“It is here that my story begins, with humanity scattered among the stars, inexorably altered by them. Our people changed gradually through time. Over the millennia, the only aliens we encountered were ourselves. Separated by great distance, our encounters with one another were infrequent and sometimes violent. Even so, our common ancestors bound us together, and it is that heritage which forged the reunification we now enjoy today, albeit out of necessity. Time is the great creator that shapes a species to fit its cradle…

Oh how comfortable it was to hold this thought, that we were alone and sovereign. But this paradigm was not so long ago broken. For among new stars came new beings, whose lineage we could not trace back to our own…

When our two Galaxies collided, this is when our true history began.”

-Kio’reen Laxor, Ambassadorial Prophet of the Seven Spires

Welcome to where worlds collide

Four billion years in the future, Earth is a distant memory, eons ago devoured by the same sun that gave it life, and the Milky Way is in the middle of a multi-million-year collision with its neighboring galaxy, Andromeda.

The inhabitants of our little pocket of the Universe are witness to this interminable struggle of planets and suns, nebulae and black holes. The residents of these galaxies are bracing themselves for the inevitable: drastic changes to their core-worlds, a double-edged force of destruction and creation. Those fortunate enough to escape cosmic devastation cannot escape the war coming to them, the war fought to claim safe core-worlds like their own.

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The Coalitioncelanese

The Sapiens abandoned the Solar System long ago, spreading throughout the Milky Way to settle new colonies and reinvent their civilization. The surviving settlements were cut off from one another for billions of years by the vast distances of space. Adapting to their new homes, each population took a different evolutionary and cultural path to prosperity.

As the Sapiens reconnected with their long-lost kin, they found that humanity’s descendants had become vastly different: a multitude of entirely separate species. Periods of peaceful trade and violent warfare marked the sporadic reunions of the offspring of Earth. As the unfolding collision with Andromeda threatened many core worlds, some of them came together to form the Sapien Coalition of the Milky Way, a grudging alliance tasked with protecting and colonizing new sectors. During an exploratory mission, they discovered a new, truly alien civilization, the Sylith. This encounter spurred the Coalition to quickly raise a military force as a defense against these unknown aggressors.

The SylithSylith-Warrior-Concept-Final-nBG-1.1

Quietly nestled in the arms of Andromeda, the Sylith survived the environmental changes on their core-world, Elgyin, not by abandoning it, but by adapting and moving their cities underground. Looking to the stars, the Sylith set out to rapidly colonize as many planets as possible. A divinely granted edict bolstered their efforts to proliferate, in order to seek out natural power sources and protect them from harm, both cosmic and alien.

Blessed by their goddess Hathṣtī, the Sylith are capable of influencing the motion of celestial bodies. With this power the safety of their core-worlds was guaranteed. However, when an alien faction of Sapiens made contact, it became clear that the Sapiens were an egocentric species. There could be no peace in the Void so long as the Sapiens remained.