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9-2017 Gala Cast Episode 14: Crowdfund/Alpha Split Update

8-2017 GalaCast Episode 13: Special Guest: Jim Francis, Co-Designer of Stars in Shadow. Editor’s note:  Near the 35 minute mark, we talk about our crowdfund campaign beginning this fall.  Since the recording of this podcast, our plans have changed. Here’s a blog post with the most up to date information regarding our crowdfund campaign:  Alpha/Crowdfund Split.  Stay tuned for the next episode and we’ll talk about this more.

6-2017 GalaCast Episode 12: All Aboard the Hype Train: Design Changes and the Road to Closed Alpha

4-2017 GalaCast Episode 11: Foray Into Faeria

12-2016 GalaCast Episode 10: Year End 2016

9-2016 GalaCast Episode 9: Worldbuilding – Galactic Edition

8-2016 GalaCast Episode 8: Summer Updates

7-2016 GalaCast Episode 7: Dawn of the Deckbuilder

6-2016 GalaCast Episode 6: The Dev Team

5-2016 GalaCast Episode 5: Updates From Outreach

3-2016 GalaCast Episode 4: The Alpha Test Event

1-2016 GalaCast Episode 3: MAG Fest & Beyond

12-2015 GalaCast Episode 2: Alpha 3 and the Road to Alpha 4

11-2015 GalaCast Episode 1: Kickstarter and Beyond