Terrain manipulation

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    It would be interesting to me if there were cards, or even a deck, whose primary function is to modify a location. Like harvesting the ore from an asteroid field so that it isn’t so dangerous for cruisers and dreadnaughts. Or something that demolishes planets and turns them into asteroid fields.

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    Agreed, we absolutely have stuff like this planned for the future. 🙂

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    That just made me think of a sort of harvester ship. If it enters a nebula or asteroid field it becomes ‘enriched’ (but, like, a better keyword). If it enters homeworld while ‘enriched’ it becomes ‘unenriched’ and you get a benefit of some sort (resources is obvious possibility, but another benefit might be interesting as well). Could be a mechanic for a future faction, maybe a faction with a sort of ‘trade route’ theme.

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