Meet the Team – Jason Ayers

Name: Jason Ayers

Role: Art Producer / HR Manager

About: I’ve been playing video games since I could hold a controller. My dad had an Atari Pong console with paddles connected to it that only played different versions of Pong.  Now, I’m a huge PC game fan.  I always wanted to be a part of a video game team, but I knew my skills weren’t aligned with creating games. I decided to pursue a Business Administration degree and perfect what I am naturally skilled at. Recently, I realized I still wanted to merge what I’m good at with what I like to do in my free time (absolutely anything concerning gaming) and was lucky enough to find GalaCollider.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?

GalaCollider, the game, is absolutely amazing.  I’m especially fond of the depth of strategy and style (art and sound). Honestly though, my favorite part of our game is the awesome worldwide team I get to collaborate with on a daily basis, we have a group of super talented people contributing to this game.

What inspires you?

Competition and striving to being the best is what inspires me.  I want anyone I work or play with to know that I’ll do everything I can to support them so that we all succeed.

What is your current gaming obsession?

Oh, this could be a long list, I play almost everything!  I have to start with my favorite series of all time, the Witcher.  I highly recommend all 3 games.

I recently got my hands on an HTC Vive, which blows my mind every time I put it on.

I try to get in games of Hearthstone, Duelyst, and League of Legends whenever I can.

Any links you’d like to share?

We still need help completing GalaCollider, check out our job opportunities here!