Meet the Team – Lawton Arnold

Name: Lawton Arnold

Role: Project Manager / Outreach

About: I started my technology career off at ESPN as a project coordinator for the Data Platforms group. After about a year I got my Scrum Certification and started to manage projects for the Sports Data Platform as a Agile Project Manager. I have always loved Video Games and ever since Grandma’s Boy, I have always wanted to be a Project Manager on games! When I came across GalaCollider’s blog I knew this was a game that I had to check out!

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?

That everyone involved is extremely passionate about the work that they do everyday! Everyone involved really enjoys the game and is working diligently to get it ready for launch!

What inspires you?

Competition drives me and everything that I do!

What is your current gaming obsession?

Loving the new Amonkhet magic set, playing Siege or GTA5 on my Xbox, about 5k hours in CIV VI atm!

Any portfolio/social media sites you’d like us to link to?

Check out my personal site

Crowdfund Alpha release – this Fall!

If we could harness excitement into electricity, the GalaCollider team would’ve been the equivalent of a lightning storm over the last couple of months! Everyone has been working at full throttle to get the game ready for you guys, and it’s shaping up very nicely. You can expect to play GalaCollider yourself this coming Fall, but in the meantime we have some updates to share with you.

Crowdfund this Fall

GalaCollider is just about ready to release as we approach the end of our Alpha development cycle. It’s been nearly two years since our first crowdfund campaign, and we’re coming back for round two. While we’ve come a long way in the last two years without funding, we’re at the point where we still need a small sum of capital to secure licenses for artwork. We’re still working on an exact date, but we’re aiming to launch this Fall, 2017.

Best of all, our Alpha release will coincide with the crowdfund! This means that it will be possible to play GalaCollider while the crowdfund is ongoing.

Design Updates

If you’ve been following our social media channels, you have likely seen some behind-the-scenes images from our design team. More emphasis is being applied to the art shown on cards by reducing the amount of text and numbers displayed. We are shifting this information to be more contextual and displayed around the cards themselves. The goal is to make the game feel more elegantly-minimal without necessarily reducing any of its intuitive usability.

Card Information display

Here is a sample of our new (in progress) card information overlay:

Animated Cards

Having more space for art also opened us up to consider and create animated cards with special visual-audio effects! Ship cards will have 3D animated scenes, while development and operation cards will have more of a 2D animated design. Each card in our game will come to life before your eyes. You can expect all player-cards to have their own animated versions when we launch our final release.

Game play update

In addition to completed scenarios, tutorials and many UI improvements, we’re going to have Asynchronous Mode ready for the Alpha crowdfund release. In Asynchronous Mode, if you are playing a game without a turn timer, you will be notified as soon as all players have completed their turns, and play will continue. This is ideal for players who want to play various matches at once, or who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to a single session.

This will bring the modes of play up to three:

  • Single player scenarios
  • Head-to-head play with a 90 second turn timer
  • Head-to-head play without a turn timer

Future plans still exist to add even more game modes like co-op, survival, raids, team battles, 8 player free-for-alls and more.

Team Updates

Antoine Van Lierde, our new sound sculptor, has been working on bringing extra atmosphere to GalaCollider, focusing on creating a consistent ensemble of sounds that reinforces visual feedback and the meaning of different actions, and building dynamic music for the game. Antoine is unique among sound designers in that he can also write code! We truly hope you will find GalaCollider as audibly satisfying as it will be visually.


Nick Hill has joined our team as test manager with 10 years of experience. For five of those years, he worked at Blizzard Entertainment, debugging their flagships games like Starcraft II, Hearthstone and many more. We’re honored to have him with us.




We were thrilled to have Jean-Michel from Abrakam, the team behind FAERIA, on our podcast. FAERIA came out in March and is a free to play “PC card battler perfected for mobile.” If you missed the podcast then be sure to check it out below. You can also subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or download past episodes from our podcast page.

Newsletter Rewards

Here’s some great news for all of our newsletter subscribers. As an early adopter, we’re going to offer you tier upgrades on our future crowdfund. Whatever you pledge, we will bump your rewards up a notch to the next level. If you have friends who you think would enjoy GalaCollider, let them know that they should sign up to play before we launch the crowdfund in order to secure this perk for themselves.

Closing thoughts

This is a project we strongly believe in and we want to bring you the best game we possibly can, but we need your help if we’re going to make it.

Thanks for your interest and continued support!

Have feedback? Want to talk with us? Look us up on Discord, Twitter, Facebook or shoot us an email.

See you in about a month with our next update and more specific details regarding our Alpha release.

Meet the Team – Emily Teng

Name: Emily Teng

Role: Creative Writer & QA Tester

About: Writer of sci-fi/fantasy, competitive rower, and game addict. I graduated from Texas A&M University with a BA in Creative Writing and Psychology. I’ve been a tester in the game industry for two years for Nintendo and Microsoft (Xbox). GalaCollider is my first opportunity at getting more involved in the creation aspect of games–namely, writing. So far, I’ve been loving every second of it.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?

I love the complexity of the gameplay and how the game lore gets folded into absolutely every aspect of the game. I’m especially eager to see how the story develops going forward!

What inspires you?

I’m actually having a pretty tough time answering this question, but if I had to say, it would probably be other writers. There’s nothing quite like being in a group with fellow writers, everything sharing ideas and critiquing stories and infecting each other with your passion for writing.

What is your current gaming obsession?

It’s still in alpha right now, but I’m definitely looking forward to We Happy Few. From what I’ve seen, it looks really, really fascinating and really, really unnerving. I can’t wait until it’s released!


Meet the Team – Brendan Morrell

Name: Brendan Morrell

Role: Programmer

About: I’m a self taught programmer that started as a hobby. I have worked on a few small indie games before this. I’m very passionate about music and other ‘underground arts’ like cult films and animations. Anything that makes me think or is a challenge is always good.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?

The uniqueness, blending cards with “RTS” style game play.

What inspires you?

Music of course.

What is your current gaming obsession?

Path of Exile.

Any links you’d like to share?