Gaming in Montreal

Hey everyone, Elijah/Licoricefish here.

I’ve had the pleasure of attending a couple great gaming events this past month, namely MIGF (Montreal Independent Games Festival), and MIGS (Montreal International Games Summit). I was really hoping to get a booth to showcase GalaCollider, but despite not getting one it was still lots of fun getting to check out a myriad of unique games by local and international developers!

One of the first games to really catch my eye was Dread Nautical by Hibernium Games, a spooky roguelike game set on a dreadful, procedurally generated ship at sea! The game’s still in development, but the controls are pretty intuitive and the artstyle is very colourful. Here’s how the levels can end up looking:

Dread Nautical from Hibernium Games

Another very promising title was Flying Carpet Games‘ The Girl and the Robot. It feels very evocative of the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus/The Last Guardian series. Cool puzzles, a mysterious villain, and an endearing relationship between girl and robot. Here’s a shot from the game:

The Girl and the Robot from Flying Carpet Games

Mage Rift from Wrecko Studios also looks very cool. A Diablo-esque, iPad-only game with a really unique and innovative control scheme. In Mage Rift you basically build your own magic load-out, and use spells with a variety of  1-finger, 2-finger, and 3-finger controls. They’ll also be integrating an asynchronous cooperative play mode.

Mage Rift from Wrecko Studios

Cardboard Utopia‘s Children of Zodiarcs is also looking fantastic. Similarly to GalaCollider, it’s a bit of a deckbuilding hybrid. It’s a story-driven RPG that combines traditional tactical gameplay mechanics with collectible cards and craftable dice. Here’s a shot:

Children of Zodiarcs from Cardboard Utopia

It was great getting to meet other indies at MIGS. There was an incredible amount of talent and innovation in the games present. Big shoutout to all those studios in the Indie Zone!

I was thrilled to show off the latest build of GalaCollider on my iPad. It’s running quite smoothly, and people were generally very intrigued by the game! I had tons of fun at this event, I can’t wait to check out other game conventions in the future. I’d love to represent GalaCollider again, hopefully with our own booth!

Here’s me in the Indie Zone at MIGS:

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Stay tuned for a new episode of the GalaCast very soon!

GalaCast episode 5 & Alpha5 reveal

Elijah aka Licoricefish here.

This month I had the pleasure of being on the fifth episode of our GalaCast podcast along with Sebastian and Connor.

We talked about a handful of things that happened since GalaCast episode 4. We had the Open Alpha Event, which was quite a busy weekend but tons of fun. Connor and Sebastian made it to GDC & ECGC, respectively. From VR to free beer and giant jenga, their experiences have convinced me that I must make it to some game conferences myself! We’ve also been pleased to see the team & playtester group continue to grow this past month.

We are very excited to be revealing the Alpha 5 build of GalaCollider on our weekly Twitch streams with PowerToMario! (Every Thursday at 10pm EDT) There have been many improvements to the UI, bug fixes, and many new star maps! 😀 (I love maps.)

I was able to get on the stream with PowerToMario last Thursday May 12th, and it was a blast! I’ll be starting another GalaCollider stream on Mondays at 5PM EDT. Don’t forget to click that heart ♥ button on our Twitch channel! There’s also been talk of doing different kinds of streams such as a live-coding session or even a live-map-building, which I’m especially excited about.

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Licoricefish has entered the game


My name’s Elijah aka Licoricefish, I’m the Community Manager for GalaCollider.

A bit about me:

I’m a musician. I play mostly the acoustic bass (standard, not stand-up) but I also compose using MuseScore (mostly for school). I’m a huge fan of RPGs, scifi & fantasy, tabletop and video games. I’m Canadian and yes I play a lot of hockey.

Here’s me↓

I was brought onboard about a month ago, and I can honestly say I’m thrilled to be a part of this team! There are passionate and talented people working on this game, and I think people will feel that when they play the final product. For me, GalaCollider brings together many elements that I absolutely love in tabletop and video games. To name a few:

  • Ever-changing maps
  • Resource management
  • A wide range of strategies
  • Customizable deck-building (very excited about this one)

I’ve learnt a lot in this past month. I’ve engaged with many online groups trying to spread the word about GalaCollider. Impulsively I wanted to post to as many places as possible, but I quickly learnt that it’s a fine line between self-promotion and genuine engagement with a community. There are so many thriving scifi and indie game communities online, what I need to do is find what excites me about them so I can not only spread the word about GalaCollider, but also encourage reciprocal engagement across these great communities!

So I’ve been pushing myself to find groups that genuinely excite me. Now, I check kickstarter weekly and become giddy when I see a new game that appeals to me. I’ve been playing games with elements similar to GalaCollider (I’m loving Faeria), to get a feel for what is out there right now. I’ve been watching Unity3D tutorials and reading up on both tabletop and video game design. Already I feel like I’ve become a more engaged member of the online gamer community. Not because I have to be, but because I want to be.

I’m currently working on exploring new avenues to find playtesters for GalaCollider. Reddit has been really responsive to our posts, we got a lot of good feedback there after our Alpha Event. Our forum posts about the game have had many views but little responses. I’ve joined a bunch of gamer and game dev Facebook groups, but have found it a bit trickier to make a mark there. As GC continues to develop I hope we can garner more interest and support from those groups. I’m now looking for further places such as GooglePlus in the hopes of finding more playtesters.

If you’re reading this, then I challenge you to a duel! Give us a shout if you’re interested in becoming a playtester! I’ve been having a blast playing the current build and can’t wait for a complete Alpha5 🙂

This is the first game team I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of. It’s been a learning experience for me and will continue to be. I believe GalaCollider has incredible potential and I’m looking forward to helping develop and strengthen our community over the next many months.

