Kickstarter Post #5- “The Road Ahead”

Kickstarter Post #5- “The Road Ahead”

The project has been doing really well so far: we’ve had an excellent response at PAX Prime and gained nearly 80 backers this week. We’re currently floating at around 25% funded and there are a lot of exciting updates, reveals and surprises we have planned for the days and weeks that follow.

Today, we eagerly announce news about when you will be able to play the game (soon!), as well as Twitch weekly party dates, our planning for the future, and an artist spotlight.

Backer Demo Access

On Labor Day, September 7th we will release to all backers of our Kickstarter a downloadable link to grab and play the demo of the game! We do want to warn you that the demo doesn’t have in-game help, tutorials and what not, so the zip file will contain some documents you can print and read to help you get started.

We encourage you to find other players, tell us your thoughts, ask questions and so forth on our new reddit page:

Furthermore please contact us if you or someone you know is interested in streaming or casting a game. It is our goal to get the game in as many interested hands as possible.

Stay tuned to the next update for further details!

Twitch Weekly Party Dates

Starting this Tuesday the 8th of September and every Tuesday following, we will be hosting a Twitch Party at 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern on our new channel:

Join us as we play a game live and ask us questions!

Beyond the Kickstarter

Today we would like to share with you a bit about our plans for the future. We’ve included a diagram here that gives you a bird’s eye view of our timeline. Shortly after we are funded we will finish the in-game help, tooltips and information screens that will make the game much easier for new players to learn. This will become the Public Demo. This milestone will take about a couple of months to finish and will include a suite of usability enhancements to make things even more intuitive.


Once the Public Demo is released we will then continue our work on the deck builder, lobby system, save games and game timers. We will also finish off all the remaining cards for the initial Core Sets and launch the Closed Beta. The Closed Beta is where you will then be able make your own decks from the Core Set, find players and explore all the existing depth of possibilities already provided by the basic game. Our current planning is for the Closed Beta to follow about 3 to 4 months after the Public Demo is released.

We then enter an Invite Beta phase. Players with access to the Closed Beta will be able to invite friends to join them in the Beta. This will let us scale our systems up to accommodate more players. The Invite Beta phase should last about a month or two before we move into…

The Open Beta is when anyone will be able to log in and play. Before or as we move into Open Beta we will launch our in-game store, a ladder ranking system, special events (like custom maps or formats) and some achievements.

From this point we will then begin working on our first expansion cycle. We want to make sure all the cards in our expansions are extremely well tested, balanced and bug-free. Work is already taking place on the first expansion but we need a healthy buffer of time before we can have all the content ready. We are counting about 3 to 4 months before the first expansion is fully ready, but we will very likely pre-release some portion of it in these first months to not keep everyone waiting.

The player-driven story will begin in earnest once we are at the Public Release. This is when we will have the first expansion cycle ready to reveal. Once we have expansion sets rolling we will always be working on new art, new cards and new lore for the game in advance of when it is released, meaning that we will be sticking to a fairly predictable release schedule. If and when there are pauses they will be planned to occur just before and/or after Deluxe sets are released.

In addition, throughout the Open and Public Beta we will also be adding new maps, event types and other enhancements as we go.

Featured Artist

Artist: Rafael Morais
Location: Brazil
About: Rafael has created the majority of the 3D ships in GalaCollider and is an important member of our creative team.

Rafael has been known as a 3D Artist, 3D Modeler, the “3D Guy,” and more, but he likes to introduce himself as a Game Artist since he is able to do modeling, texturing, animation, and visual effects – all required skills in video games. He is a gamer himself, and feels nothing is more satisfying than playing the game that has assets he created.


screen_1980x1200_2015-09-02_18-01-35Battle Between the Sylith and the Coalition

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‘Til next week

This next week is sure to be fun with a playable demo and a twitch party lined up. Stay tuned for more news about GalaCollider!