Known Bug List

Hello Gala Collider player, below are the insects that plague us all. We are working to exterminate them from your good ship. We hope you can tolerate their company while we do our best to eliminate them:

[Now updated for version]

1. The currently displayed version number in the main menu is incorrect.

2. Enemy Ship blips are not making sounds when they move between non-obscured sectors you don’t have vision of during the replay phase.

2. It is sometimes possible to play cards while the syncing/saving message shows up during a play-by-mail game causing errors.

3. The 3D planet model disappears for any sector that you have vision of that isn’t currently targeted.

4. If you use a mac track pad, the UI will lock up at some point until you move to a different application outside of the game.

5. Attack buffs don’t show up during the replay phase.