Meet the Team – Scott Dunroe

Name: Scott Dunroe

Role: Community Manager

About: I originally come from an online marketing background but have always had a keen interest in online communities for as long as I can remember. Prior to this role with GalaCollider, I had helped to grow and manage one of Google’s business communities for two years; while also being one of Google’s Top Contributors for a good number of years now. One of my true passions has also resided with gaming though, which is why I turned my attention to looking for roles on Indie DB. My search was successful and I’ve been fortunate enough to be working with the rest of the GalaCollider team since 2016!

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?

The combination of deck-building with tabletop mechanics is something that caught my attention immediately; I’m a big fan of games that aren’t scared to try something different. Throw the sci-fi theme into the mix and it was almost a love at first sight situation!

What inspires you?

It’s often the passion and enthusiasm shared by the people around me. The GalaCollider team are an amazing group with some great ideas and skills between them. It is also really nice to see the public becoming excited about the development of GalaCollider via our social channels.

What is your current gaming obsession?

Work keeps me busy so I’ve recently been trying to stick to games that can be played in shorter sessions. Rocket League and a lesser known game called Atlas Reactor have got me hooked at the moment.

Any links you’d like to share?

Feel free to drop by on Twitter!