858076_275857509213182_1399920568_o“Countless ages ago, the planet Elgyin – who nurtured the Sylith into being – was nearly swallowed by her Star Husband, Elos. It was then that Hathṣtī, the Great Mother of the Void, blessed our people and bestowed the Sight upon us.

Those gifted with the Sight can see truly wonderful visions: the very nature and motion of the omnipresent Void. It is with our benevolent Mother’s gift that the Seers were able to join their powers together and free Elgyin from Elos’ fiery grasp. Even then, much of the destruction was irreversible.

To escape the burning fury of Elos, the Sylith had long taken shelter within Elgyin’s bosom. Beneath the surface, my people built a new home, replicating and preserving as much of our natal environment as was possible at the time. The Elders sought to collect all creations graced by Hathṣtī’s touch, to protect them from the negative forces stirring within the Void. This undertaking continues to this day, only now, our efforts reaches far beyond Elgyin.

You see, the Great Mother Hathṣtī nurtures all within Her womb. Ever changing, Hathṣtī’s womb expands to gently cradle Her growing child, until such a time that She is ready to give birth. We do not know what we Sylith will become, only that we have a part to play in the formation of the Almighty Void.

Just as a single cell in my body might attack another, this current courtship between the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies is but a miniscule change within Hathṣtī’s developing babe. It is my duty, as a priestess of Hathṣtī, to help ensure that the Sylith continue to prosper and proliferate throughout the Void, such that Hathṣtī’s child will become the best version of itself, in Hathṣtī’s own image.”

-An account by the High Elder Gī’an Hathṣtī, Priestess of the Void.

Sylith Background

The Sylith originated from the planet Elgyin of the Elosian System within the Andromeda Galaxy. The Sylith build sprawling city networks underground, with only the peaks of the tallest structures peeking above the planet’s surface. This rather common sight likely exists because of their adeptness at climbing, making vertical buildings ideal for efficiency. All Sylith hold close ties to nature as both a spiritual and cultural value, causing their cities to often be confused with a forest at first glance. They consider themselves guardians of the Void and protect as many species as they can, but do not hesitate to eradicate any species that threatens the balance of the Void.

Living in low-light environments for millennia, the Sylith adapted and even developed new sensory organs. The Elder class of Sylith embody the extent of these changes, as they wholly diverge in appearance from other Sylith. Losing their natural ability to camouflage themselves, the Elders gained a heightened connection to the Void and everything within it, enabling them to manipulate the very structure of the Void itself. Deep religious devotion to the Great Mother Hathṣtī spurs the Sylith’s militaristic fervor, as a means to carry out Hathṣtī’s will to the best of their ability.

SylithElderThe Sylith are a fast moving, striking faction. A Sylith force might attempt to rush their opponents with light, quick to build crafts, capturing and raiding a sector before their opponent can respond. Or they may focus instead on stealth, espionage and cloaking technologies. Alternatively, some Sylith commanders are known to seek out the pure glory of battle, and will accumulate a dominating control of star space as they rapidly expand their empire.

Although Sylith Elders shy away from the front-line, it is not uncommon to see them protected inside of giant moving planetoids outfitted for battle with a crew of thousands, along with powerful revered and ancient trees. Known to possess otherworldly senses of sight, foresight and inter-dimensional abilities, Elders use these abilities to aid in maneuvering Sylith spacecraft, not only with more efficient propulsion, but by folding and shifting the space around them.

Sylith Ships