TCAF Recap – Fun and Games (and Comics)!

TCAF Recap – Fun and Games (and Comics)!

Toronto Comic Arts Festival

Hey all, Trevor here today to talk about my experience attending TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) this year. It was a great time and my first experience showcasing GalaCollider at a live event. Without further ado, let’s hop right into it!

Myself and Rafael manning the booth at the start of the day.


So, TCAF is a comic arts festival that showcases lots of amazing comics. However, it also has a Comics vs Games section. That’s where GalaCollider was set up. Two of us were attending, myself, the game developer and PFG coordinator, and Rafael, a volunteer formerly from our Outreach team. The week leading up to TCAF was a very busy time for Rafael and I as we had lots of logistics to take care of including getting a poster printed, obtaining fliers, and most important of all: getting our game to work without an internet connection. Thanks to some last minute help from Sebastian, a true Photon server guru, we managed to get the game up and running.

The fliers came out nice!


TCAF is a weekend event running Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was a very busy day for us! We had lots of traffic in the comics vs games area and people were interested in trying out everything. We had 1 computer looping our how-to-play video to draw attention to our booth and then had 2 laptops and 2 ipads with a TCAF-specific demo build of the game running. We would then either play a game against people that showed interest, have 2 interested people play each other, or offer to show off one of our tutorial missions if they were pressed for time. The booth was effective for showing the game, garnering interest, and recruiting potential playtesters for the near future.

A crowd shot taken on Sunday. Saturday was even busier!


Sunday wasn’t quite as busy, but it was still very active. I actually noticed on Sunday that our game was proving to be quite the unexpected hit with kids! We gave a ton of demos on Sunday to the 6-12 demographic and they seemed to really be enjoying the game. Kids are picking up technology really fast these days; they were using the ipads better than I was! Hitting a broad audience is important for a digital game so I was glad to see this development occur.

Our first demo on Sunday. Those two played out a long game worthy of praise.


All said, TCAF was a blast! I really enjoyed demoing GalaCollider in person and look forward to my next live event. We are trying to attend as many events as we can to show off the game to more and more interested people.

That will do it for me today. I hope you enjoyed reading about my TCAF experience. This is Trevor signing off.