Early 2018 Report

It has been about two months since the Gala Collider Alpha officially went live, we’ve since released about 4 patches and done 5 invite rounds. At the moment we seem to be managing invites in rounds averaging about 2 to 3 weeks each in length.

Our Discord channel has been growing in activity, especially with the recent tournament we started (see below). So if you want to engage with the devs and our core fan base, head on over. And if you haven’t signed up yet to play this game, make sure to do so! It’s FREE.

How to play Guide

Over on our YouTube channel, we uploaded a few guides to help you get more familiar with the basics. Be sure to check them out to learn more about the Explore and Battle phases:

Expansions and Deck building

The most exciting development we have underway however, is our first expansion series. Our expansion packs will introduce new cards that will change the way you strategize. Along with our first expansion, we will be releasing our deck builder. Right now you can make decks, but only using a website tool – so getting the deck builder part of the app will be a very welcome addition.

This is a quick design comp I made showing the general layout for the deck builder. The top row are your filters, below that is a ribbon where you can select cards to add and in the lower half we see a tab for your main deck, tech pool, cards from each and which commander you are building around. Soon we should be at a point where we will be doing final testing, polishing and then release planning:



Next blog post we will focus exclusively on the details of our upcoming expansion (and spoil a card or two!), but for now I can share a little story blurb to set the stage:

After disastrous first contact with the Sylith, the scattered Sapiens officially establish their Coalition. Backed by the force of a new treaty and the marshaled resources of half a dozen worlds, their initial advance against the Sylith is resolute and deadly.

As more and more Sylith encounter hostile Sapiens in deep space, conflict became constant and the imbalance in the Void grows to new heights. Faced with the unyielding force of their enemies, the Sylith First Arbor, embroiled in internal conflict, finds a common resolve to declare a Divine Mission and eradicate the Sapiens.

Card Art

We continue to add more card art to the core set. Since we are in Alpha, it is possible any card with art could get replaced later – but it is certainly nicer to play a card game with more art and less placeholder text. You can expect these and many more to drop with our next update patch, here are some screenshots of what the new art looks like:


If you missed it, our most recent episode of the Gala Cast discusses some of our experiences with the Alpha so far and some of the stand-outmoments that have happened since Gala Collider opened up to the public.

You can also subscribe to us on iTunes

Visual effects and 3D models

We are continuing to make improvements to the various effects. In the last few weeks we completed effects for fancier reshuffles (teching up), a bunch of new effects generated by Operation card plays, various card glows and more.

We’re also working on new 3D models for the upcoming expansion and progressively fixing and improving the developments for the core set. You can check out previews of some new effect below. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see more!

Tournament: Beat the Devs

Last but not least, we are currently running a multi-week tournament against the developers!

16 players signed up on February 19th to take on members of the Gala Collider team and hopefully school them at their own game. You can follow progress on the tournament page, Many of the players are streaming their games on our official twitch, but also on their own channels. Sad you are missing out? Want to find and play other players? We’re all hanging out on our Discord server and we have a second bracket starting very soon you might have time to join if you want to jump in.

Heading to GDC

Will you be at GDC or just live in San Francisco and want to hang out? At least 5 members of the team will be there, and we will have a booth too – showcasing the game, hunting for publishers and investors (cause you never know?). Still a few weeks to go, but we are excited.

More again from us soon!

Alpha Launch!

Today is the day! We’ve begun to let players into our Alpha. If you did not yet get an email from us, fear not! We will be adding more and more people to the game as the days/weeks progress. We are adding people based on how long they have been signed up on our list, so the longer you’ve been with us, the sooner you will get access. Here is a new video to get you started! If you have not yet signed up, please sign up on our homepage with your email address to get on our list! And for […]

Artist Spotlight: Elias Stern

My name is Jason Ayers and one of my roles on the Gala Collider team is Art Producer. Since Gala Collider is a sci-fi based mash up of turn-based strategy and card game, we have a great deal of original art needs for our cards, sectors, etc. In one aspect of this role, I engage with artists that I’ve discovered or artists that reach out to us for the purpose of using their art in the game.  If you’re an artist and would like to see your work in our game, send an email to production@neocrux.com.   I’m writing today […]

