Starship models, card art, & indie games

Starship models, card art, & indie games

Hey everyone, Elijah/Licoricefish here.

The NeoCrux team has been hard at work on our latest Alpha build of GalaCollider! Sebastian redesigned many of the 3D spaceship models for the game, so I thought I would share some of that progress with you all. Check out some of the new models for the Sylith dreadnaught ships:














The new distinct colouring on the ships is meant to indicate factions, and to make it clearer in-game who each ship belongs to. Here are some more seen in Unity:


The Great Tree and Hellfire models in-game:


Keep in mind that these designs won’t necessarily be the final models we use in the game, many will end up being tweaked and/or replaced. Most of these designs began with 3D models from TurboSquid and SolCommand, both of which are great resources!

Besides playtesting GalaCollider and building some custom decks on our online deckbuilder, I’ve also been helping out with our Twitter page @NeoCruxGaming as well as searching for new card art for the game! Finding artwork has been quite inspiring, getting to go explore some incredible and often jaw-dropping portfolios. There are some fantastic scifi groups on DeviantArt like Space Frontier and Space Club, among many others. So far we’ve had a handful of artists agree to using their art for the game! I’m excited to think that art I helped find could end up on cards in the game. One new artist, Dark-Rayden, will even be joining the team as a creative designer! Here’s one of my favourite pieces of his titled ‘From Above’:

Navigating through the Twitterverse, I’ve caught wind of many other upcoming indie games in the 4X and card game genres. A couple that look really great:

Star Crusade (in beta)↓

Starborne – Sovereign Space (in alpha) ↓

There is so much out there! I only wish I had both the hardware and the time to play them all.

As always, I try to catch a game of GalaCollider whenever I can or whenever there’s an available opponent. We’re still looking for playtesters, so if you aren’t already playing GalaCollider, sign up for playtesting and you can master YOUR strategy and of course, conquer the galax(ies).

We’re very excited to be making progress on our Alpha5 build, leading up to an open Alpha/Beta test in the foreseeable future. In the meantime, stay tuned for an upcoming episode of the GalaCast, our monthly GalaCollider podcast, hosted by yours truly. And if you haven’t yet, join our newsletter to stay in the loop!