GalaCast episode 5 & Alpha5 reveal

GalaCast episode 5 & Alpha5 reveal

Elijah aka Licoricefish here.

This month I had the pleasure of being on the fifth episode of our GalaCast podcast along with Sebastian and Connor.

We talked about a handful of things that happened since GalaCast episode 4. We had the Open Alpha Event, which was quite a busy weekend but tons of fun. Connor and Sebastian made it to GDC & ECGC, respectively. From VR to free beer and giant jenga, their experiences have convinced me that I must make it to some game conferences myself! We’ve also been pleased to see the team & playtester group continue to grow this past month.

We are very excited to be revealing the Alpha 5 build of GalaCollider on our weekly Twitch streams with PowerToMario! (Every Thursday at 10pm EDT) There have been many improvements to the UI, bug fixes, and many new star maps! 😀 (I love maps.)

I was able to get on the stream with PowerToMario last Thursday May 12th, and it was a blast! I’ll be starting another GalaCollider stream on Mondays at 5PM EDT. Don’t forget to click that heart ♥ button on our Twitch channel! There’s also been talk of doing different kinds of streams such as a live-coding session or even a live-map-building, which I’m especially excited about.

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