Community Manager

Position Overview:
Company Name: NeoCrux

Title: Community Manager

Job Location: Virtual

Hours: Part time – Flexible hours

Compensation: Profit Share

NeoCrux is currently looking for a Community Manager to help promote its current game GalaCollider, a cross-platform game that innovates by combining the card genre with real-time and turn-based strategy elements into an exciting space-exploration experience with rich story and intuitive multiplayer gameplay.

The ideal candidate is a passionate gamer with experience in the promotional and publishing side of the games industry. Most importantly, we are looking for someone who is genuinely excited to communicate with fans, represent the development team, and help push our game to the next level. Experience with co-development, early access, and crowdfunding campaigns is a huge plus.

As a member of NeoCrux, you’ll be required to perform the following tasks as required, including but not limited to:

  • Interface with community daily to foster community sentiment, growth, answer questions, and help customers feel engaged.
  • Coordinate with the Outreach team to help organize and unify our marketing goals and strategies.
  • Thinking creatively about new ways to engage players through promotions or contests.
  • Helping devise and implement exciting customer appreciation programs.

Additional duties may optionally include:

  • Organizing, writing, and producing press releases and press kits.
  • Strategizing and planning future press releases.
  • Social media interactions / management.

Job Qualifications:

  • Quick learner, self-motivated, extremely detail-oriented with strong problem solving skills.
  • Ability to work accurately under tight deadlines and manage multiple deadlines simultaneously.
  • Must be able to communicate over Discord and work in an online environment, including the ability to attend weekly meetings.
  • Problem solver with the ability to shift strategies when needed.
  • Excellent, clean writing skills.
  • Attentive to detail and highly goal-oriented.
  • Working knowledge of the card game and turn-based strategy genres.
  • Genuine interest in indie games — board, card, tabletop, PC, console or mobile


  • Experience with crowdfunding campaigns and/or early access community management
  • 1-2 years of professional experience doing community management for gaming-related brands.
  • Experience in running and managing social media accounts, forums, and/or brands.

Interested applicants should apply by sending their cover letter and resume to We thank you for your interest and appreciate your time!  Feel free to ask us any questions you may have.