Kickstarter Post #3- “PAX Prime Aftermath”

Hello everyone, we have been pretty busy promoting GalaCollider at PAX Prime in Seattle,  but we wanted to make sure you got an update about what’s happening with the game. Our reception from the public and other exhibitors was very positive: we have over 300 new sign ups for our newsletter and 1,800 GalaCollider fliers have been handed out. We even had to print an extra batch of 200 just to get us through the last day!


The PAX Team- Sebastian, Amy, and Jonathan

Google Meeting

Sebastian met with a representative from Google while at PAX. Google has agreed to offer us support on our project in order to speed up the release of GalaCollider on Android tablets! More details will come in the coming weeks.

Game Replay

Today we wanted to share a 30-minute match between two members of our team: Trevor and Sebastian. It was an action packed match with lots of battles, but who ended victorious? Be sure to check it out!

Looking Forward

We are working on making the pledge levels a bit more clear for people new to the genre. This will be explained more in the next update, but rest assured that it’s a move in the right direction.

Thank you for your continued support. It’s been a hectic few days but it has certainly been 

Featured Artists

Artist: Stefan Stankovic
Location: Serbia
About: Stefan is a concept artist and illustrator who started at an early age, filling his notebooks with sketches from video games, films and comics. In his free time he likes to travel.

Stankovic_Prototype16“Mech Core” Card Art

Artist: Zhangx
Location: China

Coalation Frigate“Coalition Frigate” Concept Art

Kickstarters We Like

Tower 57 is a fast-paced, twin stick shooter, in gorgeous 16-bit graphics. It takes place in an “art deco-meets-cyberpunk world, where humanity is split between warring societies living in mega-towers surrounded by radioactive wasteland.” With a heavy emphasis on co-op and a style reminiscent of classic games, Tower 57 is a game you won’t want to pass up.

2015-08-28 17_20_10-Tower 57 by Benitosub — Kickstarter
Tower 57

Kickstarter Post #2- “Building Momentum and Visiting PAX!”

Hello galactic conquerors,

Our Kickstarter campaign continues to be off to a great start! We are on our third day now, and, at the time of writing this post, we are 20% funded and have over 100 backers!

We’ve got a couple of reviews from press and YouTubers to share with you as well as announcing where you can find us at PAX this weekend.



Edd Harding of Video Game Almanac wrote a glowing preview of GalaCollider. It seems we have converted him over to card games. 🙂

“I’ll admit, prior to playing GalaCollider, I did wonder what made people play these card games so frequently, […] [but] within the first five minutes of our first match I was enthralled.”

Read the full article on the VG Almanac site.

Trevor and Nina also demoed GalaCollider to YouTuber Panzer yesterday and the recording of it is now up on YouTube. It gives a more in depth view of how to play the game and answers some questions about the design. Check it out on his channel and subscribe to him!

Come See Us at PAX


We’re excited to announce that Amy, Jonathan, and Sebastian are getting the word out, showing off the game and talking with the press all weekend during PAX at the Foam Brain Games Booth #6512! If you are interested in a first hand look and you want to arrange a meeting let us know. The Foam Brain booth is in the board game section of PAX. Keep an eye out for this beautiful sign.


If you’re going to the con stop by and say hi! We will be happy to meet some fans and answer any questions you might have.

Featured Artists

Artist: Maciej Drabik
Location: Poland
About: Maciej specializes in designing environments, creating interesting architecture and mood. He is most passionate about science fiction, post apocalyptic and cyberpunk vibes.

“Mining Station” Card Art


Artist: Christian Quinot “Cloud”
Location: Philippines

“Sylith Warrior” Concept Art

Kickstarters We Like

GRIP is a fantastic futuristic combat racing game developed by Caged Element, coming to Steam Early Access. They were a Kickstarter earlier this week, but have shifted their campaign to their website where you can get all the same rewards and pledges. As a huge fan of high speed racing games like F-Zero, we’re really excited to see this project come to light.



Thank you for your continued support of GalaCollider! For years, it’s been our dream to make this game a reality and push it to it’s biggest potential. As a small indie team, it’s exciting to get to directly interact with our fans and see everyone be so supportive of us. We’re glad you’re along for the ride!


the GalaCollider team

Kickstarter LAUNCHED!

That’s it the day has arrived! Thank you so much for following us up until our launch point. We’ve put together a Kickstarter page we’re proud of, we hope you will be too!

We’ve got some amazing deals, up to 70% off! And many Early bird specials too, so don’t wait, click on over and help us to make this game be the best game it can possibly be.

Meet The Team – Brandon Freeman

Meet The Team Mondays - Community Manager Brandon Freeman

Name: Brandon Freeman

Role: Community Manager

About: I’ll be talking with the development team and the community to get a picture of what each group wants out of the game. The great thing is I’m a passionate gamer and developer so I have experience on both sides and can relate to each one.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: I love the mix of the two genres, card game and 4X. I can spend hours planning my strategy and playing both types of games and it’s going to be pretty amazing when you mix them.

What inspires you?: Well, one big inspiration for just about everyone is their imagination, where would we be without that? Just think about all the fantasy and scifi that wouldn’t exist without it! I also watch and read a lot of the super hero genre, seems to be making a comeback with all the new shows and movies being made and they are all pretty amazing, can’t wait for Age of Ultron. I’d say another big source of inspiration is the music I listen to, not that it inspires me directly but it helps while I’m working, I’m always listening to music when I get the chance.

What is your current gaming obsession?: Recently I’ve picked up smite again, I’ve played on and off since the beta and it’s awesome to see the game still growing. In fact I’m looking for people to play, let me know if you’re playing!

 You can find Brandon here: