Open Alpha Weekend Event

Open Alpha Weekend Event

Did you enjoy playing our game this weekend? We certainly hope so.

If you would like to keep playing with us, please consider joining our playtest team by contacting us.

We would to hear your feedback on the game, you can leave it on our forums. Or you can chat with us on Discord.

Progress has already begun on Alpha5 of our game. The features of our next update will include:

  • Fully developed tutorial mission
  • Save/load game
  • User accounts
  • Loading custom decks into the game
  • Further UI improvements
  • New cards
  • And more!

Thank you for following us and we hope you will stay connected with us on:



Twitter : @neocruxgaming

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Our Open Event is now LIVE!

Download links is:

0f1274_15e353bcfcad4c25875de5ca44720767please pick your operating system



You can launch it whenever you want but we recommend that you get online during the following times to maximize your chance of finding an opponent quickly:


  • Friday the 18th
  • Saturday the 19th and
  • Sunday the 20th

Each day of those 3 days at the following times:

  • 12pm EST
  • 5pm EST and
  • 8pm EST

To learn how to play, we highly recommend watching the following two Videos:

We will be streaming the event live on Twitch, tune in at the above times to watch some great games.

Please join us on our forums and Discord to discuss, find players & ask questions.

Follow us on Twitter for actual event information.






Twitter : @neocruxgaming
Email: Contact Us Form


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GalaCollider – Open Alpha Weekend Event


Here are some initial details for our upcoming Open Alpha weekend.  We want to get as many of you participating as possible in order to help us in development as well as to grow our community.

When will it be?

The Alpha Test event is currently planned for March 18th. Depending on turn out the event will last 1 to 3 days over a weekend. To find out more about when it will happen, please join our Alpha Event mailing list.

How do I Register for the Open Alpha Event?

Sign up on the Alpha Event mailing list.

By signing up, we will provide you with more information as well as dates and times for future events.  The alpha is currently for Desktop computers only (OSX, Windows and Linux).

Why is it Open Alpha and not Closed Alpha?
We wanted to get as many people playing during the selected weekend as possible and an open alpha phase made the most sense. Since this is our first attempt at creating a community around the game we wanted to ensure everyone who wanted to play the game had a chance to play.

Currently, our servers can operate at around 500 people, we can scale these up at any time thanks to the magic of the cloud but we will probably cut it off if we are lucky enough to get such a large amount of participants!

How Early in Development is GalaCollider?

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 8.20.15 PMPretty early, but the game is completely playable.  You will see quite a few feature and UI changes before the final release. Also, expect bugs, we usually do a pretty good job at making sure each build is stable before moving on to the next version but that does not mean you shouldn’t expect some nasty bugs. Please report them all on our forums so we can squash them once and for all!

Can I Stream, Capture, Publish any content about GalaCollider during the Open Alpha phase?

Planet_Comp_01 (0-00-00-00)Yes, we want everyone to be able freely discuss GalaCollider in order to help us make the product better. Just please keep in mind that this is still very work-in-progress and everything you see is subject to change.

What Content Will Be Available During the Open Alpha?

Currently, we plan on having our 1v1 online matches open as well as a few of our new single-player puzzle levels.

Are These All the Game Modes We Can Expect?

No, we plan on adding a variety of different game modes and experiences, we will have more information later.