Meet the Team – Emily Teng

Name: Emily Teng

Role: Creative Writer & QA Tester

About: Writer of sci-fi/fantasy, competitive rower, and game addict. I graduated from Texas A&M University with a BA in Creative Writing and Psychology. I’ve been a tester in the game industry for two years for Nintendo and Microsoft (Xbox). GalaCollider is my first opportunity at getting more involved in the creation aspect of games–namely, writing. So far, I’ve been loving every second of it.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?

I love the complexity of the gameplay and how the game lore gets folded into absolutely every aspect of the game. I’m especially eager to see how the story develops going forward!

What inspires you?

I’m actually having a pretty tough time answering this question, but if I had to say, it would probably be other writers. There’s nothing quite like being in a group with fellow writers, everything sharing ideas and critiquing stories and infecting each other with your passion for writing.

What is your current gaming obsession?

It’s still in alpha right now, but I’m definitely looking forward to We Happy Few. From what I’ve seen, it looks really, really fascinating and really, really unnerving. I can’t wait until it’s released!