Kickstarter Post #7- “Progress and Press Mentions”

Kickstarter Post #7- “Progress and Press Mentions”

Hello everyone,

Today we released our public demo to all of our backers! If you’d also like to play GalaCollider, back our project and we will send you access to the demo!

Progress Updates

As of this writing, we’re now over $18k and have over 180 backers. We hope we’ll see all of you in the demo playing games against us and each other!

Press Mentions


Zac Phoenix from wrote an in depth preview of GalaCollider. Here are some quotes:

“GalaCollider is such an impressive title, even in its early state. Everything feels so intuitive to use and the interface is clean and simple — elegant, even. “

“Its innovative design and gameplay make it an absolute privilege to play and one of the most innovative card games to hit the scene in a long time.”

“I believe GalaCollider could be a contender for a game of the year award. Nothing else has been this innovative in a long time.”

Read the full review here:

Featured Artists

Artist: Adam Sondel
Location: Poland
About: Adam is passionate about creating digital art. He loves creating as it allows him to fully use his imagination and imbue his passion into projects. In his free time he plays the drums, djembes, and enjoys photography.

His work is varied and you can often find elements of realism mixed in with surrealism. His style ranges from the dark and mysterious to the light and joyful.  Check out his impressive gallery of illustrations.

Sondel_TheVisit“Battle Support” Card Art

Artist: Zak Foreman
Location: United States
Zak has been kind enough to let us use some of the art he has created in his spare time. His work is beautiful and you can find it represented on a lot of our cards, adverts and website. With a diverse collection of sketches, scenes, and worlds, Zak brings us Sci-Fi at its best. Grab a nice cup of tea and enjoy his great portfolio.

Foreman_Enviro3“TI Conduit” Card Art (Sylith Energy Vats)

Kickstarters We Like

Eco is a survival game where the player must collaborate and share resources to build a civilization. The team at Eco describes the world of Eco as the “home to a population of thousands of simulated plants and animals, each living out their lives on a server running 24 hours a day.” Every action you make affects the world. Will you create a balanced ecosystem, or destroy the planet?