Kickstarter Post #8- “Techup: A Closer Look at Techpools and Music Design”

Kickstarter Post #8- “Techup: A Closer Look at Techpools and Music Design”

Hello everyone,

In the past couple of days, we’ve received a bunch of new backers and would like to extend our welcome to them! Right now, we’re sitting at nearly 200 backers and are less than $100 shy of $19k. So share that link and let’s keep the momentum going!

Remember, that as a backer, you have access to our public demo. The link can be found on our 6th update here. Let us know if you run into problems finding the link or running the game, and we’d be happy to help you out! This weekend much of the team will be online so come and join us for a game. We’ll give you more details in Friday’s update.  

For this update, you’ll get an in depth look at the development of GalaCollider in the Mechanics Spotlight, Musician Spotlight, and Artist Spotlight.

Mechanics Spotlight

Heya, Trevor (GalaCollider’s Game Developer) here today to talk to you about a rather exciting feature in our game: the techpool! The techpool is used to alter your starting 30 card deck by adding in even more powerful cards into the mix. I’ll go over some of the cards you can expect to see in your techpool so let’s get started.

TechpoolDecisions, decisions. Another ship is always a good thing to have!

So, at the start of the game, your deck will be full of tech level 1 cards. Your techpool will have a certain amount of slots (15, for example) that you can fill it with tech level 1, 2 or 3 cards. Only 3 of the 15 slots will be available for purchase each turn with 1 slot being rotated out for a new card each turn. Tech 1 cards cost 2 research to buy, tech 2 cards cost 4 research, and tech 3 cards cost 8 research. As you would expect, the higher the tech level, the more powerful the card. When you buy a card from the techpool, it will be sent to your discard pile. This is because you shuffle your discard pile to make a new deck once you run out of cards to draw from your deck.

The Nuwa is a powerful tech 3 Frigate that is exceptionally good against Dreadnaughts

Using the Nuwa as an example, we have a Sylith tech 3 ship that has 2 different damage bonuses that will be applied against dreadnaughts (Nukes and Torps) as well as the ability to Raid opposing sectors such that they provide no resource generation at the start of the turn (giving the opponent less resources to build ships/developments with).

Don’t let the lack of ability text deceive you! Stars win games

The Metropolis is a Coalition tech 2 development whose only purpose is to provide you more stars. This particular card will give you 6 stars towards winning the game for 4 materials. For reference, a small sized map requires 50 stars to win, so a Metropolis is giving you a good chunk of stars for a single building. Sometimes the cards will be used to help answer your opponent’s deck, other times they will be used to help you win the game. Metropolis would be an example of the latter.

A very valuable insight, indeed

Insights is a Sylith tech 2 operation that allows you to draw more cards. Sometimes you just want more cards and insights is the perfect tech option to give you just that. It gives you 3 cards at the low, low price of 2 energy! Insights’ true value is the fact that it will get you through your deck quicker so you can keep buying and playing more powerful tech 2 and 3 cards.

The techpool is sort of like having a sideboard you would see in other card games that can be used as a part of actual gameplay rather than in between games during a best of 3 match. It gives you the ability to answer opposing strategies, mask your own plans, and gives you additional ways to win. It’s a very versatile mechanic and we love the impact it has been having on the game so far. Backing our kickstarter will bring this really cool concept to life and it’s only going to get better as time goes on so don’t hesitate to get your friends to join as well!

Featured Musician

Musician: Erik “Viking Guitar” Peabody
Location: Santa Cruz, CA
About: Ever since he got a cassette of a live Black Sabbath performance when he was 14, Erik has loved making music. While he’s mostly known for his hard rock, metal style, for GalaCollider, Erik composed more synth and ambient tracks, trying to capture the empty silence of space while still creating a sense of urgency and action.
Listen: Nebula for GalaCollider:

Behind the scenes, watch how Erik made Nebula

Featured Artists

Artist: László Magyar
Location: Hungary
About: Magyar tries to push the boundaries with his space art, creating brilliant new themes and twists on what’s generally seen. Each of his pieces has a special feeling to it, but still retains his signature style.

Magyar_TheUniverse“Ti Surge” Development Card Art

Artist: Mark Connett
Location: United States

Connett_ClashingNebulas“Combustible Cloud” Sector Card Art

Artist: Martin Parker
Location: United Kingdom


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