What platforms will Gala Collider be released on?

GalaCollider will release initially on desktop computers (Linux, Mac, Windows) and iOS and Android tablets; we also plan to support iPhones and Android phones in the future.

How will players progress and acquire cards in Gala Collider?

In-game currency is acquired from play, achievements and rewards. Additional in-game currency can be purchased. You can then use in-game currency to buy content expansions in our future store. Expansions are pre-determined and not random. We are also exploring other ways for content to be earned and have many plans for the future of the game to keep it fresh and interesting.

Can mobile players play against desktop players?

Your account is universal and will be shared across all devices and also this website, so yes!

How will late comers to the game be able to catch up?

Players who join us later than at the start will have opportunities to “catch up” and buy in bulk for a discount. Note that this discount won’t be so high as to devalue those who have been with us from the start, but it also won’t be too low to make the discount insignificant. We may also have “daily deals” in our shop that offers older content for less.

What is a 4x game? How are you mixing it with a card game?

4X games are games like the Civilization series and Rome: Total War. They involve heavy use of strategy to control an empire, manage resources, and conquer enemies. GallaCollider games follow the progression of a typical 4X game. It is a card drive game [DCG], meaning all your choices about what you build, what actions you take, and what you research are all card-driven. You do both deck building in-game as well as deck-construction before the game begins.

In addition to 4X and DCG elements, GalaCollider also has strategic and tactical decisions integrated into it that you might typically find in RTS games. For instance, scouting plays a an important role as well as developing the right technology to defeat and counter your opponent. There are also instances where you’ll need to bluff, out maneuver, and switch between economic, research, and military development.

Why is the game called Gala Collider?

The story takes place 4 to 5 billion years in the future when the Earth has been burned up by our own sun long ago and the Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies are in mid-collision with each other. While galaxy collisions are slow and occur over millions of years, periodic events happen at an increased rate with some stars potentially exploding, and others being pulled out or into new trajectories. The overlapping of these two super-structures has altered and destabilized existing powers and brings to us new stars and places to explore.

GalaCollider is the story of our far future, when humans have evolved into multiple sapien species. By playing, you’ll be joining our story and co-authoring the exploration.