Game release on Steam!

Game release on Steam!

Hello everyone, the long wait is finally over. We have the game set to go public on January 16th, 2020. That’s a Thursday. Here is the link to wishlist the game on Steam so you will know the instant it is available. The game is currently available for desktop computers on: Windows, Mac and Linux.

No tutorials or single player?

We made the tough decision to release the game as-is in early access on Steam. We want to show you what is great about the game, which is the head to head player vs. player experience. Our tutorial went through multiple iterations, as did our single player missions and they are just not in the best place right now. So we turned them off for this release.

This means though that it will take a bit of proactivity on your part to learn how to play.

Rule book

To help you, we coded all the rules directly into the game, along with hot-links that bring up the rule book. We also have a copy of the rulebook here on the website.

If you prefer watching videos, we are also recording two short “how to play” videos for you to watch. These should be up before Thursday the 16th of January.

How to play video 1:

How to play Video 2:

Game play changes

A lot has changed in the game, a summary of all changes is visible on our 2020 Release Change Log Blog post.

How to connect with us and other players?

Would you like to chat with us or other players? Drop on our Discord server and say hello. This is the best way to find other people to play against or to ask us questions, or share with us some feedback.

What’s next?

With the game releasing, we will be shifting into support, feature development and ongoing content creation.

You can expect in 2020 to see:

  1. More in-game content packs: art, models, cards
  2. More commanders to pick from and play
  3. Balance changes based on player feedback and discussion
  4. Various improvements (UI, performance)
  5. More maps

In order to exit the Alpha phase, we will also be working on:

  1. Refactored tutorial system
  2. Improved single player missions
  3. In-game chat
  4. In-game log system, so you can see which cards were played
  5. Discard pile view

A big thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way to get to this point. Releasing the game is both a new beginning as well as an end. Here’s to a fruitful 2020 for us and all of you. We hope you will enjoy the game and help support it so we can continue to generate new worlds, factions, commanders and years of compelling content.


Sebastian Chedal.