New Year, New Frontier

New Year, New Frontier

Hello everyone,

For all of you who have been patiently waiting for our game to get more complete, we have some very positive news to begin the year.

Thomas, our lead programmer, has been able to organize his life in such a way that starting mid-January he will be able to put in a ton more hours into the game every week for the indefinite future. We also have a new injection of funds coming in with 2021 kicking off that will help to ensure we can get all of the core game finally completed and edge our way out of early access.

As the year starts to pick up momentum we should start to see more regular patches along with periodic larger release bundles. We will be putting more focus on user and first-time player experience.

In the last month we’ve gone through our roadmap to more properly prioritize what needs to be done and we have already the following features coming in early January in our next patch:

  • Scripted tutorial missions
  • Card resource clarity changes
  • Various UI / UX improvements
  • A half a dozen or so balance tweaks to cards and sectors
  • A good number of bug fixes to single, multiplayer and save-load a-sync games

And then for this summer we are working on a very major release. This release will contain a rather large bundle of content which will consist of:

  • Totally refactored single player missions (5 for each faction)
  • Restructured single player challenges
  • More than 30 cards to unlock via in-game rewards for completing the scenarios and the single player challenges
  • Rewards area where you can view reward packs and what you need to do to unlock them
  • Additional unlockable rewards for completing objectives in multiplayer games

So cozy up, get ready and settle in for a good year for Gala Collider as we kick off regular monthly blog posts, patch releases and features!