• You’ve read the about page and clicked on various pages and have dreams about what this game might become. Share those with us! We will listen and read to everything we hear. We want to make this game as good as it can possibly be.

  • GalaCollider’s online deck building tool has been updated to reflect all the cards in the game as of version 4.61. It isn’t optimized yet for mobile, we’re working on it. Next major release version of the tool will also support building, sharing and downloading custom decks!

  • Open Alpha event coming up mid March! Make sure you sign up and tell all your friends about it. We are looking to get as many people on that weekend as possible. Find out more on our Alpha FAQ page and sign up there.

  • Got a great new deck idea? Want to know how to beat a certain strategy or card? Post here any and all of your strategy ideas and questions.

  • Hi everyone! Welcome to our forums. I am Razcrux also known as Sebastian one of the brain the designer behind GalaCollider. Welcome to our forums! I’m half French, half American and completely passionate about games and game design. I love being creative as well as technical. It’s a huge thrill working on a project as big as this to put together the ultimate game we can possibly conceive of. GalaCollider has already taken on a life of its own, we here are simply caring for it to ensure it grows up to be happy and healthy. GalaCollider has won the […]

  • You listened to our podcast and have now many questions, or maybe you didn’t and that’s why you have questions… either way it doesn’t mater because we will have our AMA on this website and on https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/ on May 9th 2015 at 11:30AM PDT. Join us!