So, what are you waiting for? 🙂 signup here.


This week we added 5 new contributing artists to our community. We also got some final artwork from Alex Drummond (you can see one of his images in the title of this post). Another image of his is this concept art piece for a Sylith Dreadnaught below. Inside the dome is a revered ancient Tree:

By Alex Drummond.
By Alex Drummond.


Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 8.54.21 AMOur facebook page is on fire, we are getting about 100 likes a week right now and rapidly approaching 1,000! Thank you to everyone who is sharing and promoting our game! If you haven’t joined the party, sign up on our facebook page. There, we post great videos, team profiles and eventually we’ll also post exclusive or limited time offers.

Update July 1st, 2015

Beta2 progress

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 9.14.12 AMWe’ve begun working on beta2 in earnest now. Some of the accomplishments from this week include setting ourselves up on a free Amazon account and increasing our connection-capacity from 20 to 100 users. This will allow us to run demos and competitions pre-Kickstarter on Beta2 in the weeks before our campaign begins.

Beta2 modules and new cards have progressed smoothly, as well as UI improvements to both the hand, targeting system and GUI for increased legibility.

3D modeling progress

shipmodular3 modularpieces2The Coalition Frigate is very close to complete, we are now working on various modular components for the 3D model. These modular parts will let us create new 3D models rapidly and will also let the 3D models’ appearance directly reflect the upgrades and modules added to the ship over the course of a game.

Coalition_Dreadnaught_ScreenCap_004The Coalition Dreadnaught (above in green-blue) is also nearing completion, including the in-game texturing. The Dreadnaught will also get modular treatment, similar to the Frigate.

Finally we also worked on our nebulae, with various colors and lightning storm effects, depending on the type of nebula you occupy. This video just shows some quick config changes. We are using different quality levels, which you see in the LOD0 and LOd1 and LOd2 groupings. Each LOD is for a different zoom level. So LOD0 is the largest the 3D element can be, and will be shown when you are inside of the anomaly (performing tactical battles). Nebulae generally obscure your ships and interrupt ship systems, but some are combustible, deadly places to fight, while others have sources of harvestable energy.

Because each sector on the map is driven by a card and we can continuously create new maps and new cards, the features of each nebula can be as varied as the stars in the sky.

Oh and this 3D model is based on this artwork, which you can see featured on this example sector-card template, artwork by Stuart Ballinger:

Artwork by Stuart Ballinger

Video / Logo intro

Our motion graphics for the logo and Kickstarter intro is getting very close to final. the first few seconds of it are looking really sweet. Here are some still-frames from the animation thus far:

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 9.56.27 AM

New home page

We plan on making iterative improvements to our website over the next weeks. The next big step is going to be a new homepage that should be a lot more engaging than our current home page. If all goes well, by this time next week it should already be up!

Concept Art

Concept artwork slowed down lately, but we do have one new piece of concept art to show you that was recently finished:

SylithElderThis is a Sylith Elder. We started with some ideas about feathers or increased tentacles on the head and then decided that the warriors should have feathers instead of hair and that the elders should instead have no feathers but a ton more sensory tentacles. Below is a sketch of the head variations that Amanda made:


Hiring needs

Our team is now about 25 people strong! But we still are looking for a few more people to add to the family, we are looking for:

  • QA testers with 10+ hours a week to dedicate to testing and finding bugs in our early-Beta
  • A Graphic design intern who has a style that matches ours (elegant, minimal, refined)
  • Two more people to add to our PR / Marketing team to help with research, writing and PR

Contact us if you think you can help!

Meet The Team – Joseph Rintoul


Role: Designer

About: Game Artist with over 8 years of experience producing art and assets for indie developers, including concept art, visual development, user interfaces and animations. I also have a strong interest in the art of game design and user experience. A recent title I’ve worked on is Puubas “The Weaponographist”, in which I was in charge of menus, characters, FX animation, and UI.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: I love the combination of two of my favorite genres. I grew up on the Microprose 4x games of old (Master of Orion 1-2, Master of Magic, etc) and I’m very excited to have deck-building thrown into that mix. I think the near limitless amount of strategy you can have with card and deck builders will keep the gameplay fresh and engaging for a long time.

