Sylith Strategy – Frigates 101

Hello and Happy New Year!

It’s Mojumbo here today to talk to you all about GalaCollider. In particular, I’m going to go over a potent strategy the Sylith can use to defeat their opposition: Frigate aggro.

Core Strategy

The key to playing this style of deck effectively is to overwhelm your opponent with many small Frigates attacking from multiple fronts. You will use your superior mobility to scout out your opponent’s plans as well as find weak points to strike at. This style of deck is particularly good at invading the enemy’s coreworld when they least suspect it giving you a strong and deceptive win condition. If you like aggressive mind games, this is the type of deck for you!

Key Pieces

The Bruiser is perfect for scouting an opponent’s territory. It can move twice a turn and has a very low build cost which allows you to get them on the opponent’s side of the map very early in a game. From there, you can see what your opponent is up to and play your cards wisely to best interupt them. The Free Build module comes in handy for serving this purpose as the ship can be built on the frontlines regardless of whether your planet has the ability to produce ships normally.

The Rhino is your bread and butter Frigate. It really pushes the aggro theme of the deck because of the Raid module. Raid prevents the opponent from generating resources on planets where a raiding ship is present. As such, the best way to use the Rhino is to place them in key sectors where your opponent can’t easily remove them. The Bruiser will scout the enemy for you, the Rhino strikes at the exposed areas you find.


Great Tree is a big scary Dreadnaught. It’s important that your strategy doesn’t rely completely on 1 type of ship. Even though your ‘Frigate aggro’ deck is very much focussed on Frigates, it’s important that you have some bulk to defend your own coreworld. That’s where Great Tree comes in. Basically, the idea is that while your Frigates are zooming around your opponent’s side of the map causing them a headache you build a Great Tree at your coreworld to play defense. In this case, your Dreadnaught’s invasion troops will be used to reclaim any territories your opponent may try to steal from you. Your Frigates apply the pressure, Great Tree blocks inevitable counterattacks.

The Tech

As the game progresses, you will eventually reshuffle your deck and start drawing cards that you purchased from your techpool. The following are the 2 cards that are very important to your Frigate aggro strat. Make sure you buy them!


The Skink Drop is a powerful tech 2 win condition for your deck. It can move a staggering 3 times a turn and has the ability to invade sectors. Often, you can win a game by sneak-invading your opponent’s coreworld while they are too pre-occupied dealing with your raiders and attempting a counterattack on your front. Just watch out for enemy blockades trying to stop you from advancing forward!


Nuwa is a very powerful tech 3 Frigate. Like the Rhino before it, it has the ability to raid enemy planets but now it also comes with lots of Nukes and Torpedos. This means that Nuwa will do a massive 6 damage to Dreadnaughts that it attacks. The Coalition faction tends to rely on big Dreadnaughts to win games so the Nuwa is a perfect answer to that strategy. Also, the Nuwa can move 3 times a turn which allows you to keep up the aggression and cherry pick the best fights available. Getting a Nuwa to raid your opponent’s homeworld for a turn or two will usually end the game.

The supporting cast

f7 f6 f5

Naturally, the deck can’t be made up of purely ships. The above 3 cards are imperative to supporting your Frigate aggro strategy. First off, Elgyin allows you to draw more cards to replenish your hand since Frigates tend to be very cheap ships to build which means you can burn through your cards in hand very quickly. Workshop and Ti Surge are both to bolster the attack strength of your Frigates to make them more highly aggressive tactics. For example, with both Workshop and Ti Surge in play, you can build 3 attack Bruisers which makes them way more menacing than they were originally as they will now be able to trade better with enemy ships.

That’s all for me today! Be sure to hop in a game and try out some Sylith Frigate aggro when you get a chance. You won’t be disappointed.

Meet the Team – Sidney Dawson III, Sydney Meeker, and Rafael Pacheco

Sidney Dawson III - GC

Sidney Dawson III

Role: PR/Marketing specialist

About: I graduated from Pennsylvania State University in May 2015 with a BA in Communications. I focused primarily on Public Relations because it was something that I was quite interested in, especially when it came to the entertainment industry at large. I haven’t worked on any official game projects in the past, but if anyone is familiar with forum based RPG’s I have been heavily involved in creating Role-Play Forums and running them since 2007. I’ve also been into gaming for as long as I can remember and my love for gaming is what brought me to the doorstep of GalaCollider, as I wanted to put my degree to use in the industry I enjoy the most.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: The 4X genre seamlessly merged with a TCG.

What inspires you?: Anime and film are probably my two biggest sources of inspiration. I am really big into writing so I value good stories and interesting plot twists quite a bit.

What is your current gaming obsession?: I recently picked up Star Wars Battlefront and I just can’t put it down!

