• Hello, I don’t know it the site structure would easilly allow it. But for community building, it would be great if we could reply to the blog posts on the forum ! About Pax East’s post : https://galacollider.com/2016/05/powertomario-my-experience-at-pax-east-2016/ . Yeah, it’d be great to see galacollider at PAX east next year.  

  • Hello ! I am Flap, and am joining the alpha testing team. I have been looking since a long time for a quick 4X, but with some depth. And Galacollider might bring this… I took part during 2 years to Desktop Dungeons beta testing, an intricate but beautifully balanced game ; designed some (wierd) boardgames ; and am part of a boardgame association where we do a lot of testing. For match making purpose, I am living France, and mostly avaiblable in evenings and weekends. And for curiosity, I am 36 years old, and am running my own company.