Meet the Team – Trai Corté


Name: Trai Corté

Role: Programmer

About: I hate talking about myself because I never know what to say haha. I started playing video games when I was really little, like 3 or 4 years old. That past time has managed to stick around with me for about 20 years now. I’m currently a Computer Science major at ODU with a minor in Physics. I enjoy writing code and enjoy anything space related. My all time favorite class was Astrophysics because I got to apply some really cool math to space physics which I enjoy greatly. That being said I’m also a fan of Science Fiction. With my favorite science fiction novel being Revelation Space. Another fun fact about myself is that I’m currently in charge of a student organization centered around game development on my university called the Video Game Design & Development Club. Through that I have gotten to meet some great people and even managed to discover GalaCollider while on a trip to East Coast Gaming Conference. There’s not much more to say about me. I enjoy just hanging out and talking about many different subjects, whether that’s games or books or world events.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: I enjoy how easily GalaCollider pulls off the 4X strategy card game feel. Being a fan of strategy games, card games and Science Fiction and then finding something that combines all three really made this fun.

What inspires you? Other people’s successes. I always enjoy watching people succeed because it makes me feel like I can succeed and that’s a good feeling to have

What is your current gaming obsession?: This is a tough one because I play so many games. I would say my biggest focuses right now would be Civ V, Overwatch and seeing how long it takes me to crash Fallout 4, I even play some Endless Legend every now and then.

You can see more of Trai’s work here: