Alpha and crowdfund split

Open Alpha / Kickstarter Update In June, we announced plans for our Alpha release, as well as our speculative Kickstarter announcement date. We are happy to say that our Alpha is still on track for a release this fall. We are planning on having an Open Alpha fully playable throughout the winter. However, we recently decided to push the Kickstarter campaign to early 2018. There were numerous factors that influenced this decision, but it’s important to note that our intentions to have GalaCollider playable in the fall remain intact. The important distinction in this change of timeline means that you […]

Creating Sci-fi User Interface Sound Effects: the Creative Process

Hi! My name is Antoine and I take care of sound design and interactive music on GalaCollider. I live in Belgium, birthplace of the big bang theory (no kidding), and I’ve always been fascinated by outer space. In this post I’ll tell you about the different aspects of my creative process for the user interface (UI) sound design, which has been my main focus so far on the game. Before working on specific sounds, I thought about the general sonic aesthetics I wanted to achieve. My goal is that GalaCollider’s UI sounds like a slick and advanced high-tech device. It should […]

GalaCast Episode 12

6-2017 GalaCast Episode 12: All Aboard the Hype Train: Design Changes and the Road to Closed Alpha

Meet the Team – Lawton Arnold

Name: Lawton Arnold Role: Project Manager / Outreach About: I started my technology career off at ESPN as a project coordinator for the Data Platforms group. After about a year I got my Scrum Certification and started to manage projects for the Sports Data Platform as a Agile Project Manager. I have always loved Video Games and ever since Grandma’s Boy, I have always wanted to be a Project Manager on games! When I came across GalaCollider’s blog I knew this was a game that I had to check out! What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider? That everyone involved is extremely passionate […]

Crowdfund Alpha release – this Fall!

If we could harness excitement into electricity, the GalaCollider team would’ve been the equivalent of a lightning storm over the last couple of months! Everyone has been working at full throttle to get the game ready for you guys, and it’s shaping up very nicely. You can expect to play GalaCollider yourself this coming Fall, but in the meantime we have some updates to share with you. Crowdfund this Fall GalaCollider is just about ready to release as we approach the end of our Alpha development cycle. It’s been nearly two years since our first crowdfund campaign, and we’re coming […]

Meet the Team – Emily Teng

Name: Emily Teng Role: Creative Writer & QA Tester About: Writer of sci-fi/fantasy, competitive rower, and game addict. I graduated from Texas A&M University with a BA in Creative Writing and Psychology. I’ve been a tester in the game industry for two years for Nintendo and Microsoft (Xbox). GalaCollider is my first opportunity at getting more involved in the creation aspect of games–namely, writing. So far, I’ve been loving every second of it. What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider? I love the complexity of the gameplay and how the game lore gets folded into absolutely every aspect of the game. […]

Meet the Team – Brendan Morrell

Name: Brendan Morrell Role: Programmer About: I’m a self taught programmer that started as a hobby. I have worked on a few small indie games before this. I’m very passionate about music and other ‘underground arts’ like cult films and animations. Anything that makes me think or is a challenge is always good. What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider? The uniqueness, blending cards with “RTS” style game play. What inspires you? Music of course. What is your current gaming obsession? Path of Exile. Any links you’d like to share?

Meet the Team – Antoine Van Lierde

Name: Antoine Van Lierde Role: Sound Designer About: All-around audio guy from Belgium. I do sound effects, music, mixing, mastering and in-game implementation. I started recording music when I was a teenager and then studied audio production at SAE London. While finishing my degree I learnt basic coding to build a musical controller. This project led me to work in different fields and I continued composing on the side. About a year before I discovered GalaCollider, I decided to start doing what I love full-time. I was a finalist in the Montreal international film scoring competition (2016), I created music for fashion […]

Meet the Team – Jason Ayers

Name: Jason Ayers Role: Art Producer / HR Manager About: I’ve been playing video games since I could hold a controller. My dad had an Atari Pong console with paddles connected to it that only played different versions of Pong.  Now, I’m a huge PC game fan.  I always wanted to be a part of a video game team, but I knew my skills weren’t aligned with creating games. I decided to pursue a Business Administration degree and perfect what I am naturally skilled at. Recently, I realized I still wanted to merge what I’m good at with what I like to do in […]

Meet the Team – Kamil Micek

Name: Kamil Micek Role: 3D Modeler About: Ever since I was a kid, I loved to create. I eventually took up 3D modeling and fell in love with the profession. Today, I create 3D assets for GalaColider, bringing together my passion for Sci-Fi and 3D modeling. What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider? The vast selection of ships and cards, each having a unique place in the GalaCollider universe. What inspires you? Work by some of the old Sci-Fi masters, like Ralph McQuarrie. What is your current gaming obsession? Steel Division: Normandy 1944, Heroes of the Storm, Company of Heroes 2. Any links you’d like to share? […]

Meet the Team – Scott Dunroe

Name: Scott Dunroe Role: Community Manager About: I originally come from an online marketing background but have always had a keen interest in online communities for as long as I can remember. Prior to this role with GalaCollider, I had helped to grow and manage one of Google’s business communities for two years; while also being one of Google’s Top Contributors for a good number of years now. One of my true passions has also resided with gaming though, which is why I turned my attention to looking for roles on Indie DB. My search was successful and I’ve been fortunate enough […]