Learn more about Sid:



Sydney Meeker

Role: Creative Writer

About: I’ve been doing video game writing for a few years — I started out working on a fan MMO, went from there to a few professional projects, and ended up with Galacollider! I found GC through David Logan — with whom I helped launch Whispering Willows.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: Probably the flexibility of rounds/turns — I can choose how long I can play at any given time.

What inspires you?: Everything! To pick a few: music, weather, comically bad youtube videos.

What is your current gaming obsession?: An old (and poorly balanced) RTS I used to play about a decade ago was recently released on Steam. Impossible Creatures allows for customizable units and group of units, so I spend as much of my time building armies as I do. I’ve also been playing Fallen Earth because I’m waiting for Fallout 4 to go on sale.

Oh, and I’ve also been playing way too much Undertale.

Learn more about Sydney:



Rafael Pacheco

Role: Marketing Specialist

About: I’m from Venezuela but I’m currently living in Toronto, Canada. Since university I only worked in advertising companies and this is my first gig in the video game industry.

I’m a huge sports fan and fantasy sports addict. I like reading about history, philosophy and suspense.

I believe Friends is the best show ever, I can make the best Mojitos you’ll ever try, and knew since the beginning that Bruce Willis’ character was dead in The Sixth Sense.

No spoilers on Game of Thrones please!

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: Very interesting mechanics. The first time I played I found myself exicted about the options I had… Attack here, get a new planet or maybe retreat to protect myself. It’s a fun game.

What inspires you?: Mmmmm… the moment?

What is your current gaming obsession?: Assasin’s Creed Black Flag, Bioshock, Soda Dungeons.

Learn more about Rafael:

Alpha 3 Patch Notes

Hi everyone, we are going to start publicly posting the changes in our major builds because who doesn’t love patch notes?

Check out our blog post detailing this patch here

Changes since Alpha 2

Current build: 0.3.28

New Features:

  • Tutorial tool tips
  • Randomized faction colors
  • 3D models for unscanned sectors
  • Custom maps
  • Replay system
  • Lobby system
  • Many sectors (including your starting core world) now generate bonus stars per turn

Balance Changes:

  • New sectors added
  • Pin redesigned to ‘Pin X: The first X enemy Frigates or Cruisers that enter this sector are Immobilized’
  • Industrious fixed to be 1 research => gain 1m/0r/1e
  • Stars to win calculation changed to be dynamic based on generated map.
  • Local Defense Force changed from 3e to 2e and can only be played during battle phase


Misc Changes:

  • New Card art


Bug Fixes:

  • HQ build bug
  • TI surge freeze bug
  • Sync error fixes
  • Un-scanned sectors invasion defense values showing
  • Attack phase not triggering when ships have 0 attack
  • Lag spike causing freeze
  • Elite Strike not destroying devs
  • Minor Fixes

Version Alpha-3 released

Hi everyone and happy holidays! Right before Thanksgiving, we got version 3 of GalaCollider approved and out of the gate from our QA team and into the public eye. Version 3, in the end, was a complicated version to get stable as the addition of the replay engine increased the complexity of the simultaneous transaction system.

But the worst is behind us, version 3 is here and version 4 is already well underway! [Cake and tea time!]

Version 3 is a huge improvement for the game since we now have a separate map editor. This means we can easily create new custom maps, new special sectors, and planets for you to discover and experience a dynamically rich universe. Our new map editor will also be what we use to create solo mode puzzles to both teach and challenge you in the next version 4 release.

Playtest with us?

ContestedWe have a small team of alpha playtesters, but we really would like to expand that team further. Version Alpha-3 offers a lot in the ways of replayability, so try and help co-create our new custom maps! We are promoting version 3 as a means to get more alpha testers now over the next 4 to 8 weeks.

If you would like to playtest our game, let us know. Being a playtester means being a part of our chat group, reviewing cards and maps, discussing features in the game and giving input/feedback into new mechanics and ideas before anyone else gets a chance to experience them.

Back porting

As new features from version 4 get done, we also plan on back porting them to version 3 whenever possible. I know for a fact that the loading of custom decks in version 4 is nearly finished and this will open up a whole new level of game play since players can then go to our online deck builder:

Pick the cards they want to use, and then load them into the game.

Deck building status

Speaking of, our deck building site is also mid-way to its next update where you will be able to craft decks online and save + share them on your profile. This will be very notable when combined with in-game deck building!

New video

On the media front, Cedric has done a great job refactoring and recording all new material for a new “What is GalaCollider?” video. We are using this video for promoting our game at events, conventions, publishers and potential investors.

