Countless ages ago, the planet Elgyin—Void-Mother and Great Egg who hatched the Sylith into being—was nearly swallowed by her Star Husband, the fiery Elos. Our people were driven underground, cut off from the Divine Void, perishing in darkness as the forests burned above them. It was then that Hathsti, the Great Guardian of the Void, they who nurture new life and bring Balance to all things, blessed our people and saved us from destruction.

Hathsti taught us that imbalance in the cosmos reflected the imbalance of our lives. To bring Order to the planets, first Order must be instilled in each of us. To each was given a duty and a role to play, with gifts to match.

The Kunarthi they named the warriors, and gave to them courage and strength and speed, and made them prolific.

The Tilothi they named the elite, and gave to them guile, resilience, subtle camouflage, and agility both physical and mental.

The Vorathi they named the elders, and gave to them longevity and wisdom; and though their eyes were blinded, their minds became bright with the facility of Perception, so that they might behold the Void itself and watch over us all.

With the guidance of the Vorathi, the cunning of the Tilothi, and the strength of the Kunarthi, the Sylith together restored Balance to our world, righted the skies, and freed Elgyin from Elos’ fiery grasp.

Now we have spread out far into the Void beyond Elgyin to many other worlds, forming a great Continuum stretching across the cosmos. As the slow dance and crash of galaxies constantly threatens the delicate Balance, we must find new worlds to inhabit, and bring them into Hasthi’s Order.

You see, the Great Guardian Hathsti tends to all in her brood, every Sylith who ever was or ever will be. Before the moment of hatching, Hathsti weighs each egg in their claw, judging the potential of the hatchling inside, and Singing a Song of its destiny. We do not know what we Sylith will become, only that we all have a part to play in the cosmic Order of the Divine Void. Hathsti’s Song rings in each of us.

— An account by Korima Gi’an Hathsti, High Priest of the Void.


Sylith Background

The Sylith originated from the planet Elgyin of the Elosian system within the Andromeda galaxy. When a passing planetoid disrupted Elgyin’s orbit, causing it to spiral catastrophically close to its star, the Sylith built sprawling city networks underground, engineering artificial sunlight and transplanting specimens en masse to recreate the lush vertical forests and soaring organic spires that once made up their home on the surface, now scorched and barren.

Living in low-light environments for eons, the Sylith adapted and even developed new sensory organs. The Vorathi class embody the height of these changes, wholly diverging in appearance from other Sylith. Losing their natural ability to camouflage themselves readily, the Vorathi gained a heightened connection to the Void and everything within it, enabling them to manipulate the very structure of the Void itself. Deep religious devotion to the Great Guardian Hathsti spurs the Sylith’s militaristic fervor, in order to carry out Hathsti’s will to the best of their ability.

The Sylith are a fast-moving, striking faction. A Sylith force might attempt to rush their opponents with light, quick to build crafts, capturing and raiding a sector before their opponent can respond. Or they may focus instead on stealth, espionage and cloaking technologies. Alternatively, some Sylith commanders are known to seek out the pure glory of battle, by accumulating a dominating control of star space as they rapidly expand their multiplanetary Continuum.

Although they shy away from the front line, it is not uncommon to see Sylith Vorathi protected inside of giant moving planetoids outfitted for battle with a crew of thousands, along with revered and ancient trees. Known to possess otherworldly senses of perception, foresight and inter-dimensional manipulation, Vorathi use these abilities to aid in maneuvering Sylith craft by literally folding and shifting the space around them.

All Sylith hold close ties to nature as both a spiritual and cultural value. They consider themselves defenders of the Void and work to expand the reach of the Sylith Continuum, bringing Hathsti’s Order to the cosmos at large, and never hesitating to eradicate anything that threatens the Balance of the Void.

Sylith Ships