Teching Up – A Closer Look at the Techpool

Hello and welcome to another GalaCollider strategy article. I am Mojumbo and today I will be briefly discussing a new playstyle made possible by the addition of new sector cards that takes advantage of the techpool.


What is the Techpool?

As a quick refresher, the techpool is a separate deck that you purchase cards from to add to your main deck during a match. Each card you purchase is placed in your discard pile. When your deck is empty, you reshuffle your discard pile into a new deck (which now includes those tech cards you bought). This allows you to transform your deck to do something completely new, or just further refines what you already have. Until now, no sectors really took advantage of the techpool. That has now changed.


Presenting: a new Coalition Coreworld

Synaide Tech allows the Coalition to play for the late game via aggressive teching up


Synaide is the second Coalition coreworld to be introduced. Whereas the original was based around using Dreadnaughts (big powerful ships) Synaide Tech instead gives you benefits for making use of the techpool. Normally, you’d be buying cards from the techpool with the idea that those cards would come up later to offset their purchase price. Synaide Tech softens the blow by giving you 2 materials upfront which allows you to both buy a card for later and get more cards in play now. Also worth noting is that Synaide Tech offers 18 tech slots as opposed to the original coreworld’s 15. This means you can have 18 different cards to choose from in your techpool giving you an even broader selection than normal. I rather like including tech level 1 cards in my techpool when using Synaide as they only cost 2 Research and the additional tech slots means I can cover every weakness.

But Wait, There’s More: Tech-sectors

3  2

You will be very tempted to purchase cards from your techpool with these in play.


Jigili is yet another sector that provides you with Materials when you purchase tech. Combined with Synaide and you can get a whopping 3 Materials a turn for buying a single card. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

God Spark, on the other hand, provides you with Energy that you can use to move your ships around the map. As God Spark is a nebula, it also has the benefit of giving players added incentive to scout out and colonize more nebulas.



Asteroids just got way more valuable


Ancient is similar to God Spark in that it gives you a reason to scout and colonize asteroids instead of ignoring them in favor of planets. However, what is most interesting about Ancient is that it gives you Research for buying a tech card. This is important because you always use Research to buy your tech meaning the ability is effectively a discount. If you can find multiple sectors on a map with +1 Research abilities you could end up buying your tech at a heavily discounted rate making for a more explosive endgame than normal when multiple high tech level cards start getting played.



My personal favorite: card draw


Juggler’s Nest has very good synergy with the techpool. When you are actively buying cards from your techpool, you want to empty your deck to trigger a reshuffle as soon as possible. Juggler’s Nest gives you extra draw when you buy tech which will have the effect of letting you find your higher level tech options sooner. Normally a sector that provides 0 resources a turn would be too hard to overcome, but the extra card draw this sector gives you will more than make up for it.

Be sure to watch us stream our games on on Fridays or our VODs — you’ll be able to spot all the new cards in action! I hope you like what you see! Until next time, this is Mojumbo signing out.


Sylith Strategy – Frigates 101

Hello and Happy New Year!

It’s Mojumbo here today to talk to you all about GalaCollider. In particular, I’m going to go over a potent strategy the Sylith can use to defeat their opposition: Frigate aggro.

Core Strategy

The key to playing this style of deck effectively is to overwhelm your opponent with many small Frigates attacking from multiple fronts. You will use your superior mobility to scout out your opponent’s plans as well as find weak points to strike at. This style of deck is particularly good at invading the enemy’s coreworld when they least suspect it giving you a strong and deceptive win condition. If you like aggressive mind games, this is the type of deck for you!

Key Pieces

The Bruiser is perfect for scouting an opponent’s territory. It can move twice a turn and has a very low build cost which allows you to get them on the opponent’s side of the map very early in a game. From there, you can see what your opponent is up to and play your cards wisely to best interupt them. The Free Build module comes in handy for serving this purpose as the ship can be built on the frontlines regardless of whether your planet has the ability to produce ships normally.

