Meet the Team – Trai Corté


Name: Trai Corté

Role: Programmer

About: I hate talking about myself because I never know what to say haha. I started playing video games when I was really little, like 3 or 4 years old. That past time has managed to stick around with me for about 20 years now. I’m currently a Computer Science major at ODU with a minor in Physics. I enjoy writing code and enjoy anything space related. My all time favorite class was Astrophysics because I got to apply some really cool math to space physics which I enjoy greatly. That being said I’m also a fan of Science Fiction. With my favorite science fiction novel being Revelation Space. Another fun fact about myself is that I’m currently in charge of a student organization centered around game development on my university called the Video Game Design & Development Club. Through that I have gotten to meet some great people and even managed to discover GalaCollider while on a trip to East Coast Gaming Conference. There’s not much more to say about me. I enjoy just hanging out and talking about many different subjects, whether that’s games or books or world events.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: I enjoy how easily GalaCollider pulls off the 4X strategy card game feel. Being a fan of strategy games, card games and Science Fiction and then finding something that combines all three really made this fun.

What inspires you? Other people’s successes. I always enjoy watching people succeed because it makes me feel like I can succeed and that’s a good feeling to have

What is your current gaming obsession?: This is a tough one because I play so many games. I would say my biggest focuses right now would be Civ V, Overwatch and seeing how long it takes me to crash Fallout 4, I even play some Endless Legend every now and then.

You can see more of Trai’s work here:

Summer progress update

Sebastian working on GCHi everyone! Sebastian here. Man oh man, what a trip these last months have been. Pretty surprising that I haven’t posted on the blog since our Open Alpha-4 event. But rest assured, things have been progressing steadily.

Since then I moved to North Carolina, set up shop here and went to a local event called ECGC where I met and ended up recruiting onto the project a good half-dozen people (score).


Game development progress

Here we see new roll over tips and on the right near our deck a plus symbol reminding me how many cards I draw per turn.
Here we see new roll over tips and on the right near our deck a plus symbol reminding me how many cards I draw per turn.

Where are we with the game now? Well you might have seen our tweets and other posts that our ship 3D models have been improved. While not final they are at least substantially better than before.

I’ve been working on our UI on a continual basis, we have a 2D map mode, improved error feedback when you try to do something you can’t (like move a ship too far), we also added an indicator to warn you if you are going to over-draw and we’ve improved the indicators relating to remaining combat attacks.

We’ve accomplished some bigger architectural changes like moving the camera during replay to each invasion and added many quality of life improvements like: keyboard presses for zooming, rotating and escaping back to prior menus. It’s all shaping up nicely.

We now have more than half a dozen programmers on the team. This is both wonderful and consuming – since I’m doing as best a job of coordinating it all as I can. The approach that we’ve taken is splitting things off into micro teams. So each group is working on something slightly different. If you are curious to know the details, here is a bullet-list of what is in parallel development:

  • Save-load game / async. mode
  • Tutorials
  • User account sync from website to game
  • In-game deck-builder
  • In-game store with connection to web-store
  • In-game profile pages

Some of the above items are nearly done, other items are not for Alpha5 but for our later Beta1 release – yes Beta1 is getting closer! We need the in-game deck builder, in-game store, profile pages and monthly achievements [not yet started] to finally move from Alpha to Beta.

Save-load, a-sync mode and finished tutorials are what you can expect in Alpha5. As of a few months ago it is already a thing that you can create your deck online and then load it right into the game to play. An essential feature when Alpha-5 hits to let you design and play your own decks.

Project progress


The quest to get funding continues, we’ve had a few prospects that ended up being only a hair’s width away from signing, but nothing in the last few months has crystallized. Several investors are waiting for Alpha-5 to hit before they decide on dropping the cash bomb. I know we, meaning the team, are holding our breath to see what the reception will be once Alpha-5 is released to the general public (you!).

Alpha5 will let you play either head to head [meaning both online at the same time] or asynchronously. What we are calling asynchronous play is akin to play-by-mail style, so you take a turn and then get notified when your opponent is done with theirs so you can continue.

That along with the ability to share and load decks, plus fully scripted tutorials should mean we can really start to catalyze a community around the game.


One discussion we’ve been having is how open Alpha-5 should be. Do we let in 100 people, 250, 500? 1,000? Or something in-between? Since this version of the game still won’t have the last pieces for Beta-1 is it too early to let in a lot of people?

Alpha-5 will be missing an in-game store – so no new content releases – just base cards, no monthly achievements to play for… You will be able to make your own decks, but you will need to make them on our online deck builder and then import them into the game. So the in-game deck builder is still unfinished. It’s not an obvious question.

Press recognition, signups to our newsletter, followers on Twitter, Facebook – these are all ultimately going to be pretty vital to move our game out of the basement project that it is – to a proper market-comparable and compelling game. We need awareness if we are going to break through and get the game back on a crowdfunding platform before we can switch from Alpha to public-release.

You can do a lot on a shoestring, it just takes more time cause it has to happen on the side – but some things have hard costs attached to them, like licensing beautiful artwork and music.

New Artists

Speaking of artists, wow – we’ve had a lot of new artists join our family as contributors!

All of these people have agreed to let us use some [sometimes a lot] of their artwork pro-bono until we release or are funded. Big love goes out to all of them. Our next blog post will show case them, for now though this post has gotten too long as-is so I’ll wrap it up.

Catch you again soon!

Meet the Team – Elijah Fisch

Elijah Fisch


Role: Community Manager

About: I’ve always had a passion for games. In recent years I’ve enjoyed delving into the creation of board games & card games, as well as an eager foray into the world of Unity3D. Searching for the next up-and-coming indie games, I found GalaCollider, and its unique lore & gameplay spoke to me! I’m also a musician, currently pursuing a BFA in music composition at Concordia in Montreal, QC.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: Its captivating lore and its unique mesh of 4X style gameplay with deck-building.

What inspires you?: People thoroughly dedicated to pursuing their art, especially in the realm of games. Sebastian Chedal chief among them!

What is your current gaming obsession?:

Video Games: The Dark Souls/Bloodborne games.

Board Games/Role-playing Games: Dead of Winter, Dungeons & Dragons

Learn more about Elijah: