Winter 2019 update

Since our last update, Fall 2018, we haven’t had a major set of developments to report on other than getting ever-closer to public Alpha release for the new rules and updates.

Progress report

We solved the card layout rows issue, 2D map mode now has free panning and boundaries in place, the deck builder is looking solid now, the in-game tips are all working, and Steam integration is done and waiting for countdown.

The cleanup is also underway and nearly done where the cleanup is just getting rid of all the mentions and icons of the previous 3-resource system for the new 1-resource system.

The biggest thing left is just getting the new tutorial-scenarios done, and then a ton of QA testing. The testing will be the least news-worthy block of time to come, since that isn’t very exciting to talk about… we found a bug! We fixed it… Yay. Repeat…

Release Plan

So still no release date, I am afraid to say, but still moving ahead with the re-release.

You are all welcome to still sign up for access, our release schedule will hit the following steps in this order:

  1. Internal testing approved (no critical / major bugs – only minor or cosmetic issues left)
  2. Release to existing Alpha players (so no new invites here yet)
  3. Incorporate feedback into the game (hopefully all positive and minor, resolve any blocking bugs for launch)
  4. Release game on Steam

Sticking it through

Thank you for staying interested with us through our long journey! Almost there…


Sebastian / Razcrux.

Fall update 2018

Hi everyone, I hope everyone had a great summer!

While we don’t have a new patch release date to announce yet, we are gearing up for a lot activity here in the fall/winter season.

Progress with the new rules

Since we last wrote, the following rule changes have been coded, implemented and tested. These are rule changes we are feeling very confident about and will be in the next major release of the game -Alpha 7:

  1. The game now only uses ONE resource type, not three.
  2. The exchange window is no longer needed and was removed.
  3. Any ship can now attack Sectors directly! Attacking a Sector lowers the Sector’s Star value.
  4. Any ship can now attack a planetary development, not just ships with Bombardment.
  5. Commander Sectors doubled in Star value (~20 stars).
  6. If a Commander’s Sector is attacked and reduced to 0 stars you lose the game.
  7. Your Command Sector can no longer be Contested, so you can ALWAYS build there, even if occupied by enemy ships.
  8. Moving a ship always uses up Fuel doing so, not just the first move. (more intuitive, cards re-balanced accordingly).
  9. Far fewer Sectors you discover generate Stars per turn than before, instead Sectors generate more resources, cards, etc.
  10. Your Main deck only needs to be 15 cards now, far less than before (24 cards), making the first reshuffle happen much-much sooner – and, therefore, Technology is far more critical in games.
  11. Developments all got a lot more Hull to account for the fact that now any ship can attack them.
  12. Bombard ability now does extra damage to attacks against Developments or Sectors.
  13. Nuke ability now does extra damage against Dreadnaughts and Sectors making it more useful overall.

We are still considering some minor changes to the Invasion mechanic that are aimed at making the mechanic easier to understand, but we are still toying with alternatives.

These are a lot of changes. Everything above has been coded and is working on our private servers so we are making good progress here.

The biggest impact is the old 3 ways to win will be replaced with 3 new ways to win.

Before it was, in order of most common occurrence:

  1. Win by Stars (very common)
  2. Win by invading enemy commander
  3. Win by contesting (very rare)

New win conditions:

  1. Win by Attacking enemy Sector to 0 Stars
  2. Win by Stars (we are aiming to make this less common)
  3. Win by invading enemy commander
  4. Win by contesting?

Because the enemy Commander can’t be contested anymore, winning by Contesting the enemy’s Command center is going to be harder than ever. We may still keep this win condition, but we may just remove it entirely.

We are still deciding if having a way to end a game early that is dragging on is more important than the added complexity of having to explain a very rare win condition.

We hope to make Star wins less common than they are now. From our statistics we can see that Star wins are about 75 to 80% of the games, this was by design. The remainder of the games are determined by Invasions.

With these rule changes we would like to shift this towards more 40% star wins and 40% commander destroyed and 20% Invasion wins. But, it is hard to say if the game is best when in this ratio or if Star wins or Commander destroyed should be higher/lower than 40/40 respectively. More data gathered via playtesting will be needed here.

Figuring out that ratio is part of the refinement process. We will be looking to player feedback, win/loss statistics and monitoring what determines the right game length, and assessing the right level of tension. We will achieve this balance over time by fine-tune adjusting core star-related parameters of the game (like stars per planet, frequency of star generating worlds, what percentage is needed for a Star Win etc.).

Other progress

Beyond the new rules work above, we have also been working on other aspects of the code: new features, bug fixes, etc. Here are some of the new features we’ve worked on that you can expect in our next release:

  1. Drag and drop targeting.
  2. New effects for things like “creating ships”.
  3. New replay effects for attacking developments with cards.
  4. New match maker – just queue up and we will match you with another player automatically, and email you when the game is up.
  5. Play-by-mail is now 100% bug free (at least as far as we can tell!), take a turn, rejoin later and continue when notified.
  6. Deck builder is done except for GUI aesthetics that we are working on, progress here was delayed due to refactoring, which we finished.
  7. In-game rulebook architecture done, this will let you look-up short-hand rules while playing the game for topics you want to know more about.
  8. Many new card abilities and some entirely new cards – catalyzed by a direct result of the game changes above.
  9. A ton of new sectors added to the game, also catalyzed by the new rules.
  10. Oh and new art! (some of which you can see on this blog post)

Next steps

Below is a list of what we are working on right now into the next 3 months:

  1. Finishing up the deck builder
  2. Finalizing any changes to invasion rules
  3. Building out the new in-game rulebook
  4. Adding a ton more tool-tips to the game, and adding rule-look-up features to them
  5. Scrap all the current tutorial missions
  6. Replace all the current Scenarios with 4~5 new Scenarios that guide you through the game in missions that increase slowly in complexity
  7. Finalize the Steam integration, so we can release on Steam – when ready
  8. (Ongoing) Searching for investors for our game, to help polish and release it
  9. (Ongoing) Balance tweaks to specific cards and overall win conditions, as we get more data on how these changes impacted the game balance
  10. Various UI improvements like scroll mouse bug fixes, 2D map-mode free-panning, add more clear indicator for ship-moves and consider adding also the ship-size to the card information when selected… and a host of other UI improvements

Most of the above should make sense, but the changes to the missions and tutorials might need some further explanation.

We are shifting the game away with the next build from the current “click next and learn” methodology instead to “here is a situation, figure it out by yourself” approach. We will let you basically swim more quickly and try to give you positive-feedback results faster as well. In practice this means you will try to do things, and we will give you more feedback when you can’t do things – with the option to “learn more” about that concept or rule.

We also plan on releasing a lot less Scenarios and Tutorials in the next Alpha because we really want you to play head-to-head for now. The AI just isn’t ready yet to give you a good challenge; the real heart of this game is still in the immense depth it offers players in the one-on-one format. So rather than try to accommodate both single-player minded folks and multi-player people, we want you, our players, to focus more on the strength of the game and get you into the multi-player mode ASAP.

Later we plan on not only making the AI a lot more interesting to play against, with various mission types and a more realistic but also harder AI, but also adding additional play modes like free for all, cooperative, teams, etc. with up to 8 players. This, along with mobile device support, will be followed up by bigger features we plan on adding post-Steam release (following on good revenues?) or as a result of securing funding with an investor/publisher.

Bye for now!

Thanks for sticking with us and reading our updates! We’ve been working on this game now a good while so we are very excited to finally get it done, and in a better place, for a wider-public release.

October 2017 Update

Time is still ticking towards our Alpha release. We are fairly confident we should still be able to hit our Fall 2017 release timeframe, and it will likely be around December 2017 – assuming no major hitches in our planning.

Code update for Alpha 6

Alpha 6 is the version number we will be on when the Alpha goes public. We plan on inviting players in batches, with oldest subscribers first. Once we make sure everything works well we will then batch in the next group. We will go deeper into the details of this process once we get closer in a month or so.

Right now, we are mainly working on the following code-related tasks:

  • Player profile enhancements
  • Game lobby and room UI
  • Basic matchmaking logic – to ensure new players tend to find other new players when creating/joining games
  • New card overlays for full-art formats
  • New weapon effects, explosions
  • Sound design
  • Final touches on single player scenarios, tutorials
  • Game patcher Mac/PC testing and design

Discard for Research – GONE

We tried out a mechanic for a good few months where you could discard any card from your hand for one research point. While it did a good job of addressing access to higher technology options on smaller maps, it led to two negative consequences that we decided were not worth the trade off. Namely it encouraged heavy hand-deck manipulation as a strategy, which is a very min-max type thought process, while detracting you from the core of the game: which is focusing your choices in your hand & the ships on the map.

You could easily spend the majority of your turn discarding and drawing large numbers of cards to find a particular solution, which is not necessarily something we want as core gameplay but also a very high-level thought process. Our game already has a very high skill ceiling and this ability as a core-feature for all decks just meant that the skill ceiling was even higher than it perhaps needs to be. Players who discard heavily just win against players who don’t. We were not promoting intuitive gameplay by doing this, players are not “used to” throwing away all their cards to draw new ones, especially when they are learning and don’t know why a different card would be any better.

The ability to discard for research may very well return, but if and when it does, it will be in the form of an ability you can deck build around and progress up to as you play, rather than an innate way of playing.

We should give a shout-out to Jean-Michel from Abrakam / Faeria – who also mentioned this concern on a podcast we had earlier this year.

Video Production

Our team is now also busy working on two videos, one of them will be the intro-lead for our game when it launches. It will convey the big-picture story behind the game of the game and where things begin. The other will eventually attach onto the first as continuation where we unveil the video elements of gameplay, but from the perspective of our characters story. We will be utilizing these videos as part of our upcoming crowd-fund campaign next year.

Art Licensing

Recently we have been focusing more on securing specific artworks from our ~35 artists rather than seeking out new artists to work with. We’ve got licensing agreements finalized with 4 or 5 new artists in just the last few weeks, totaling more than 35 secured artworks.

Meanwhile Eko Putek continues to produce commissioned artwork for our commanders and our upcoming lore video. You can see on our last blog post the two pieces he did for our commanders.

If you haven’t noticed it yet, our Twitter and Facebook pages also have new blue-green back art that was a lot of fun to make and incorporates 3d and 2d art from 5 different people all together in a larger space-scene.


The main positions we need to fill currently are:

  1. Community Manager(s) – Timeshares
  2. Social Media Manager / Specialist – PAID
  3. HR / Admin – Timeshares
  4. QA Testers (especially testers with Mac OSX) – Timeshares

Let us know if you or someone you know would like to join our international passionate team!

Gearing up for MagFest

Less than a week and we will be at MagFest!


2016-02-10 18.13.18

We’ve been working around the clock on code, design and booth preparations and were pretty happy with where things are landing. There is still a ton more to do, but the game is fully playable and will look pretty nice on our Kiosk stands we bought to showcase the game. We’ve also got nice black floor tiling, and new roll up banners that should arrive [fingers crossed] today on Friday to liven up our area visually.

We were hoping to have both Android and iPads on display to go with our Mac and Windows laptops but sadly the Androids didn’t get here in time to demo the game.

That said we should have 7 devices with us, 2 for playing tutorial missions, 4 for playing full games and 1 for showing off an image gallery and collecting visitor email addresses.

Turns out we will also be getting some cool chairs sponsored by Yogibo including a mini and an ipad case to go with it.

Game Progress

There’s been a ton of updates over the last couple of week to the game, so many that I struggle to even remember what is new anymore. Just yesterday we added 4 new UI buttons to the game so that you now have more than one way to colonize a world, send troops, attack and reset your attack choices. Here are some shots of these new UI buttons:

colonize button

The buttons for information were also moved to the sides of the cards and enlarged to make them easier to tap on tablet devices. Below the “I” button you can now see buttons like the blue icon for colonize, or the red cross hair for setting a target in battle.

We still want to improve the UI further by adding similar buttons and contextual highlights for a lot of other aspects of the game like movement, but

Set Target

this will have to wait now until after MagFest since we need at least 5 days now of stability testing to make sure there are zero bugs remaining.

Tutorials (Puzzles)

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 9.10.20 AM

We’ve got single player tutorials in the game now! Seven so far, these are set up like puzzles with tips to get you started. Completing all 7 of them should give you a pretty good basic understanding of the game so that you are then ready to play vs. another player. We plan on making at least another dozen puzzles as time goes on that will increase in difficultly while simultaneously showing off the more refined level of thinking you can achieve in the game. Our AI opponent logically fights, invades and brutalizes you on these puzzles but they are all set up to last a maximum of 1 to 2 turns. So they are intentionally short and very focused, think chess puzzles you might find in a news paper.

Interviews, Streams and Pod cast

Since we last spoke we’ve also had an interview on eXplorminate and a live game stream-interview with Space Game Junky. Plus on our own Podcast we also had a quicker recap of last months progress too.

Alpha Test Event

After MaScreen Shot 2016-02-10 at 4.39.15 PMgFest our next big milestone is the big public Alpha test event we want to schedule for mid March. This is going to be your chance to play the game in what hopefully should be an active weekend with a full lobby of players. You’ll be able to play the game as a single-player vs. the computer to learn the basics and then online vs. other players and us on Twitch streaming live if you want to play us or ask us questions. So please sign up to our Alpha event to let us know you are interested and tell your friends! Everyone can join in, we want it to be extra fun.

New Cards

Yes we have new cards we could show you! But I’m out of time for today, so I’ll leave that update till next time. Until then don’t forget to also jump on our twitter and subscribe to our twitch if you want to catch us in the act of playing and jump in for a game.

Space man out, Seb.

Visual wave

Greetings friends, much has happened in the last few weeks!


GalaCollider was selected to present at MagFest! We’re very excited to have a new opportunity to show the game to the world. We’re working hard to get a nice humble booth all organized and prepared for the event.

UI Progress

We have made tremendous progress towards getting the UI of the game improved. We still have a lot to go but there is already a world of difference in the game.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 5.11.24 PM

We’ve also been working on various kinds of visual feedback for different game effects, like red spirals to show a planet is being raided or flowering purple-blue rain when an ability reveals a sector at range.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 10.41.09 PM

Sectors now have colors that are more clear to show ownership, the core world glows brighter, sectors that are not selected have various visual indicators disabled.

The half way point

Alpha4 isn’t done yet, but we’ve decided to make a mid-way marker in the development. Our goal in the next two weeks is to make a stable build of Alpha4 in anticipation of MagFest. We will also use this stable way-point as a means to get everyone on the team playing the newest build too.

Only a few actions remain that can’t be undone with our new Undo button – which has proven to be such an essential feature.

It’s also very easy to load custom decks into the game now, and we’ve got 16 new ships and another half dozen or so other new cards in the current pool to play with.

Progress on the single player mode is currently hampered by a few last features we need to finish. Namely we need to code the game to permit us to set the player’s deck, and the order of the cards in their hand at start. Once we have these things, and a few bugs resolved, we can then work on refinement and testing on our puzzle missions.

Planetary 3D models

The game uses 3d models for many things. Everything on the map is 3D but still linked to a card. There were a number of planets added in Alpha3 but they had some problems, pinched textures at the poles, odd colors, rotation problems, or they just simply glowed too much and didn’t match our concept designs close enough.

I’ve spent the last 3 or 4 days going back to the source files and rebuilding all the planets in our game to be a better representation of what we want to achieve.

Tonight I wanted to see all the planets together and measure which ones are too similar and what some of them should be called / renamed into. Here is what I threw together to help me get oversight:


Alpha 5 designs, first look

Starting in Alpha5, your hand will hard-cap at 7 cards. If you have 7 cards you just can’t draw more (or you get fewer cards). You can still discard at will, so it won’t stop you from getting new cards if you clear some space. There are many benefits to this change, first it will mean that turns are faster because we never have to wait for a discard phase. Secondly it will also mean we can show more of each card to the player, gone will be the days of only seeing card edges until roll-over. Ghosts on empty slots and lights that glow to show you your hand-spots filled will also make it quick to count and see if you have space in your hand remaining.

We had always planned on having enemy information displayed on an “Intelligence” tab (bottom left corner) – the problem is, that tab doesn’t exist yet because intelligence mechanics (controlled by playing Spies) is a whole world of mechanics that remains in the future… rather than the present.

It’s important to see information about your opponent, especially their star count, so you know if they are about to win. I wouldn’t say this design I made is done, but it’s starting to go in a good direction.

The idea is to leverage the traditional “street fighter” split, me on the left, enemies on the right. I also really like the idea of seeing avatars – you want to identify as much as possible with your side and your enemy. I have ideas in mind for multi-player games, but this current UI assumes a 1-on-1 arrangement.

Finally the menu, done and undo button will move to be more central – I think that makes more sense? But playing and you – will let us know if this indeed true. So here it is, my first draft for Alpha 5 design changes:


Podcast the GalaCast

Hi Folks,


The big news this week is that we started a podcast that will go behind the scenes of GalaCollider. We start off with Trevor and Sebastian the game developer and game designer behind GalaCollider, but you can expect in future episodes more from other members of our team, like lore and programming:

Once we have a few more episodes we will get things up on itunes as a real “podcast”.

Balance changes for November 1st

Our cards have also just undergone another bigger balance change round and we’re moving some of the current cards in the demo/starter deck out from the demo deck and to the core set while putting some cards planned for the core set into the starter deck. Some cards are even switching sides! (a topic for another time)

Deck building and game length

We’ve also been having fun with deck building lately, just with plain text files that we load up into the game. This did uncover some issues with game length where stalemates can happen between high level players on maps with abnormally low star counts. To address this we are experimenting with stars being generated rather than claimed and also a smarter map system where the star values of each map are now calculated based on the map generated rather than a fixed number based on the number of sectors.

We want most games to last around 30 to 60 minutes, unless you opt for a really large map (and therefore know what you are getting yourself into!) – these changes should be a step in the right direction to ensure that game length does indeed remain within these constraints.

You can watch a recent game where I ran a custom deck with lots of frigates and the map had too few stars on it to trigger a star victory. The result was a really fun game, but it lasted too long for what we want the game to do.

Granted this is with zero turn timer in place, which will really help to speed up the game, but even so a game like this needs to reach conclusion in fewer turns:

Other news

Over the last week we worked out the last of the critical bugs on 3.x and now we are just knocking off all the final major and minor bugs before we begin work in earnest on 4.x.

Work on the deck building part of has begun.

Sebastian has been busy getting the graphics ready for the giant design overhaul in 4.x.

Finally we also submitted our game to IndieCade, Magfest and IGF recently. Wish us luck!

Looking for

We are currently looking for:

  • More Alpha Playtesters
  • QA Testers
  • Marketing analysts / social media / strategists
  • Unity3D VFX animators

Thanks for tuning in!

Kickstarter Post #16- “Preludes and Previews”

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our last update, actually no it’s not our last update! We will have another one for you on Sunday with a small treat in it.

With the Kickstarter coming to a close we are taking this time improve our internal systems and expanding our various teams. In particular our Playtest team is undergoing growth right now, if you would like to join our chat space, talk about the game and meet other nice players…? Now’s a pretty good time to jump in and get involved!

Internally we’ve been expanding the team further, shifting people over to areas they want to work in, put into place an HR department, posting many new hires and testing out alternative systems like HubSpot, Slack and Trello.

Within the game, testing of a first-step tutorial “tooltip system” should begin shortly. Our turn replay engine is nearly done and an improved lobby system is just about to start getting coded too.

The online website deck builder we mentioned before is nearly ready to become public. Our current estimate is about two to three more weeks and we will break some champagne for it.

We also started the process of designing the first expansion of the game this week; beyond it just being something in our heads. It is important to understand where the story will start and what the theme of it will be in order to ensure that the current game slots in properly with where things are going. One of the net results of this process was a redesign of an existing Sylith card, the Workshop:


The current Workshop as designed made Sylith Frigates be more durable, the new workshop costs a bit more but now makes them more aggressive. It’s a subtle change but combined with the increased card draw they get from their core world:


It reinforces the idea that Sylith ships are fast, aggressive and numerous. If we gave them both hull bonuses AND quantity bonuses we would be essentially saying they are designed to be both high quality [increased hull] and numerous [card draw]; leaving little design space to contrast them.

Long term this also leaves the design space open for other factions to be king of control-type strategies. Ships with higher hull values are harder to destroy, which increases a faction’s ability to win by contesting all sectors (one of the three ways to win a game).

The Sylith are already masters of invasion and I can’t tell you how many times my core world has been captured by now…

The workshop change, as well as many other small balance changes are currently being laboriously tested and developed – by the playtest team you should join!

Featured Artist

Artist: Lorcan O’Shanahan
Location: Canada
About: Lorcan is an accomplished UI Designer and Motion Graphics artist whose credits include Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, Ender’s Game, and Continuum. His experience on such projects gave him the confidence to go freelance as of last year. Music is vital to his creative process, and he’s always searching Soundcloud for new music to add to his collection.

Lorcan was of our original designers on the game and was instrumental in creating our space UI, the minimal look you see throughout the game’s interface and our intro video of our Kickstarter:

Here are some of his concept images of our initial UI:

initial UI

Which lead to some initial 3D comps of how the game might be experienced, note the ships are rectangles and lock into a square grid that would also function as a way of visually telling you how big a ship was (bigger ships would fill more squares):


From here other iterations were done and we decided to move the planet below the battle and to indicate ship size by changing the size of the shape below it. You can also see on this image we were experimenting with putting ship-data on the “table” surface:


The battle UI eventually become more table-top miniature in feel, streamlined and simple, but we did still experiment with various ways of displaying the card data:


As for the “feel” of the UX. Some examples of the multi-stage zoom UI transitions, here is a render of the game switching from galactic to sector view. As you will see in this video we are translating from motion around a disk (galaxy) to rolling the stars along the surface of a “magic eight ball”:

And putting it all together, here is the concept transition between all stages:

Note: Sadly we didn’t hit our funding goal this Kickstarter, so we will have to wait to implement this in the game a bit longer, but we are planning on making some immediate enhancements to the game’s UI to bring it more in line with our desired end goal. We will get there!

Artist: Ali Ries
Location: United States
Ali we met at the start of our campaign and paints beautiful Nebulas. She was kind enough to let us use some of her artwork for this Kickstarter. Some of her work might even fool you into thinking it’s from hubble. 😉


Kickstarter Post #10- “The Leviathans”

Hello everyone,

We’re almost to $20k! Thank you all for your continued support, it means so much to us! We’ve got two weeks to spread the word and get as much press and public awareness brewing as possible. Let’s break the $20,000 barrier and continue to build support up for the project! We might still be far from $70,000 but anything is still possible.

Today we have Trevor again here to talk about some of his favorite cards in demo deck. Come and see these cards in action by downloading the demo and playing a game.

Card Spotlight

Hiya, Trevor here again and I’m here to talk about some GalaCollider cards today. In particular, I will be focusing on some of the powerful Dreadnaughts used by the Coalition faction. So let’s take a look, shall we?

kesteron(Clone)The coalition coreworld, Kesteron, makes Dreadnaughts quite scary.

Dreadnaughts are the most expensive ships in GalaCollider and, as a result, they tend to have the highest attack and hull of the ships in the game. They take up a lot of command which limits how many of these ships you can have in a given sector and cost a lot of energy to move each turn.  As such, it’s important you pick and choose when to play these powerful ships carefully.

card_human_oracle(Clone)Kujata is common among the various sapien fleets

The Kujata is an early game tech 1 dreadnaught that the Coalition will lean on in the early game to control key areas of conflict. They can be used well both on defense to hold an area with their massive 5 attack and ability to retaliate for 1 on any ships that attack it. Conversely, the bombard ability will allow them to harass enemy planets. You will typically want these ships as close to the front lines as possible!

human_techdeck_hell(Clone)Guaranteed to rain hell on your opposition!

The tech 2 Hellfire Dreadnaught must be purchased from your techpool before you can play it. It’s definitely worth the cost, however, as it is an even more powerful Dreadnaught than the Kujata. It has 1 less attack, but in return it gets more bombs, more retaliation, and the ability to invade. Invading sectors is how you take sectors away from your opponent so you can use these behemoths to win the game directly. The Coalition have less invasion options than the Sylith and this makes this card even more attractive. Dreadnaughts like to carry you to victory.

human_techdeck_coa_ship_cetus(Clone)The Cetus is one big Ship. Beware.

The tech 3 Dreadnaught, Cetus, is the strongest Dreadnaught currently available to the Coalition. It costs 8 research to buy but it is worth the price! It has an absurd hull clocking in at 15, the ability to fire at multiple ships a turn for 3 damage each, and prevents opposing ships in a sector from fleeing with the pin! Use this ship when your opponent is fielding multiple smaller ships at a time, or in combination with damage augmenting effects to increase the strength of your ship’s attack. The Cetus is a Dreadnaught that will both force fights AND win them for you.

That wraps it up for our Coalition Dreadnaught card spotlight. I hope you liked what you see! Even more powerful ships await if you back the game today! Your support is greatly appreciated. This is Trevor signing out.

Featured Artists

Artist: Leonardo Peñaranda
Location: Germany
About: Even though Leonardo has been creating art since an early age, he never saw it as a profession until he finished his degree in Industrial Design. It was his dream to work in the video game industry. He enjoys working on GalaCollider since it has so many sci-fi elements to it while still retaining realism, like it could exist in this world, being more than just fantasy.

Sylith Cruiser 3D Model

Artist: Amanda Kiefer
Location: United States

SylithElder_SebEditSylith Elder Concept Art

Artist: Neil MacCormack
Location: Switzerland


Kickstarters We Like

The 13th Doll is a horror adventure game which was successfully funded earlier this month, and is still available to preorder via PayPal on Attic Door Production’s website. It’s inspired by the classic game “The 7th Guest” and features the original voice actor Robert Hirschboeck who plays Henry Stauf in the game. Explore the mysterious old house and watch out for mystifying spirits, dolls, and toys. We’re excited to see this project come to life and can’t wait to immerse ourselves with the story and challenging puzzles.


Kickstarter Post #8- “Techup: A Closer Look at Techpools and Music Design”

Hello everyone,

In the past couple of days, we’ve received a bunch of new backers and would like to extend our welcome to them! Right now, we’re sitting at nearly 200 backers and are less than $100 shy of $19k. So share that link and let’s keep the momentum going!

