Alpha 3 Patch Notes

Alpha 3 Patch Notes

Hi everyone, we are going to start publicly posting the changes in our major builds because who doesn’t love patch notes?

Check out our blog post detailing this patch here

Changes since Alpha 2

Current build: 0.3.28

New Features:

  • Tutorial tool tips
  • Randomized faction colors
  • 3D models for unscanned sectors
  • Custom maps
  • Replay system
  • Lobby system
  • Many sectors (including your starting core world) now generate bonus stars per turn

Balance Changes:

  • New sectors added
  • Pin redesigned to ‘Pin X: The first X enemy Frigates or Cruisers that enter this sector are Immobilized’
  • Industrious fixed to be 1 research => gain 1m/0r/1e
  • Stars to win calculation changed to be dynamic based on generated map.
  • Local Defense Force changed from 3e to 2e and can only be played during battle phase


Misc Changes:

  • New Card art


Bug Fixes:

  • HQ build bug
  • TI surge freeze bug
  • Sync error fixes
  • Un-scanned sectors invasion defense values showing
  • Attack phase not triggering when ships have 0 attack
  • Lag spike causing freeze
  • Elite Strike not destroying devs
  • Minor Fixes