• Hello everyone, if I haven’t welcomed you to the forums yet, consider this your official “HELLO!” Every week on Thursday nights at 10:00pm EDT, we hold live streams with the play testers and dev team of GalaCollider. Thus far, it has been with Alpha 4 (the version made available to the press and to our alpha play testers). THIS COMING THURSDAY (May 12th), we will show off many of the features we’ve been adding to Alpha 5. There has been tremendous work done fixing bugs, adjusting game mechanics, but the one thing we want you all to see is the […]

  • Hello, my name is Thomas, also known as PowerToMario on the YouTube space! Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend MAGFest and tried out GalaCollider for the first time. The work the NeoCrux team has put into this game made my visit to the festival well worth the cost of attending. I almost thought I couldn’t make time to visit the indie section, but I am so thrilled that I did. Since I was very young, I’ve played 4X strategy games like Civilization and Empire Earth, and trading card games such as Pokemon TCG and Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. This game […]