What inspires you?: For me, it’s the idea that with the right tools and a lot of work, a dedicated group of individuals can make the game that they want to make, and have millions of people experience it with the click of a button. I draw a lot of inspiration from the work done by the fledgeling studios of the 80’s and 90’s, who with a small group of people, created the foundation of gaming as we know it.

What is your current gaming obsession?: Right now, it’s city builders (Banished, Skylines) and the Souls series. I also love any kind of game with co-op, and I can’t help but fall back into Master of Orion II once every 5-6 months.

Learn more about Joseph here: www.rintouldesign.com/

Update June 24th, 2015

Beta progress

beta1_22Beta1 is now done and off to be play-tested. Beta2 is being worked on next. We are aiming for Beta2 to be ready before end of July. Beta2 will be the version we will then use to demo the game to press, potential endorsers, youtubers, twitchers and future designers we want to hire and bring into our team. It is also the version we will be using to record our Kickstarter video.

Beta2 features:

The main features we are adding in Beta2 include:

  • Preset balanced 1v1 maps with various terrain and planets for 3 different sizes
  • Improved hand-UI and targeting system, to make playing and targeting cards even more intuitive
  • Improved tech-pool (sideboard) graphics and UI
  • Larger demo decks with about one to two dozen new cards to play with

Beyond Beta2

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 4.01.21 PMAfter Beta2 we will still have one more revision to make before the Kickstarter, which will be Beta3. The main goal of Beta3 will be to add some additional tool tips / help screens to help people play without someone coaching them. Beta3 will be the version we use at gaming conventions and should be the final one before we go off to get funded!

Hiring needs

Our loving NeoCrux Ltd. family has now grown to 25 people on the core team, and another two to three dozen contributing artists, musicians and play-testers.

But we still need a few more people to help us… Our biggest need right now is for a couple additional QA TESTERS. Do you want to get an early view of the game? Do you have experience doing QA testing with bug tracking tools? And do you have at least 10 hours a week to help us with testing?

If so, please contact us today.

Kickstarter Planning

We still don’t have a final date for Kickstarter, but we are tentatively aiming now for mid to end of August to start our campaign. If we need more time however we could make this be September instead. We will know a lot more by mid to end July!

Music progress

Sam Watson, who is in charge of our audio production and sound design, has been collecting a long list of prospect music for the game, by the end of this week we should be contacting musicians to ask if they want to be a part of our project. The end result will be a sound track we hope to have compiled together that will play with our game. If the stars align we also plan on having the game’s audio track available on our kickstarter!


For now I can already tell you we are working with Erik Peabody from Viking Guitar. He has been kind enough to work on some custom ambient tracks for us in the vibe of Asteroid fields and Nebula clouds.

3D modeling progress

The ships in our game continued to make good progress, below are some of the renders for the Sylith Cruiser, Coalition Dreadnaught and the Coalition Frigate in our battle-scene. The last image is the draft version of the Sylith Dreadnaught. A floating mega city with a giant tree in a glass dome:

update-3.2 Coalition_Dreadnaught_Views_003 Coalition_Frigate_lowpolytests1


Kickstarter Video

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.09.54 AMEditing on the Kickstarter video continued this week. Lorcan has been busy working on our galaxy collisions. We’ve also pulled together further material for use in the video, you can see some stills of the animations below:

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.31.19 AM

Update, June 17th 2015

Video production

Our Kickstarter video recording went super well in LA. It was great to have a good number of our crew all together for the shoot! We can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Beta1 Playtest ready

Beta1 officially became playtest ready and our playtest team is busy going at it. Meanwhile Chris and Omari started to tackle items on our Beta2 branch. At the moment it looks like Beta2 will be our Press preview version and Beta3 or 4 will be our summer-convention demo-ready version.

Beta2 will contain more cards, more modules, a redesign hand UI interface, improved graphics for the space sectors and pre-set maps that are competitively balanced.

Beta3 and 4 will contain further enhancements that allow players to learn the game and get tool tip help so that we can let people “teach themselves” the game by playing.

Audio tracks

We’ve been compiling a lot of prospect music over the last weeks. Our goal is to have an excellent sound track for the game ready by August. If all goes well we will also be offering the music as part of pledge goals on our Kickstarter as a digital downloadable album.

3D ship modeling continues

Coalition_Dreadnaught_ScreenCap_002 Coalition_Dreadnaught_Views_002

Ship-no-retaliateAbove you can see some models and videos showing off the process on our 3D ships for the game. We have the coalition Dreadnaught above, still untextured and shaded and below a video pan of a Coalition Frigate! Sylith ships are still underway. Once we have the small and larger version of all models in place the final step will be to make the modular components on them and to also composite them onto our Ship cards (see image right).

GalaCollider Logo

Our logo is now done, it is really simple but that is the point. The game is all about deep strategy and gameplay, with a great UI, presented in refined elegant minimalism… certainly a challenge! You can see the logo below, let us know what you think!

New homepage

We are also working on a new homepage design, which will eventually become the entire website’s new look. Here is a sneak peak into what the homepage will look like:

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 3.59.58 PM

Otherwise a ton of planning and networking is going on right now behind the scenes with our rapidly growing PR team (about 9 people all together!) — sadly though PR teams don’t make beautiful artwork, so there isn’t much I can share other than to let you know we will be at GenCon and PAX Prime this year in July/August. We are just waiting to find out about booths and space to confirm our presence there “officially”.

Thanks for reading! If you want to know more about when we are going to Kickstarter, plus get exclusive offers, don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter.

Update, June 10th 2015

Reflective Riot interview

10414607_1586362111579759_8245868529155554108_nWe had a team interview about our game this weekend and it just went up today with Reflective Riot. On the interview you will hear creative writer Amy Ballinger, lead programmer Chris Kirby, and creative director Sebastian Chedal.


Intro animation progress

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 1.44.42 PMLorcan continued to work on our intro animation this week. You can see here some stills from our story board and the first animatic.

3D Sector assets

We now have a vast array of planetoids and asteroids for our game which will hold us up nicely until our Kickstarter campaign. Here is an image showing some of them.

3D ships

Work on the 3D ships by our 3-musketeer team continued. Here are some images of the different ships in progress.



Beta progress

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 2.43.13 PMOur Beta1 build is nearly stable and ready for playtesting, which means work on Beta2 will begin shortly within a week or so. Beta2 will nearly double the deck size and add many more options to the techpool for people to play with.

We will also be re-doing our hand-UI interface to be more intuitive in Beta2. If you are watching our YouTube videos on Friday, you will see each week more of our game in a series of interlinking short videos. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to not miss them!

Quiet before the storm

Today we were hoping on getting the first video of our game play recorded and up. Alas we still have one or two bugs preventing this from happening.

We could talk about how a game turn is played, but without the video this would probably be a boring read and there is just so much more you can tell with a video than with still images.

It is tempting to share with you Mods and Spy cards, but we’ve decided to keep these a mystery for a while longer…

So today we’ve decided to keep it light. The “quiet before the storm”.

To calm you over, we have our Lore pages now up. As more factions are revealed, their lore will be added. So hop on over to the lore area and enjoy your read!

Join us

What is GalaCollider?

GalaCollider is currently in development and will release initially on iPad and desktop computers (Mac, PC); we plan to also support iPhones and Android phones and tablets. Join us!

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Update May 27th 2015

Synaide Technologies (ST) is the leading producer of prosthetic and robotic components for the Coalition, and continues to push the boundaries of science and technology. At their inception, ST specialized in artificial sapien neural networks. Following their successful line of brain enclosures, ST began extensive research and development with the goal of perfecting Celanese bodies and reducing both the risks and discomforts of the cyborgization process. Synaide Technologies went on to pioneer many features implemented in all modern Celanese models, cementing them in the megacorporation status they hold today.

Newsletter promotion

Last week we mentioned that we were finalizing our newsletter bonus content for GalaCollider. We decided to offer you a free bonus card and also $5 in-game credit if you join. This offer will be around until our Kickstarter (KS) campaign launches on day 1, so if you want to find out when the KS begins and get a cool free card and some bonus currency, sign up!

We won’t share your email and are not planning on sending out more than the occasional email letting you know about important happenings.

Sign up for our newsletter and get Synaide Technologies for Free plus $5 in-game credit!

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Beta progress

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 5.33.12 PMOur Beta build is now really close to being ready for debugging and playtesting. If all goes well in the next two days we should start recording gameplay post it up Friday! If all does not go well, we’re pretty confident we will be able to do so next week.

The main thing we need to resolve is card sizes. Our Beta simulates retina iPad resolution even though it is on a desktop computer. So once that part is fixed we will all finally be able to enjoy the real game.

3D modeling

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 1.37.44 PMAs of right now Rafael is wrapping up on all of our asteroids, nebulae and various core planet types. Here you see one of his renders.

Next week, Rafael and two other 3D modelers will switch to working on space ships.

We will be making our 3D model space ships with modular components so that it is easy to create quick variations based on different needs or player modifications.


Our team is growing but we always need more help. If you are engaged in online communities related to card games, RTS games, 4X games or board games, let us know and we would love to add you to the team!

This week we put together the start of our Kickstarter plan. We started mapping out our stretch goals and pledge levels, next week we will continue the work on this front.

We are also still actively looking for someone to help coordinate our PR arm of the project. So if you have experience managing teams, and a background in Kickstarter campaigns, reach out!

FAQ page up

We now have an FAQ page, have a question that isn’t on here? Let us know!

Video production / Motion Graphics

This last week we got the ball rolling with our video production and a basic story board. Set, scheduling and recordings will happen through June so we can edit the video in July.

Lorcan, who has worked on several TV series and motion pictures, is working now on a cool intro animation for our KS video, here is a quick concept:


Update, May 20th 2015

General update

Massive progress across the board with many new contributing musicians, sound designers, new designer on our team, new PR marketing and testers added to the crew, new 3d modeling progress, new commissioned & licensed artwork and much, much more. We are probably up now to 40+ people with everyone counted.


asortedWe’ve had some questions about this, GalaCollider will be released initially on iPad and Desktops (Mac, Windows). We may also push for Steam at launch, or thereafter. If there is demand for a web-based player, we may consider that option too.

Long term, and also based on your interest, we are planning on supporting iPhones as well as Android phones and tablets.


We decided this week to build an FAQ page on our site. This will be a growing body of questions and answers, so that things like “which platform will this game be on?” or “how do new players catch up with content if they join later?” can be answered there. We will see if this is up next week, and if not for sure the week after and it will grow from there.

Beta progress

Beta1 progress is going really smooth again after a slight bump in the road last Sunday. We are now switched over to Unity5 and nearly all the cards have been converted to match the art-style we’ve shown you here on our blog. I would fathom that we are 1 to 2 weeks away from me being able to finally start recording turns of the game so that you can actually see the game in action. This is going to be a big milestone for us and we will also re-post our videos on you-tube and other places! Stay tuned.

Kickstarter planning begins

ksWe’re starting to really focus on our kickstarter (KS) planning now. Part of this process involved attending a webinar on KS success, what to do and what pitfalls to look out for.

I learned that only two things make a KS successful or not: volume of visits and how many of those visitors back the project (AKA Traffic and Conversion). I also learned that the most important means to get people engaged and interested on your KS on Day 1 of the campaign is a mailing list, not social media. Which makes sense since social media may or may not reach the people you want it to reach when you send out messages.

This made us take a deeper look at how we’ve been doing so far. Last week we talked about slowing down our FB and twitter posts a bit. We’ve had good traffic from places, especially from reddit but our signup rate on our newsletter is still too slow.

In order to spice up the mailing list, and as a way to thank you for joining it, we’ve decided to tie a bonus to the mailing list sign up (offer will end Day 1 of the KS).