Remember, that as a backer, you have access to our public demo. The link can be found on our 6th update here. Let us know if you run into problems finding the link or running the game, and we’d be happy to help you out! This weekend much of the team will be online so come and join us for a game. We’ll give you more details in Friday’s update.  

For this update, you’ll get an in depth look at the development of GalaCollider in the Mechanics Spotlight, Musician Spotlight, and Artist Spotlight.

Mechanics Spotlight

Heya, Trevor (GalaCollider’s Game Developer) here today to talk to you about a rather exciting feature in our game: the techpool! The techpool is used to alter your starting 30 card deck by adding in even more powerful cards into the mix. I’ll go over some of the cards you can expect to see in your techpool so let’s get started.

TechpoolDecisions, decisions. Another ship is always a good thing to have!

So, at the start of the game, your deck will be full of tech level 1 cards. Your techpool will have a certain amount of slots (15, for example) that you can fill it with tech level 1, 2 or 3 cards. Only 3 of the 15 slots will be available for purchase each turn with 1 slot being rotated out for a new card each turn. Tech 1 cards cost 2 research to buy, tech 2 cards cost 4 research, and tech 3 cards cost 8 research. As you would expect, the higher the tech level, the more powerful the card. When you buy a card from the techpool, it will be sent to your discard pile. This is because you shuffle your discard pile to make a new deck once you run out of cards to draw from your deck.

The Nuwa is a powerful tech 3 Frigate that is exceptionally good against Dreadnaughts

Using the Nuwa as an example, we have a Sylith tech 3 ship that has 2 different damage bonuses that will be applied against dreadnaughts (Nukes and Torps) as well as the ability to Raid opposing sectors such that they provide no resource generation at the start of the turn (giving the opponent less resources to build ships/developments with).

Don’t let the lack of ability text deceive you! Stars win games

The Metropolis is a Coalition tech 2 development whose only purpose is to provide you more stars. This particular card will give you 6 stars towards winning the game for 4 materials. For reference, a small sized map requires 50 stars to win, so a Metropolis is giving you a good chunk of stars for a single building. Sometimes the cards will be used to help answer your opponent’s deck, other times they will be used to help you win the game. Metropolis would be an example of the latter.

A very valuable insight, indeed

Insights is a Sylith tech 2 operation that allows you to draw more cards. Sometimes you just want more cards and insights is the perfect tech option to give you just that. It gives you 3 cards at the low, low price of 2 energy! Insights’ true value is the fact that it will get you through your deck quicker so you can keep buying and playing more powerful tech 2 and 3 cards.

The techpool is sort of like having a sideboard you would see in other card games that can be used as a part of actual gameplay rather than in between games during a best of 3 match. It gives you the ability to answer opposing strategies, mask your own plans, and gives you additional ways to win. It’s a very versatile mechanic and we love the impact it has been having on the game so far. Backing our kickstarter will bring this really cool concept to life and it’s only going to get better as time goes on so don’t hesitate to get your friends to join as well!

Featured Musician

Musician: Erik “Viking Guitar” Peabody
Location: Santa Cruz, CA
About: Ever since he got a cassette of a live Black Sabbath performance when he was 14, Erik has loved making music. While he’s mostly known for his hard rock, metal style, for GalaCollider, Erik composed more synth and ambient tracks, trying to capture the empty silence of space while still creating a sense of urgency and action.
Listen: Nebula for GalaCollider:

Behind the scenes, watch how Erik made Nebula

Featured Artists

Artist: László Magyar
Location: Hungary
About: Magyar tries to push the boundaries with his space art, creating brilliant new themes and twists on what’s generally seen. Each of his pieces has a special feeling to it, but still retains his signature style.

Magyar_TheUniverse“Ti Surge” Development Card Art

Artist: Mark Connett
Location: United States

Connett_ClashingNebulas“Combustible Cloud” Sector Card Art

Artist: Martin Parker
Location: United Kingdom


Kickstarters We Like

Infinium Strike is an “Arcade-Style Spaceship Survival Game” by our friends at Codex Worlds. It combines classic tower defense lanes with arcade style action. You can build a variety of towers, send out ships, and use special abilities to decimate your enemies. The game includes multiple levels of difficulty, a full story campaign, and endless arcade modes with tons of replayability.

Ace_01.jpgInfinium Strike


Update August 11th, 2015

Two weeks!

