Meet The Team – Justin Hoffman

Meet The Team  Mondays - Web Developer Justin Hoffman.

Name: Justin Hoffman

Role: Web Developer

About:  I’ve been working on websites for more than ten years. On this project, I will be building and managing the website. I also will be developing the link between the game and the website.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider? :  My favorite part of GalaCollider has to be the endless possibilities, because the best games allow you to build a world.

What inspires you? : I am most inspired by literature because it allows me to visit other worlds, specifically : The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein, and White Noise by Don DeLillo

What is your current gaming obsession?: SimCity 4 Rush Hour.

You can see more of Justin’s work here

Meet The Team – Chris Kirby

Name: Chris Kirby

Role: Lead Programmer

About: Games industry veteran of over 22 years. I got my break in the industry by making all the cheats for a device called Game Genie for Genesis & SNES . I then started working for Iguana Entertainment and did the Nba Jam conversations for game gear and Playstation, then worked at Reflections software on the Destruction Derby series. I then setup my own company with some friends , The Pitbull Syndicate where we wrote Test Drive 4,5,6 overdrive Demolition Racer, Big Air, L.A Rush and Wheelman. I left the industry for 5 years ( opened a pet store???) but was dragged back in and has been working freelance since 2008 on pro foosball, billabong surf trip, zombie cat madness plus many many more games.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider? : This is a new genre of game for me which is what attracted my attention. This means I need to learn new things and think of things in a different way. Plus working with Lorcan on the amazing UI is something I’m looking forward to. And I enjoy my chats with Seb even though I have no idea how he can type over IM so fast! (honestly its amazing)

What inspires you? : I do love being part of the Indie games scene, I’ve been part of  supermassive teams and although it’s fun smaller teams are even better! I do love the VR movement and was a very very early Kickstarter backer for Oculus. ( so maybe I’ll make a VR version of gala in my own time!!)

What is your current gaming obsession?: I’m hopeless at playing games…there’s many of my own games that I cannot complete without using cheats etc. Though this could be my age. Last game I was good at was Yie Ar Kung Fu in the arcades.  Thought of another one, I remember being quite good at Battlefield 1942 (32 man multipler over LAN was fantastic!)

Meet The Team – Brandon Freeman

Meet The Team Mondays - Community Manager Brandon Freeman

Name: Brandon Freeman

Role: Community Manager

About: I’ll be talking with the development team and the community to get a picture of what each group wants out of the game. The great thing is I’m a passionate gamer and developer so I have experience on both sides and can relate to each one.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: I love the mix of the two genres, card game and 4X. I can spend hours planning my strategy and playing both types of games and it’s going to be pretty amazing when you mix them.

What inspires you?: Well, one big inspiration for just about everyone is their imagination, where would we be without that? Just think about all the fantasy and scifi that wouldn’t exist without it! I also watch and read a lot of the super hero genre, seems to be making a comeback with all the new shows and movies being made and they are all pretty amazing, can’t wait for Age of Ultron. I’d say another big source of inspiration is the music I listen to, not that it inspires me directly but it helps while I’m working, I’m always listening to music when I get the chance.

What is your current gaming obsession?: Recently I’ve picked up smite again, I’ve played on and off since the beta and it’s awesome to see the game still growing. In fact I’m looking for people to play, let me know if you’re playing!

 You can find Brandon here:

Meet The Team : Sebastian Chedal


Name: Sebastian Chedal

Role: Creative Director, Game Designer

About: I started designing games pretty young, it seemed like I was going to have a career in either art or game design from the very beginning. As life turned out though I first took a journey through a wide array of different careers and

projects before coming back to where I started. This variety in has given me some good foundations from which to start my own agency.

In the last few years I’ve been designing games including the CCG Shadow Era by Wulven where I was the lead game designer, along with various online and board-card games.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider? : It’s hard to pick a single thing without just combining it all up into a sum total experience, so I guess I’ll answer your question thus: It’s epic, could break new ground, it’s an opportunity to work hard at something you truly believe in, it’s a wave you initiate but turns into something bigger than you. It’s a chance to make a game you think is everything a great game should be. It’s incredibly challenging. A chance to be passionate and committed from the heart. I can’t wait to see where this all leads me. I want to make a game that in the end is for others to enjoy. A gift.

What inspires you? : Another difficult question even though it sounds so simple. I am inspired by: opportunities to learn, discovering new things, seeing others thriving at what they do. What I am inspired by “at this very moment” is always changing, at the risk of sounding a little vague: currently I would say that I’m inspired by my imagination; what things “could be”, which I guess is like saying I am inspired by a “vision” you form in your head; which you then work towards manifesting.

GalaCollider itself is inspired by many sources, some of which I described here: but in actuality this list is even longer because there are lots of small and little ideas being constantly pulled and filtered in for possible parallel application in the game as we move along.

The art-style inspiration for the game is to build something refined, pleasant and futuristic, with a mood that we tried to set on our mood board: You’ll see here some echoes of robo-tech, Tron, Oblivion, Ender’s game, vehicles and modern architecture.

My current “inspirational hobby” is play testing tons of other games to keep drawing in ideas, which looks like your next question:

What is your current gaming obsession?: I’ve been trying a lot of 4X games and card games lately. One game I started really playing a few days ago is AI War by Arcen: and so far I am hooked. I love games that fuse and break genres; probably because that is what we are trying to do here too with our 4XCG. It plays like an advanced chess game and the RTS aspect of it doesn’t demand insane “clicks-per-second” to be even half decent, which is much more my kind of game. Love it and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a deep strategy game.



Meet the Team : Rob Masson

Meet The Team Mondays - Head of Operations Rob Masson
Meet The Team Mondays – Head of Operations Rob Masson

We’d like to introduce you to a member of our team every Monday. This week we’re talking to Head of Operations Rob Masson.


Rob Masson



Head of Operations – Basically I get to do the paperwork.. 😉



I am a Software Architect and co-founder of NeoCrux.  I have been an avid boardgamer, role-playing gamer and computer gamer since I was a kid.  Over the past couple of years I have been working on gaming projects to align my passion with my work focus.


What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider? :

Honestly it is two things.  The first is the thrill of watching a new concept take shape and become a reality.  The second is the team.  There are so many awesome people working on this project and I am thrilled to be involved with them!


What inspires you? :

I am really inspired by books and movies.  I am an avid Sci-Fi reader and have been enjoying books about man’s adventures to the stars for years.  I love epic storylines like Dune and Foundation and I think GalaCollider has so many of those large epic elements to it!


What is your current gaming obsession?: Sid Meiers Beyond Earth for sure.  Plus I just restarted the StarCraft II Campaign.  For physical board games I am playing a lot of Deus and we just played Eclipse recently and I have to say how much I love that game!