Martin Pecánek – Meet the Team

Martin Pecanek


Role: Programmer

About: I’ve recently finished high school, probably not aiming for college, because honestly it’s a waste of time and money for this specific job sector. Portfolio, experience and willingness to learn more counts, a school will not teach you to keep up with the current technological trends, because there’s no “universal baseline” for IT. I’ve started making some simple websites when I was around 12 and it went up from there. Word of advice: don’t learn PHP as your first programming language, it will establish some very bad habits. C is probably the king as a first language, you potentially get to the low level stuff without all the bells and whistles from C++ distracting you.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: I like space and spaceships. Turn based games are cool. I despise games like Hearthstone because of how dependent they are on RNG, I won’t lie, GalaCollider and every other card game is to some extent reliant on it, but there’s so many cool mechanics in the game, that are not, so it cancels out pretty well. The tech pool gives you something to specific to aim for during the course of the game, you can also trade resources and see cool planets.

What inspires you?: All the new technology around us that evolves all the time. In 2007 I was absolutely blown away by my friend’s iPod touch, the first touchscreen device usable without a stylus, fingers only required; the multi-touch zoom, the accelerometer-based games. The New Nintendo 3DS’s 3D screen without the need of glasses is also spectacular. Voice recognition gets better every day and can pick up human context in a decent way. 2016 is the first year of VR, and it’s gonna get better from there. I wanna be the one participating in development of this kind of stuff, or at least using it in videogames!

What is your current gaming obsession?: League of Legends, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. The 2 games that absolutely force you out of your comfort zone, essentially – git gud or get rekt. I’ve been playing a bunch of Rocket League, too lately, even though I’m horrible at it, it’s a bunch of stupid fun. I’ve recently finished The Talos Principle and it was very satisfying in a mental way. And then there’s also Animal Crossing: New Leaf, call me childish if you want, but something just keeps dragging me back into the game every day.

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