Kickstarter Post #9- “What We’ve Been Up To”

Kickstarter Post #9- “What We’ve Been Up To”

Hello everyone,

This is Sebastian writing here. Today I’d like to tell you a little more about what some of our wonderful team have been up to.

Play time this weekend

Want to find people to play against this weekend? The team will be on at various times on reddit and IRC to play matches against you.

Here is the Reddit Thread for posting you are looking for a game.

And here is our IRC channel again if you want to find a game. Remember you can type someone’s name in IRC to ping them that you are trying to get their attention! #galacollider (or enter from your IRC application)

New Press and Videos

VentureBeat takes a special interest in or board of directors.

Tiny Grimes made a “Why I think GalaCollider is FUN” video:

Progress from Our Space

Work is continuing on the next major update of Demo 3.XX where we will have features like tool tips for first-time play, info buttons that work and tell you about the icons on cards and an elegant camera replay system which will show you all the opponent’s cards played and shots fired in each system before you start your next turn – so that you will see and know exactly what cards they played on their turn. No more guessing if they played Heat Sink to blast your ship or Support Wing to capture your colony!


But for this next patch we are focusing on bug fixes, balance changes and some quick-win usability enhancements first. The next revision of Demo 2.XX should come out some time next week on our Backer download page.

Outside of the programming, test and playtest teams we’ve got an astonishing 11 people, a consultant and two board members all working on our PR team. It might seem like a lot but we still feel very stretched!

Just in this last week we’ve reached out to a big number of press and several dozen larger youtubers / twitch streamers. Several of us are looking deeper into Twitter strategy and we’ve been looking to hire someone to take on twitter full time.

I did also have a great talk with the PR department of Twitch, they said they would try to connect us with a network of Indie-loving streamers. Outside of their help the team has been reaching out to a long list of streamers and youtubers directly.

I even got a call from some random TV casting company that sounded vaguely interested in putting me on TV! (Although this doesn’t seem likely anymore, apparently we are not amateur enough! Which I guess is a compliment…)

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 2.13.16 PM

We think the project right now needs two things to keep growing and to be successful: We need bigger names/sites to take notice (so bigger press outlets and/or YT/streamers with large followings) and we need excited and motivated players to help spread the word and fall in love with our game – and our vision for how great this will become.

Now we can’t make anyone fall in love with it, but we can try to make it easier. =)

We’ve made the demo version of the game available to you, even though honestly it isn’t quite ready to be a demo – no tutorial, help screens and a lobby that requires you to find players outside of the game is less than ideal! Hopefully though you generally agree that access to play the game is still better than not at all…


In addition to smoothing out and improving the accessibility of the game itself, we are now also hard at work to get all the cards in the demo deck [and eventually the entire core set] up on a website so you can browse through and study all the cards. And then ultimately build and theorycraft decks!

We are currently assessing open source deck building web-applications that are free to clone and modify. We’ve got our heads deep in the hood of the beast, if stars align we should be able to at least load up and let you browse through the cards in the database in the next week or two.

What else can we do to help you, the player of our game? Is there something you would like us to talk about or a way we can support you better?

If you like to stream games on youtube gaming, twitch. Or if you like to write blog articles. We’d love to give you any and all the support you need to make this happen. Talk to us.


Or if you would like to help us shape the game’s development, and see cards before they are released, maybe you would like to join our playtest team?

We need to work harder but also smarter to make this campaign grow, and for that we truly do need your help. If you have friends who you think might be interested, let them know about it. =)

And don’t forget it is play time this weekend! Check the top of this post again for details.

Featured Artists

Artist: Elias Stern
Location: Austria
About: Elias expresses art as an emotion. He paints a picture alongside the feeling he wants to achieve, which can result in either conventional or unexpected pieces. He says when working with a blank canvas, the only limits are your imagination to express what you want to create.

Stern_ImminentDeparture“Heat Sink” Card Art

Artist: Spiros Karkavelas
Location: Singapore

Karkavelas_HumanoidDroneBayCoalition Research Center

Artist: Alexandr Elichev
Location: Ukraine

Elichev_Planet“Strike Invasion” Card Art

Nevermind is not your typical horror adventure game. It uses a biofeedback sensor to detect your fear, and adjusts the game accordingly, creating an even more terrifying and difficult experience the more stressed you are. As you play you delve “into the dark and surreal world within the subconscious minds of psychological trauma victims.” Will you be able to control your anxiety and emotions to survive?