What other games do you play?

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    GalaCollider Team
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    Hey GalaCollider fans, curious what other kinds of games you play.

    I’m currently playing Solforge, Bloodborne, and Destiny! I have almost all the consoles except Xbox.

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    Brandon Freeman
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    Hey Daevo.

    Recently I’ve been playing a bit of smite, I don’t have any consoles so no Bloodborne or Destiny for me sadly, but I’ve played with friends on their systems.

    I do have a few other gaming obsessions as well but they are smaller or not of the “video” variety.

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    Right now, my flavor of the month is Cities Skylines. That game truly surprised me when I first tried it, and is (in my opinion) the BEST city simulator ever released.

    I’ve also been a Nintendo gamer for a very long time, but also recently enjoy Civilization 5, Smite, and Undertale.

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    Elijah Fisch
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    Recently I’ve been playing tons of the Dead of Winter board game, as well as Dark Souls 3. Been trying Faeria too and enjoying it quite a bit.

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