updates between updates

updates between updates

Hi folks, we are right in between updates right now. We have Alpha 3.x extremely close to being done but some final sync errors are blocking it. 3.x is going to be a lot of fun to play with custom maps, shorter games, smart replays, tons more planets to discover and re-balanced cards! It also has the first step of a tool tip system that will become a proper tutorial [or puzzle game] in 4.x.

We submitted applications lately to:

  • IndieCup
  • MagFest
  • IGF
  • IndieMegaBooth – PAX East

So far we have 2 out of 2 wins. We’re invited to attend IndieCup in San Francisco and we’ve qualified for round-2 in MagFest, yaay!

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 2.39.39 PM

We have a new video being made, you can see some of the screen shots scattered here on this blog post.

Our team is expanding now too, we have Nate Diamond – a new intern programmer that we’re bringing into the fold.

Meanwhile Sydney Meeker and John Bardinelli are joining us to help in a wide array of writing topics. And Amber Chunn should be helping us with maintaining this website.

We should see a post on our site in the near future introducing our latest family members.

That said we are still looking for more people, a never ending process it seems!

  • Marketing analyst
  • Financial analyst (help to make a great game economy etc.)
  • QA Testers (especially mac!)
  • Unity C# programmers
  • VFX / Designers / Animators

Things will really fire-up again once 3.x is out (should be a matter of days now) and we work exclusively on 4.x — stay tuned.