The Rhino is your bread and butter Frigate. It really pushes the aggro theme of the deck because of the Raid module. Raid prevents the opponent from generating resources on planets where a raiding ship is present. As such, the best way to use the Rhino is to place them in key sectors where your opponent can’t easily remove them. The Bruiser will scout the enemy for you, the Rhino strikes at the exposed areas you find.


Great Tree is a big scary Dreadnaught. It’s important that your strategy doesn’t rely completely on 1 type of ship. Even though your ‘Frigate aggro’ deck is very much focussed on Frigates, it’s important that you have some bulk to defend your own coreworld. That’s where Great Tree comes in. Basically, the idea is that while your Frigates are zooming around your opponent’s side of the map causing them a headache you build a Great Tree at your coreworld to play defense. In this case, your Dreadnaught’s invasion troops will be used to reclaim any territories your opponent may try to steal from you. Your Frigates apply the pressure, Great Tree blocks inevitable counterattacks.

The Tech

As the game progresses, you will eventually reshuffle your deck and start drawing cards that you purchased from your techpool. The following are the 2 cards that are very important to your Frigate aggro strat. Make sure you buy them!


The Skink Drop is a powerful tech 2 win condition for your deck. It can move a staggering 3 times a turn and has the ability to invade sectors. Often, you can win a game by sneak-invading your opponent’s coreworld while they are too pre-occupied dealing with your raiders and attempting a counterattack on your front. Just watch out for enemy blockades trying to stop you from advancing forward!


Nuwa is a very powerful tech 3 Frigate. Like the Rhino before it, it has the ability to raid enemy planets but now it also comes with lots of Nukes and Torpedos. This means that Nuwa will do a massive 6 damage to Dreadnaughts that it attacks. The Coalition faction tends to rely on big Dreadnaughts to win games so the Nuwa is a perfect answer to that strategy. Also, the Nuwa can move 3 times a turn which allows you to keep up the aggression and cherry pick the best fights available. Getting a Nuwa to raid your opponent’s homeworld for a turn or two will usually end the game.

The supporting cast

f7 f6 f5

Naturally, the deck can’t be made up of purely ships. The above 3 cards are imperative to supporting your Frigate aggro strategy. First off, Elgyin allows you to draw more cards to replenish your hand since Frigates tend to be very cheap ships to build which means you can burn through your cards in hand very quickly. Workshop and Ti Surge are both to bolster the attack strength of your Frigates to make them more highly aggressive tactics. For example, with both Workshop and Ti Surge in play, you can build 3 attack Bruisers which makes them way more menacing than they were originally as they will now be able to trade better with enemy ships.

That’s all for me today! Be sure to hop in a game and try out some Sylith Frigate aggro when you get a chance. You won’t be disappointed.

Alpha 3 Patch Notes

Hi everyone, we are going to start publicly posting the changes in our major builds because who doesn’t love patch notes?

Check out our blog post detailing this patch here

Changes since Alpha 2

Current build: 0.3.28

New Features:

  • Tutorial tool tips
  • Randomized faction colors
  • 3D models for unscanned sectors
  • Custom maps
  • Replay system
  • Lobby system
  • Many sectors (including your starting core world) now generate bonus stars per turn

Balance Changes:

  • New sectors added
  • Pin redesigned to ‘Pin X: The first X enemy Frigates or Cruisers that enter this sector are Immobilized’
  • Industrious fixed to be 1 research => gain 1m/0r/1e
  • Stars to win calculation changed to be dynamic based on generated map.
  • Local Defense Force changed from 3e to 2e and can only be played during battle phase


Misc Changes:

  • New Card art


Bug Fixes:

  • HQ build bug
  • TI surge freeze bug
  • Sync error fixes
  • Un-scanned sectors invasion defense values showing
  • Attack phase not triggering when ships have 0 attack
  • Lag spike causing freeze
  • Elite Strike not destroying devs
  • Minor Fixes