New faces

We’ve also got many new people joining, and our website is barely managing to keep up! We still have more people to add on our team page but we just posted yesterday our latest “Meet the Team” with 3 new faces: Connor, Thomas, and Cedric. All three of these gentlemen have been doing great work running our outreach, QA, and video production teams. Warm welcome to them!

Next steps

ColonizedIn the next week QA will begin on deck building of 4.x and an array of new cards. We will also start coding our very first single player puzzle level. When the time comes we’ll do a full blog post on the puzzle levels since they are quite an interesting topic.

Until next time!






You can find the full patch note list here.

Meet the Team – Connor Bridgeman, Thomas Lowry and Cedric de Leeuw

Connor Bridgeman

Thomas Lowry

Cedric de Leeuw


Connor Bridgeman


Role: Marketing Manager

About: Video game and enthusiast and current university marketing student in Seattle. I grew up in Silicon Valley and have always wanted to work in tech. I fell in love with games and computers at a young age, and they have been a huge part of my life ever since. I also have a passion for sports, especially (American) football, go Niners! When I was given the opportunity to work on GalaCollider, I immediately recognized a success in the making.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: One of the features that impressed me when I first played the game was it’s ability to seamlessly integrate two great genres. The fact that I was thinking of strategies I had once used in Starcraft and others that I learned from Hearthstone at the same time was my “wow” moment with GalaCollider.

What inspires you?: I enjoy sticking my face headfirst into new experiences. I try to take all the opportunities that come my way and leave them better than before. I love working in teams and making my teammates happy keeps me going!

What is your current gaming obsession?: MGSV has been my recent single player go to. It’s one of my favorite franchises of all time. I’m actually struggling to beat it since there is so much to do! Rocket League has been another obsession I currently have. Best pick up and play game I have played in a long time. Plus it’s soccer with flying cars. Fallout 4 and Star Wars Battlefront are also about to absorb my social life.

Learn more about Connor: I am on the twittersphere. Follow me. I want to be popular.


Thomas Lowry


Role: Test Manager, Junior Programmer

About: I’m a fairly recent university graduate from the Cook Islands, studied Computer Science and IT in Hawaii, and moved to Australia for work.  I’ve always wanted to be able to work on the hard problems in game programming, so when I came across the GalaCollider Kickstarter with a remote team, I jumped at the opportunity to help out.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: The thing that first caught my attention about GalaCollider was the potential combination of things it could do, the idea of having strategic map positioning, and card management, and mind games from hidden information… All wrapped up in my favourite genre as well, Space sci-fi 🙂

What inspires you?: I love learning, and I’m pretty good at wrapping my mind around the generals of new ideas, often when I come across unique ideas like those in GalaCollider I get really excited about the potential I can see in where it is and where it’s going. Other areas that really inspire me are algorithm and software design.

What is your current gaming obsession?: Funnily enough my recent obsession has been less any specific game (time is a bit short) and more researching game design and game programming, one thing for sure though is that my Steam wishlist has grown a lot while I’ve been looking for games that present new, interesting ideas.


Cedric de Leeuw


Role: Video Editor

About: I am a very creative person which is the reason I studied audio visual design. I’ve done a lot of things during that period, some examples: video editing, special effects, 3D, web design, html/css coding, creating flash games. However in the end I stuck with video editing and creating special effects because I enjoyed doing that the most.

My biggest passion has always been gaming though, and I’ve never really realized that during my studies. So after I was done studying, I started to look at what gave me the most enjoyment when I was working. Eventually I could answer that question and started my own YouTube channel. I cover many games and love to play new innovative games. Whether it’s a triple A title or an Indie game doesn’t matter. In my let’s plays I can be as wacky as I want to be, however in preview/review videos I’d like to be more professional.

I came into contact with Nina from GalaCollider and after playing the demo I was sold on the game. I previewed it in a video which I made for their Kickstarter, and they were amazed by the quality I delivered. A couple months later, they asked me to join the team as their video editor because they needed more videos for upcoming promotions. So here I am! I’ve never really done anything like this or worked much in my own industry since I went to YouTube fairly early and found that my own happiness was more important.

What’s your favorite thing about GalaCollider?: Since I am a strategist I’d have to say being able to change up my strategy mid game and not having to forfeit after 4 turns because my early rush didn’t work.

What inspires you?: Although the source of my creativity can literally be anything, I find that listening to music while it guides the visuals in my head inspires me the most. While listening to a song it can take you through a journey into space while the next time that same song could take you underwater and explore the deep oceans. I find it exciting to let the music guide me and not know exactly where I’ll end up. This way I am also free to change course while I work which means I am not locked to one specific outcome and have the flexibility to choose the best one.

What is your current gaming obsession?: I don’t think I have a real obsession at the moment however the thing I look the most forward to is Blade & Soul.

Learn more about Cedric: