Artist Spotlight: Elias Stern

Artist Spotlight: Elias Stern

My name is Jason Ayers and one of my roles on the Gala Collider team is Art Producer. Since Gala Collider is a sci-fi based mash up of turn-based strategy and card game, we have a great deal of original art needs for our cards, sectors, etc. In one aspect of this role, I engage with artists that I’ve discovered or artists that reach out to us for the purpose of using their art in the game.  If you’re an artist and would like to see your work in our game, send an email to  

I’m writing today to introduce you to a new series of posts where show off some of the awesome art in Gala Collider by one of our very talented artists. It will give the artist the chance to introduce themselves, share their work and inspirations, and talk about what they do outside of Gala Collider. First up is Elias Stern, and you’ll find below a short bio written by him.  The first 3 pieces you see in this article are works of his in Gala Collider.

Elias Stern

I am a self-taught illustrator and 3d artist living in Vienna, Austria and I currently work as freelance illustrator creating artworks for novels, video- and board games. I’m also an employee for an advertising and media firm and am attending a university to become a teacher of history and arts. 

Ever since kindergarten, I have had an interest in painting, drawing and writing and when I first got a copy of Photoshop at age 11, I delved into digital art. My interests and inspirations in science fiction include Star Wars, Star Trek, the works of Asimov, Lem and Clarke, and the fantastic worlds of Tolkien. The most important aspect of my art world will, however, always be nature in all its beauty.

Besides my professional work, I also am working on illustrations for children’s books:

I’m also doing a series of science fiction novels. If I’m not busy creating art, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, reading, listening to music like classical/symphonic, rock, and metal and simply walking under the sky.