Gala Collider’s Evolving Campaign

Gala Collider’s Evolving Campaign

Hey everyone, it’s Scotty here from the Outreach team!

One of our biggest draws towards strategy-based games like the Sid Meier’s Civilization series is the fact that no session ever has to be the same. The players themselves help drive the story of every game they play, all depending on how they focus their efforts and objectives during a playthrough. With Gala Collider, we want to take this a step further by creating a game where your actions not only affect individual games, but help to co-author the overarching story seen by every participant.

So how can we achieve this? As a possible implementation, imagine a grand-scale tournament between the two main factions, the Coalition and Sylith. Perhaps both sides are battling one another to take hold of a territory which holds a new technology. You have the ability to support your favorite faction in your own battles in an attempt to contribute to the overall victory of the campaign. Upon winning the tournament, the victorious faction is given access to a new card which, in turn, can change the meta entirely. The story will also adapt based on this outcome, potentially opening up new content such as maps, special conditions, scenarios and future objectives.

However, while we have big expectations for the tournament scene, we don’t want Gala Collider’s evolving campaign to be limited to simple tournament outcomes. The story might shift based on monthly themes, the introduction of new modes or even ideas generated from the community itself. The month of April could follow the theme of April Showers for example, where all story maps encounter more nebulas than usual, including the possibility for players to complete special achievements within these special conditions. The following month might involve making first contact with unknown alien ships, forcing players to quickly formulate new strategies to overcome this threat. As you can likely gather, room for expansion and growth of Gala Collider’s story is almost endless!

Ultimately, the main objective is to keep the game fresh and exciting, with the players having the opportunity to co-write and drive the story in the direction they want. The Gala Collider team are invested in building a community where everyone has a voice. This might involve players bringing their favorite hero or faction to the forefront of the story, right through to suggesting their own game modes and scenarios. You can count on the fact that we’ll always be listening!

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