Fall Release 2019

Fall Release 2019

Hello everyone! Jeepers, that was the longest silence to date. But we are back, and with good news!

Our plan is to release this fall, stars willing – this could be as early as October 2019.

We will release the game on Steam and put it into pre-release status there.

All the new rules are done, the main areas where we are still working include:

  • New (tutorial) scenarios
  • Deck builder UI improvements
  • Various bug fixes

But rather than just keep working on the game, we want to get it out there, and get people playing it!

We will also send out an announcement shortly to our newsletter as well, announcing that the game will finally be released.

Once we are out, we will reflect on your response to the game, and see if we can get some revenue finally coming in. With some good fortune and player help, we can then finish up anything we know is critical to the game’s foundation and then begin actually woking on the zillions of ideas we have for expansions, new factions, new card types, rules – as well as plain-old good UI / UX improvements like better animations, effects and player feedback.

It’s been a very long journey, 4 years! Maybe even more if we go back to the paper-version before a single line of code was written – the end is near – which, as we all know, all ends just mark new beginnings.

More from us soon, but this is the big news.

Be well,