Yeah, you read that right, it’s less than two weeks now until our KickStarter campaign launches! While there is always the potential for a delay, we are looking good for launching our campaign on August 25th 2015. That’s nearly two years of working on this game, from nothing more than an idea to full time with an awesomely big team, all leading up to this moment. Pretty crazy.


thunderclap-logoIf enough of you join our Thunderclap campaign it will mean a big wave of social media posts on the first day of our Kickstarter and could make a big difference getting us up over our initial funding goal so we can start to dig into the really exciting parts: the stretch goals.

Haven’t heard of Thunderclap? It’s a service that lets us prepare tweets and Facebook posts about something (the GalaCollider Kickstarter campaign), recruit people to sign up (like you, our biggest fan), and then everyone who signed up will post on social media simultaneously like a Thunderclap!

We’ve pre-written a message that will go out on Day 1 of our campaign, but we need your help to spread the word. It’s quick, easy, free, and will be a tremendous help in kick starting our Kickstarter campaign.  To sign up, click the big “facebook,” “twitter,” and “tumblr” buttons on our Thunderclap page, and click “yes I’d love to support these awesome people” and you’re done! Visit our Thunderclap page for more information.


Kickstarter video 95% done

KS Video preview stillOur Kickstarter video is now 95% done, and only needs some very minor tweaks and the audio mixing.

3D Modeling progress

Sylith Frigate

A gazillion new 3d models are showing up right now daily as Rafael goes berserk with his computer. Rafael is focusing on pumping out a ton of tiny specialized smaller frigate ships for the Sylith faction. In fact, you can watch him hyper-create some of these models in one of our new time-lapse 3D modeling videos, from our YouTube channel:

New artists

Please welcome two more artists this week that we’ve added to to the team. Bringing the number of exceptionally talented artists up to 27! And yes, we are still recruiting.

Neil Maccormack

neil maccormack platform galacollider

Dmitry Vishnevsky

Vishnevsky GalaCollider

Core set card designs

We recently just finished designing the first 120 cards of the game, how many of these cards we will be able to get into the core set will depend on how well our Kickstarter is funded, but it is pretty exciting to see all the cool different kinds of decks people will be able to make already.

Our test and play balance team is up to over 30 people! We can’t wait to get some of these new cards in their hands…

We also coded a new tool that will allow us to output all the cards used in the game, from Unity into high-res PNG image files. The final glitches are being sorted out as we speak.

This will let us craft up card ideas, attach images and then just batch-generate images like nobody’s business. This will be a godsend for setting up any kind of online deck builder, sharing spoilers and previewing cards with you here, or on our Kickstarter.

Bonus content

tablet_promotionalAnother reminder that you have about two weeks left to sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t yet. Signing up will ensure that you don’t miss our Kickstarter and early bird rewards. Signing up will also guarantee you bonus in-game credit and a bonus card. So surf on over to our home page and kindly bless us with your email address, we’re doing our best to make sure you will have lots of fun and that you’ll be happy you did so.

Sylith 3D model explored

Today we look at our new Sylith Cruiser 3D model and flip between the various modular components. Our models are in low and high poly renders. And every part of it can be turned on/off to create new variations.

Update, August 5th 2015

New Look!

Not just the homepage is redesigned, but the entire website. There is alot more we would like to improve on our site, but this should be a nice move in the right direction. Should also work better on tablets and phones too!

Gen Con recap

Gen Con Indie was really intense and rewarding. Zach Strebech, Nina Park and Sebastian Chedal were there on-location. We did an interview with BGG iOS blog take a look!

BGG Interview:

Below is the video of our interview with Board Game Geek on their iOS Board Game Blog:

Kickstarter update

Video is making huge progress, we are working now on B-rolls and fine tuning the timings, but the rough-pass is all finished.

We did decide to give ourselves a bit more press time though, so the new Kickstarter launch date has been moved to August 25th 2015.

PAX Prime

We are also planning on being at PAX Prime so if you want to see us there, let us know! We should be doing demos and handing out more bonus reward key fliers. Don’t miss us if you want free content and want to play the game!

3D modeling progress

New 3D model renders from Rafael, based on initial modeling done by Leonardo:



New Artists

This week we introduce two more artists to you who have joined our team. Take a look their work is great!

Maciej Wojtala


Mark Connett


UI Improvements

Our game has had massive improvements to its UI. All our cards are now in a new mini format, crisp and suitable for 1024 displays:

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 2.41.29 PM


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Next spoilers

See you on Friday when we do another video reveal of our game!