Fall release confirmation

The moment approaches, Gala Collider’s open alpha is set to begin on December 18th! We are planning to invite the oldest subscribers first, and we will continue inviting players in batches until we have our desired load of at least forty games running concurrently. Once we hit that load, we will pause to evaluate that nothing is breaking; and then continue to add players until we reach our next goal of 250 concurrent games (and then our next goal of….). So depending on how long you’ve been subscribed, you will get an invitation on the 18th of December or in the […]

Designing Scenarios

Hey everyone! My name’s Michael and I predominantly do work on the development team for Gala Collider. Specifically, most of what I do affects the single player experience in the game. I’m a current Game Design student at NYU, and love pretty much any game I can get my hands on. I have a special place in my heart for 4X games though. This is my first time working on a project the size of Gala Collider, so I’ve tried to get involved with anything I can get my hands on since I started working with the team. For this […]

October 2017 Update

Time is still ticking towards our Alpha release. We are fairly confident we should still be able to hit our Fall 2017 release timeframe, and it will likely be around December 2017 – assuming no major hitches in our planning. Code update for Alpha 6 Alpha 6 is the version number we will be on when the Alpha goes public. We plan on inviting players in batches, with oldest subscribers first. Once we make sure everything works well we will then batch in the next group. We will go deeper into the details of this process once we get closer […]

Alpha and crowdfund split

Open Alpha / Kickstarter Update In June, we announced plans for our Alpha release, as well as our speculative Kickstarter announcement date. We are happy to say that our Alpha is still on track for a release this fall. We are planning on having an Open Alpha fully playable throughout the winter. However, we recently decided to push the Kickstarter campaign to early 2018. There were numerous factors that influenced this decision, but it’s important to note that our intentions to have GalaCollider playable in the fall remain intact. The important distinction in this change of timeline means that you […]

Creating Sci-fi User Interface Sound Effects: the Creative Process

Hi! My name is Antoine and I take care of sound design and interactive music on GalaCollider. I live in Belgium, birthplace of the big bang theory (no kidding), and I’ve always been fascinated by outer space. In this post I’ll tell you about the different aspects of my creative process for the user interface (UI) sound design, which has been my main focus so far on the game. Before working on specific sounds, I thought about the general sonic aesthetics I wanted to achieve. My goal is that GalaCollider’s UI sounds like a slick and advanced high-tech device. It should […]

Crowdfund Alpha release – this Fall!

If we could harness excitement into electricity, the GalaCollider team would’ve been the equivalent of a lightning storm over the last couple of months! Everyone has been working at full throttle to get the game ready for you guys, and it’s shaping up very nicely. You can expect to play GalaCollider yourself this coming Fall, but in the meantime we have some updates to share with you. Crowdfund this Fall GalaCollider is just about ready to release as we approach the end of our Alpha development cycle. It’s been nearly two years since our first crowdfund campaign, and we’re coming […]

Expandable Cards in Gala Collider

Disclaimer: Some of the following information offers a sneak-peek into our monetary economy plans and is subject to change as Gala Collider continues to be developed. We’d love to know your own thoughts and suggestions! Hey everyone! It’s Scotty here to give you a brief news update and to talk about expandable cards in Gala Collider. First off, it’s an exciting time as we approach the completion of our Alpha5 build, which will include all sorts of great new features! In other news, we had a special guest on our podcast this month, Jean-Michel from Abrakam Entertainment, the team behind Faeria […]

Spring Updates 2017

Hey everyone! Lots of exciting things have been happening with GalaCollider, and progress is steady! Here’s a brief update on what’s been going on with the game and with the GC team. Progress of the Save/Load feature is going well – our dev team has been pulling the impossible with this very complex feature. Combining simultaneous play with asynchronous gameplay and accounting for all scenarios is a very complex scenario to code for. This feature will be hands-down the most complex code component in the game to date; but the pay off should be substantial since it will let anyone play […]

Gala Collider’s Evolving Campaign

Hey everyone, it’s Scotty here from the Outreach team! One of our biggest draws towards strategy-based games like the Sid Meier’s Civilization series is the fact that no session ever has to be the same. The players themselves help drive the story of every game they play, all depending on how they focus their efforts and objectives during a playthrough. With Gala Collider, we want to take this a step further by creating a game where your actions not only affect individual games, but help to co-author the overarching story seen by every participant. So how can we achieve this? […]