February patchz

February patchz

Greetings earthlings who still bask in the glow of their mother sun. This month we bring you an initial slew of healthy UI changes and bug fixes to the game.

This month’s biggest highlight is probably the UI changes for your commander & map, and the fact that bombardment now does commander damage! This greatly increases the pressure Coalition can place on the enemy commander if they can push through and get one of their deadly bombers in position.

Game changes

  • Bombardment now adds its value when attacking enemy Command Centers.
  • 2D map mode button was removed in this build, we want to bring it back but there are just too many issues with it right now and we want to make sure the people playing the game have the best polished experience possible.

UI Improvements

  • Your Commander on the left is now larger to make it easier to know who you are.
  • Your Commander’s hull value is now above your command center Sector making it easier to know which Sector is your home planet and who your enemy is [and where to hit them].
  • Star values now shown on all Sectors on the right-side, even when not selected, making it easier to understand the relative values of all the Sectors while playing.
  • Sectors you can invade or are at risk of being invaded now show a rainbow-glowing fist to indicate to you that an invasion can occur in that Sector.

Bug fixes

  • Blockade [immobilization] effect now properly applied to enemy ships when they move through or into a newly built barracks.
  • In battle replay the enemy ships now correctly show their raised attack values from various benefits and effects.
  • In the card-view area Sylith no longer show that they have 2 colony ships and coalition had none. Now they both show one each.
  • Fixed rare error where a card could be drawn that was already in play.
  • Fix for retina displays on Macs where the game was displaying in half-size when we moved to pixel-perfect text last month.
  • Text scroll lists no longer bounce and should now scroll better and respond now to arrow up/down directions.
  • Deck builder area should scroll better left-right with the mouse and keys.
  • Moving cards up/down in the deck builder should be easier and behave more as expected.
  • Switching decks in the deck builder will no longer show the wrong Commander.
  • Cards in the deck builder and view card area now correctly display the right faction icons.
  • Fixed old resource icon still displaying in the Info area of cards.
  • Cards in deck builder are now center aligned in their vertical spaces making room for more rows and easier to use.
  • Invasion tutorial fix to help ensure you don’t break off the script.

Balance changes

Because of the new game play rules around bombardment hitting Commanders, a few Coalition cards needed a tweak to lower their power levels:

  • Coalition Syn-bet lowered to 3 bombard from 4.
  • Coalition Terraformer lowered retaliation to 2, gained 1 attack to 2 and lowered its bombard value to 5 from 6.
  • Coalition Vanguard lowered bombard to 4 from 5.

Next patch

We have a lot planned for this next patch including new features like being able to view your draw pile (deck) and your entire tech pool. But we will also be working heavily this month on streamlining and refactoring all the single player scenarios to be more like 1~2 turn puzzles.

In the background this month we also have been developing all new cards and game mechanics. Our efforts behind the scenes right now are focused on developing new incentives for attacking the enemy Commander and buildup up enough new content and art for in-game rewards we have planned to launch this summer.

We hope you will enjoy the direction we are going as we crunch through significant chunks of bugs, features and UI/UX improvements.

As always please feel free to chat with us on Discord or to hit us up on Steam discussions.