Meet the Team – Elijah Fisch

Elijah Fisch


Role: Community Manager

About: I’ve always had a passion for games. In recent years I’ve enjoyed delving into the creation of board games & card games, as well as an eager foray into the world of Unity3D. Searching for the next up-and-coming indie games, I found GalaCollider, and its unique lore & gameplay spoke to me! I’m also a musician, currently pursuing a BFA in music composition at Concordia in Montreal, QC.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: Its captivating lore and its unique mesh of 4X style gameplay with deck-building.

What inspires you?: People thoroughly dedicated to pursuing their art, especially in the realm of games. Sebastian Chedal chief among them!

What is your current gaming obsession?:

Video Games: The Dark Souls/Bloodborne games.

Board Games/Role-playing Games: Dead of Winter, Dungeons & Dragons

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