Summer update

Summer update

Hello everyone, it’s been a little while now since our last blog post and things have been relatively quiet so it is definitely time for another update.

Areas being worked on

We have many areas of the game currently at 90%+ completion that are very close to done but still not quite finished.

The deck builder is really close and just needs some finalization. Meanwhile, our automatic match maker is nearly done final testing before moving to UI design work.

In parallel we have been working on new tool tips that will appear contextually as you try to do things for the first time, a revamped tutorial system and integrated game rules.

The bigger news though is we have approved some rather major changes to some of the core rules we were experimenting with the next months, you can expect the following changes to appear in the next major release of the game:

  1. Resource types reduced from 3 types (Materials, Research and Energy) to just one type (called “Resources”).
  2. Any ship can now attack a Development on a planet, not just those with the Bombard module.
  3. Ships can now attack planets (sectors) directly, when doing so they reduce the Star value of the sector by their attack power.
  4. Ships must chose if they attack an enemy ship, a development or the planet.
  5. If your commander’s core world is reduced to zero stars, you lose the game.

There are other rule changes we are experimenting with, but these are the main ones we are feeling good about that we will want to present to the Alpha players for feedback and input.

Progress speed

The reality is, progress the last few months has been slower than expected. We are all working on this game as a side-project until it is released and starts to generate revenue we can use to support the team. Summer means holidays for various team members and distractions. We’re also looking at pulling in new sources of funding (investments) to help fuel the final stages of the game to get it from Alpha to Beta.

We are still all very committed to getting the core game polished off and then pushed up to a distribution platform like Steam where we hope to then see momentum take off and funds come in to help generate a positive feedback loop. How fast this will happen though is a bit up in the air still as we navigate through the summer into August / September.

What I will say though is once we have either time or capital available to push through the current game-state, we should not be all that far from a new patch and Steam release.

Next patch?

So speaking of progress speed, we may have an intermediate patch coming. If we decide to go ahead with the patch, it may include such things as the automatic match maker, new game rules, deck builder and in-game store with add-on content.

Next invite round?

Right now we have paused invites and are stock piling instead sign ups for the future. Our sign up list is still growing by the day, which is great but we want to make sure we bring new players in at a moment where there are good features in place that will give you the best new-player experience possible.

If you want to access the current Alpha and experience the game in its half-finished state, please submit your request to us on Discord. Otherwise we are going to bring you in at the best possible moment when we have all these new features in place and possibly in combination with a platform release like Steam.

Have a great summer and more from us soon!