This next week we will work out if this is going to be in-game credit or if this will be a bonus or alternate art version of a card.

If you have a preference for in-game credit, bonus content or alternate art, this is the week to let us know before we finalize it!

And if you haven’t signed up yet, please sign up! Signing up let’s us know you want to see this game make it, it shows us your support and in exchange we will give you cool stuff for it. 😉

Your email address will remain private.


As of right now our biggest hiring needs are:

  • PR / Marketing coordinator with direct experience getting indie games funded via crowd-sourcing
  • Test Manager
  • Unity C# programmer

As usual contact us if you are qualified and interested.

Next reveal?

We really would want to show game next, but alas we need to wait for the Beta to be ready. So instead this Friday we will reveal one of the other card types in the game. One of the following three will be revealed to you, feel free to comment and let us know which one interests you more!

Hero cards: Legendary personalities who can sway worlds and win over battles

Spy cards: Spy vs. Spy mini-game and experts at obtaining intelligence or even technology…

Ship Mods: Modify your ship’s blueprints in-game with modular improvements

update, May 13th 2015

Website has a forum up

The forum is up, but notably still. We realize our forum will probably will take off once there are demo videos and a product before things take off. But if you have suggestions or ideas for how we could already get conversation going, let us know! Don’t be shy.

Design updates

Various quick thumbnail sketches of Sylith corsairs. By Leonardo PeĂąaranda.

We’ve started work on our logo, we now have 3 people working in the 3d team and we’ve added several new people to the project over the last week, including new concept and licensing artists. We’ve now also shifted some budget around to focus on getting some nice motion graphics for our kickstarter video, which we will also double-purpose to be the intro credits for our game.

The game’s UI itself has also been progressing. For the last months I’ve been filling in as the designer on the project because our previous Art Director left us (we are looking for a new art director to join us BTW). It’s not ideal because I’m already working in many other areas, but so far it’s been working out (we hope you will agree!).

Here are some of the various screen variations I’ve been working on towards getting our entire UI designed and ready for final cohesion check and eventual implementation: (note that these are still not final and considered draft versions, major things could still change from what you see below)

Gala_Mainscreen_about_to_play_pick_target Gala_Mainscreen_mini_info_panels_v6 Gala_Mainscreen_mid_zoom Gala_Mainscreen_start


Facebook growth continuing towards our 1,000 likes soft-target with around 300 likes currently, which is great and we hope it keeps growing like this. Our Website is now getting peaks of 2,000 hits a day, which is nearly double from two weeks ago. We also have another podcast interview coming up later this month…

That said we still need more help getting the word out. More podcast interviews but also some bloggers would be wonderful. Someone out there in the vast space known as earth must have a blog and want to write about us…? Maybe it is you?

We also had a meeting in this last week about the rate at which we are posting to our facebook and twitter and we decided to slow things down until the kickstarter is closer and the date more final, we don’t want to overload our facebook and twitter pages with posts when each post itself is not getting a lot of likes and comments on it yet.

Once that starts to happen, or the kickstarter is on fire, we will ramp back up again to previous levels. This little change will let us refocus some energy on other things that need doing. We will still aim to blog at the same pace though, since people are clearly reading it!

Recent AMA results

We had our recent AMA on reddit. We really enjoyed having one and seeing how it worked, and the responses we got. The turn out was good, but not as high as we would have liked and so we will probably wait not to do another AMA right before or around our kickstarter.


We are currently looking for the following people:

  • QA Testers, preferably with Unity3D experience and/or previous bug testing experience
  • PR, networking. Do you have a strong grasp of various related online communities to our game? Examples: digital; 4X games, digital or physical collectible card games, FFG LCG™ games or RTS games like StarCraft™?
  • Unity 3D programmer
  • Art Director
  • Audio Production / Audio Producer

Any of these speak to you and think you are qualified? Send us a resume or weblink.

Next reveal?

Join us Friday May 15th for a new reveal, this time we will most likely go into the deck construction and deck building facets of the game.